COVID-19 disaster in India: How 'complacency' and 'government failure' brought a nation to the brink 1

COVID-19 disaster in India: How ‘complacency’ and ‘government failure’ brought a nation to the brink


University of Toronto's Raji Jayaraman says that 'compliancy' and 'government failure' have brought India to the brink of collapse.

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  1. Just a breeding ground for covid-19, hopefully no “super variants” are born here.

  2. “Let’s find out what’s happening in India by talking to someone in Toronto and putting some out of context videos of Indians in beds

    1. To be fair, it’s Canadians who are bringing it here… Your fellow Canadians don’t care about ending this pandemic so our politicians are representing them quite well.

  3. @3:26 It’s clear india is in no position to tell the world how to do it correctly, world is doing what its supposed to do i.e being responsible.

  4. I guess Price Philip will get his wish to come back to destroy humanity with him as a deadly virus.

  5. Meanwhile we still have antivax, antimask and covid deniers. What happened in India may well be coming to Canada. Here in Ontario we already went overcapacity in the hospitals once and apart from this lockdown nothing has changed so it’s likely to happen again.

    1. @ravenwda007 Person who shelters in their house and wears a burka for protection accuses you of hiding.. LOL.

  6. Mortality rate is much high due to untrained medical staff, ineffective facilities, infrastructure and set priorities. Recipe of disaster.

  7. Number of Cases and deaths claimed by govt are at least 10times less than the original. My friend LOST HIS MOM yesterday due to lack of oxygen in that hospital she could be saved,my school teacher,friends,relatives all are getting infected. These numbers aren’t real indian government in hiding real numbers.

    1. @Dymo bruh i know they can’t find cases but deaths can be found easily, graveyards are full ,bodies aren’t getting any space for funeral,death numbers aren’t real

  8. India’s case fatality rate is 1%. Canada’s is 2%. For those who can’t do math, that’s twice as bad.
    Let’s see how quickly their cases begin to fall, now that they have adopted a test and EARLY treatment strategy.

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