COVID-19 has ‘crushed’ Canada’s health-care system, warns doctor

Chronic shortages in Canada's health-care system have been exacerbated by waves of COVID-19 infections and are pushing the system to the brink warned a medical advocate for Doctors Manitoba.

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  1. Health Care wait time had been an issue way before COVID, including shortage of beds, staff, etc. COVID just opened everyone’s eyes how bad it was.

  2. So, are you saying that all unvaccinated doctors and nurses can return to work?
    In B.C. they are not. Here, doctors are leaving for work

    1. @Rick They don’t matter to the issue raised in the video. See, neither you nor I do either… but, yet, here we are… existing.

    2. @Hyperpandas the issue is healthcare, the title of the video says it … so all pieces of the puzzle matter. You would have to be highly incompetent to try to run a hospital without support staff. I agree you don’t matter though but I work in healthcare so…..

  3. There are hundreds of doctors waiting to be hired …but the college of physicians prevent them from working in Canada….

  4. “Governments firing desperately needed health care workers has ‘crushed’ Canada’s health-care system, warns doctor”
    Fixed the headline for you.

  5. You sending staff home for having the sniffles in every industry to this day
    This was not a thing a couple years ago

  6. Maybe if they didn’t fire healthy individuals that refused a useless medical procedures it would be a little better…

  7. Send more billions to other countries! Canada is perfect. Low gas prices, low housing, hospitals in perfect condition…etc

  8. More accurately the government response caused much more problems than it solved. Then to fix these problems they have done nothing at all and are all out of ideas…

  9. The government messed up when they decided to take over the issue instead of Doctors and nurses being able to educate. The staffing issue was huge before, now it’s absolutely ridiculous all because they wanted to get rid of most staff and make things really hard and costly in the wrong areas of where health care needed it. I’m going for nursing and I’m scared to be a nurse now but nothing is going to stop me. We need a miracle.

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