COVID-19: Here's why the CDC is reconsidering masks, other mandates | Just the FAQs 1

COVID-19: Here’s why the CDC is reconsidering masks, other mandates | Just the FAQs


Dr. Fauci says the CDC is considering revising the COVID-19 guidelines, including around mask requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. RELATED:

Eleven weeks ago, when more than 1 million Americans a day were getting vaccinated and COVID-19 case counts were low, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that most fully vaccinated people no longer needed to wear masks inside, even in crowded spaces.

Daniel Salmon, director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health called it “one of the biggest missed opportunities we had."

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  1. Dangerous New Freedom Variant Causing People To Ignore Government And Live Their Lives
    – “Usually, the freedom we see in the wild is fairly mild,” explained CDC official Hubert Pratt.

    1. @The Real Cat of 2020
      Are you happy with the southern border issue? That’s really good for the covid virus.

    2. The freedom variant 😂 I love it. First time I heard that one I’m going to copy and paste that a few times. Didn’t realize the cdc is in the dems pockets too. Maybe Facebook paid for the corruption who knows at this point it’s so widespread.

    3. @E X
      So how is it that this administration has had the southern border open since all of this virus stuff? Thousands coming in every month, it’s literally being run by the drug cartel. How was that good for covid-19 and our country in general?

    4. ​@The Real Cat of 2020 Dude, it isn’t that deadly, this isn’t Ebola. And the new variants have a lower fatality rate, the mutation process encourages that. If a virus is too deadly, it kills off it’s hosts and does not propagate as quickly, conversely, if it spreads faster, it’s probably not as deadly. Covid is evolving back into a regular common cold virus, like most other coronaviruses.

  2. It’s very simple — these shysters change their mind every 3 weeks. Driving people crazy and dismantling normalcy are the painfully obvious goals.

    1. @Levi Schessleranswer straight out of the Fauci’s interviews. Feeling smart parrot? CDC has been very familiar with corona viruses and how they work….specaily that clown Fauci….

    2. @Brent Harrington My ex-wife is 39. She hates me. We have been in a custody/court battle for five years. She is crazy. Literally. That is why I have our child. She doesn’t believe in vaccination. She has no underlying health conditions and is generally healthy. She got Covid and was so sick she was in the hospital. I saw her. Even she says she had it. I don’t have access to all data, but I now know many people who have had it and they all had symptoms they have never had before.

    3. @joy4118 All countries have their own health agencies, and the UN has its own agency, and they all say the same thing. So, hundreds of agencies in all countries saying the same thing. No matter where you go it is the same or more stringent than it is here.

    4. @The One And Only!!! It is. In the name of tolerance the US politicians foment brutal strife. Calling it ‘exporting democracy’ they rape/murder one country after another for Israel. They tax their constituents literally to death but always have the money they want for what they want to do — instantly. Calling itself the greatest country on earth, Amerika tolerates being turned into a human cesspool and dumping ground.

  3. Meanwhile the country and or individuals who unleashed this virus suffer no consequences or repercussions……..

    1. @zappafan11 Ya but you can kill them..but what will that solve. Still gonna have to deal with the same sh**. But you just want the satisfaction that someone died that was “responsible” because they did this on purpose to ruin the world and faucci is doctor doom and orchestrated this whole thing………you folks are dumb. There I said it Moving along.

    2. @Steve Robinson It does not bring anyone back to life. But just like life insurance, it protects loved ones from the financial loss of departed one. Many families are financially devastated by covid deaths. Do you have life insurance?
      Fauci funded gain of function research, and lied to the American people about the source of the outbreak delaying treatment and testing. Putting powerful people in jail for their crimes shows that society will not tolerate abuses of power which will diminish further abuses. To not put that criminal in jail encourages more abuses of power. Sounds like you are one of those lefties who wants to defund the police, get rid of bail and decriminalize thefts under $1000. The US is going through a fast rise in crime because criminals are not being prosecuted. After all putting someone in jail for murder doesn’t bring the victim back to life, it just stops the perp from doing it again.

      The US should also move away from buying anything made in China. The US has funded the communist regime to become a super power. They are belligerent tyrants destroying the world’s fisheries, committing genocide and polluting the planet. the world needs to stop funding them. That will make the world a better place. China would have serious financial issues if they had to stand alone. And they should.

    3. @puppyupper America is just as shiesty as china. China and America work together. And they always will.
      Not a single billionaire or millionaire will stop having their products made in China because they don’t want to pay greedy Americans 14 an hour to make shirts when the Chinese will do it for 60 cents a day.
      Stop wasting your time and stop listening to the bs lies on the news.

      China and America bff forever.
      Trump was the only hope. That’s long gone and never coming back 👌

    4. @J. M. Grimm are you willing to serve for your country and fight China because you’re dumb if you think they are just going to say “ok we’ll do what you say guys sounds cool”

    1. @V is Neversilent Pray? Are you kidding me? From December 18th to January 9th I prayed, I opened my heart, I cried my eyes out, I asked, I begged….I, along with the rest of my siblings, nieces, aunts and uncles, we joined our hearts and voices in prayer, for healing and we also prayed that if if it was her time to go, then for her not to suffer. At 4:30am my mom picked up her cell phone, she had not use it for about a week. Then that morning she sends a message letting us know they were killing her, that we wont see her alive again and takes a selfie
      They before we got there they sedate her claiming it was for SOB , they didn’t want her to talk so they silence her. Trust me, there were hundreds of prayers, full congregations, and guess what, not a single one got answered. We put our faith and trust in something or something that is supposed to be bigger than life…what a joke that is.

    2. @LUKE B at the beginning and even to this day people admitted into the hospital are not getting the proper treatment. We are one year into this “pandemic” and nothing has changed when it comes to treating patients in the ICU…steroids to treat inflammation, antibiotics to treat possible bacterial infections but nothing to treat a viral infection, which is what COVID is a viral infection. They have medicine for pneumonia, the flu, for HIV but nothing to help those laying in the hospital beds.

    3. @Steve Robinson yea and thats why they are killing them….look around you they wiped out almost two generations, grandparents and parents, those depending on social security and medical, they killed them, so the goverment doesnt have to spend (or in their words “waste”) money on them.

    4. @Illusionboi0721 ok so is doctor doom China or is it faucci…you have to pick one you can’t pick both

    5. @Illusionboi0721 Your pain is so close to the surface, I can feel it — You are right, words spoken in prayer do nothing ~ It’s the comfort in the combined love & encouragement that strengthen the ones left behind ~~ sometimes it’s the joining of voices in prayer that help you through. Be mindful of the impact she had … She obviously taught/showed/felt love deeply-
      Don’t harden the heart too much, she loved you, so many know nothing even close to the gift your mom gave you all.

  4. Ignore the media. Go outside, get some exercise and sunlight, eat vegetables, be with family, enjoy life.

    1. @The Real Cat of 2020 An mrna works by instructing cells to create a protein that the body builds antibodies against which then protects against the virus the mrna was designed for. Those proteins are foreign proteins that have never existed in a human body. They are proteins that may find a place in our bodies that was never foreseen. Your assertion that long term effects won’t happen is absurd. Short term effects happen and some people die. No one knows what the long term effects will be. No one knows what the long term immune response will be. No one knows if a new virus may impact the body in a way that the covid vaccine response then targets the body. As a biologist you took it upon yourself to fabricate your permanent damage facts. You are a fraud like Faucci. No one should listen to “scientists” who fabricate statistics. You leftist clowns are ruining scientific debate in academia. Your consensus is crap science.

    2. @puppyupper Chicken is a foreign protein that didn’t exist in the human body either. What’s your point dumb dumb?

    3. @The Real Cat of 2020 Yeah, I’m vaxed as well…but completely understand why some aren’t. Keep it up with the “death to Republicans.” Makes you a real peach of a human. Get good…

    4. @GreaterGood Maybe. At least I’m not a dime a dozen try-hard like yourself. Keep protecting all the grandparents there, chief. I hope you get all the gold stars. 😁🖕

    5. @The Real Cat of 2020 No, our cells have never made chicken protein. For a biologist you show considerable lack of understanding how chicken protein is turned into amino acids before entering your blood stream. No chicken protein enters the blood. The protein made by the cells targeted by mrna do not exist in nature, have not been processed via enzymes in your digestive tract, enter our blood and you do not know where those protiens may end up in the human body. We know precisely where the amino acids derived from the chicken protein end up. You must have completed your biology degree in the 50’s when they were still working out how meat is used in the body or perhaps you recently graduated via participation points. You make up facts and you are calling me the dumb dumb

    1. @Donald Ducko
      There isn’t a part of the brain specifically based around civil disobedience
      Second of all low levels of radiation lower than that of what you experience daily won’t harm your frontal lobe however you clearly have been damaging yours
      Also the vaccine does not cause birth defects or make it so people can’t have children
      Plus if for some reason you don’t believe that what about this? The US does not currently have a population problem so it has no need to cut the population now and of it were to say cause infertility then why would it want everybody to get it?
      Ah yes the perfect money grab we pay companies to manufacture a vaccine then we’ll give it away for free and then some companies will pay people to get vaccinated
      EZ money
      Ah yes control, here take this vaccine and become immune to multiple variants of a disease
      What is your problem with getting a shot

    2. @christianblackmtlrlz
      ah yes cause politicians clearly want to be stuck in their houses and others to because… because.
      Oh yeah they don’t for any reason other than less people dying which people like you seem to be content with

    3. @toanewday Are you an expert on genomics and genetics? The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the first of their kind. They don’t work like typical vaccines. They use mRNA to tell all cells in the body to create proteins that trigger an immune response in the body. It is biotechnology. It is making molecular drugs in a lab, and not taking a virus and clipping it and injecting it into the body. It doesn’t work like any other vaccine before it. It is the first time we have used mRNA drugs. Period. However, the idea has been considered for decades.

    4. @Jack Komisar Terrific job Jack. I appreciate that. (No sarcasm)

      I agree 100% they mutate regardless, I am just trying to battle the “they only mutate in unvaccinated” disinformation.

      Honestly, got nothing more to say to you…well done bringing data and stats!

    1. @rburk854 You completely ignore part of what I previously posted, so here: You have about 10 trillion cells in your body, so if you stretched the DNA in all the cells out, end to end, they’d stretch over 744 million miles. The moon is only about 250,000 miles away, so all your DNA would stretch to the moon and back almost 1500 times. The sun is 93,000,000 miles away, so your DNA would reach there and back about 4 times!

      The complex DNA code was a product of intelligent design, just like the binary code. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but do you want proof? Here’s proof: Fifty two leading evolutionary biologists and mathematicians came together in Philadelphia to answer the following question: Given 3.5 billion years, in absolute perfect conditions, what is the chance of even a single DNA molecule evolving?

      The answer they came up with: one chance out of ten to the 80th power. That’s quite a large number to comprehend. To put it in perspective, that’s the estimated number of atoms that compose the universe. So the probability of a DNA molecule evolving, are as good as locating one singly marked atom out there in the universe somewhere.

      I suppose you still believe in random chance. If so, you’re smarter than those 52 scientists? Yeah… didn’t think so.

    2. @zappafan11 OK that’s great. So do you think aliens designed us? I’m not sure how anything you said is proof of any god.

    3. @rburk854 God-given rights is just an expression. Like swear to God or oh my God. No religious implications friendo.

  5. “wildly infective”

    “Up to 1000x’s more infective”

    Notice how she uses the word “infective” and not “deadly”

    1. @justin pfeiff You are the one that said “possible” long term effects. How can long term effects from covid be known, and how have they happened time and time again? You know what HAS happened time and time again? Long term side effects and even death from other products produced by the same manufacturers producing the covid vaccines. Again, just keeping it real.

    2. @sujan maharjan Huh? What are you talking about? And do you know the stats of who is vaccinated and who is refusing? Only 9% of black Americans are vaccinated. Why are they not addressing that, instead of telling us it’s republicans and Trump supporters who are refusing the vaccines? I’m an independent who voted for Trump, and I have followed all of the guidelines and am fully vaccinated (though reluctantly).

  6. “We have totally valid reasons for extending the new normal into eternity. Your continued trust abs gullibility is appreciated, because we could never pull this off in you without your support. And please don’t look into any of the perfectly valid research by competent medical professionals which contradicts us, because we’ve labeled that as misinformation and the product of conspiracy theories.”

    1. @Jack Komisar LOL! Op didn’t make any specific medical claims for which to link “peer reviewed” studies. If you want peer reviewed medical and scientific studies, the internet is right at your fingertips.

    2. “Only gullible people believe medical consensus that has facts and sources and data you can check! If you don’t want to be gullible, then you should listen to me, a random commenter who presents no sources to support his claims.”

    3. @Sara How do you read “And please don’t look into any of the perfectly valid research by competent medical professionals which contradicts us”? What is that research? I know how to use the internet to find medical and scientific studies, and I frequently cite specific studies that support my position, along with links (digital object identifier) to the articles. It makes sense to do so, because the major publishers of scientific and medical journals have removed the paywalls from their coronavirus articles. These publishers include: The American Society for Microbiology, British Medical Journal, Cell Press, Elsevier, Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, Science, Springer-Nature, and Wiley.

    4. @Jack Komisar There was no specific medical claim made- just the suggestion to go look at what the other doctors are claiming. I read studies, too. Just your comment, here in the YouTube comments, letting us know you will only accept peer reviewed studies sounded super douchey. 🤷‍♀️😄

  7. The problem is that everyone has been so brainwashed that as soon as the media labels something a “conspiracy theory” , all critical thinking and logic skills fly out the window. Anyone who is objectively looking at all available information and developments over this past year and a half clearly can see there is some sort of agenda at play. This is not about our health and the government has never and will never care about our health

    1. @Keystone Shepard To me, it’s self-evident that public policy should be based on the scientific consensus. And, the scientific consensus is overwhelming (97%) that anthropogenic global warming is real.

      (Source: Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming from iopscience dot org)

      As for sea level rise, it is happening. Average global sea level has been rising at a rate of around 3 mm/year, and is accelerating.

      (Source: Climate-change–driven accelerated sea-level rise detected in the altimeter era from pnas dot org)

      CO2 emissions are a global problem, so of course it would make no sense for just the US to combat global warming. All the biggest polluters need to participate, especially China. That’s the whole point of the international agreements.

      The other objection is that combatting global warming costs too much. That is false. Wind and solar are the cheapest form of new bulk power generation, way cheaper than coal, and even cheaper than natural gas. Even solar with four hours of battery storage is cheaper than coal.

      (Source: Levelized Costs of New Generation Resources in the Annual Energy Outlook 2021 from eia dot gov)

    2. @Brian H so that also goes counter to your argument, how could it have been going on for 20 years and no evidence has been found. As we both agreed that those other things did happen and we found out about all of them(leaked paperwork, official documents, whistleblowers) this is bigger but they managed to keep it under wraps longer. How many people have to be keeping this secret in order for it to work, every president of the USA, everyone of their staffers, every chief of staff, everyone in the DOJ, probably every military official, and that’s not including who they needed in China to keep the secret. Do you really think the Chinese people working on a project that would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans would keep that secret? Why? What do Chinese scientists and politicians have to gain by keeping American secrets?

    3. @Sara ma’am please stop getting your news from viral social media. “But the CDC did not say it was no longer supporting the use of PCR tests in general, many of which have been authorized by the FDA — or that its original PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 can’t tell the difference between coronavirus and influenza — as viral posts spreading online falsely claim.” From factcheck dot org

      About 655,000 Americans die from heart disease each year which is about 1/4 Americans of the deaths, The COVID-19 pandemic caused approximately 375,000 deaths in the United States during 2020. (CDC dot gov) the difference is to change the heart disease it would take a complete restructuring of how we get, and buy food, regulations on every food item sold. It would force every restaurant to change their menus, many items of food would need to be banned or regulated. To stop covid it just takes masks, social distancing, and a vaccine. Can you imagine if people would have had the same response to polio? Why are you worried about polio when there was world wars going on, should they have skipped that vaccine because it wasn’t the number one cause of death?

    4. @Dan Sanger it’s still not proven we are a blip on our planet’s time line. 2 cold years maybe 1 and all that ice gets stuck up in the glaciers again but you could be absolutely right. You need to do a lot to the world before you start a crusade because China Russia and many other countries are gonna do whatever they want. Climate change reminds me of the poem whitey on the moon. There are kids all around the world and in our county that go hungry and the left is worried about climate change

    5. @Keystone Shepard Poor people are just as affected, if not more affected, by climate change than rich people. Farmers just scraping by can be wiped out if hotter, drier weather causes their crops to fail, or rising sea levels flood their farmland. You can end up with a lot more hungry kids, and a lot more refugees knocking on our door. Poor consumers are affected disproportionately when food or lumber costs more. Even ignoring that, the idea that it will cost more isn’t true. It will definitely cost fossil fuel companies, but consumers could actually save money, because wind and solar are already cheaper than the alternative, and getting cheaper all the time.

  8. If your vaccinated already, then why are you afraid of someone who isn’t vaccinated? Isn’t that the point of the vaccine? Asking for a friend…

    1. @Debbie Scott oh they “WILL”? how about you worry about your own elderly and stop being the mouth piece for organizations who have literally said how many times they want to depopulate the earth.

    2. Why do you idiots think a vaccine offers 100% protection no other vaccine not even hand soap works like that

    3. @Karen Cheek The problem is the vaccinated are getting so sick and we need a workforce. Try looking at vears, uk yellow card and the EU reporting which has 1.5m adverse reports.

    4. @Debbie Scott the only reason there is no cure for HIV/AIDS is simply because the pharmaceutical companies don’t let it…HIV is a multimillionaire business, to release a cure would mean lost of money for greedy people. 1 bottle of 30 pills cost about 20k, now multiply that by the number of people living with HIV and you’ll see why we don’t have a cure.

  9. What’s changed? They are switching from the carrot to the stick. What hasn’t changed? The evil of these people

  10. Now they say covid rise has hit KY by 80% increase, funny thing, not one news channel is reporting this. I wonder why

    1. Because the 7 day average is 800 for the entire state of Kentucky in a state of. 4.5M. Want to know what the 7 day average fo deaths are? 4 a day. During the height of the pandemic, it was around 40.

    2. Maybe if the borders were secure, we could end the pandemic if we haven’t already. Thousands of illegals with a high rate of coof infection set loose throughout our country. Smart…and very evil dems

  11. How about the CDC start counting breakthrough cases again?!? Why did they stop??? Hiding important data so they can push their AGENDA…so much for science!!!

    1. @The Real Cat of 2020 the spike protein circulates throughout you body, it does not stay at the vaccine site as we were previously told. The spike protein is cytotoxic. It settles in the ovaries and bone marrow. Who’s going to die?

    2. @Susan Troupe That literally makes zero sense. Do you not know what a vaccine is?

      And the answer to your question is anti vaxxers.

    3. @The Real Cat of 2020 I understand that you are touchy about vaccines since you probably are watching for side effects. Watch Dr Robert Malone on vaccine side effects. He is the inventor of the Mrna style vaccine which is also considered to be gene therapy. Get some real info

    1. They f’ed up when they stole the election and politicized COVID. They act like republicans are the ones who refuse to get vaxed 😂 I know hillbillies who believe in the government more than the average liberal and they got the vax. And explain everyone around the world who refuses still. USA desperately wants to make this a Republican vs democrat issue. Pathetic honestly🤦‍♂️

    1. Unless they are wearing rags smeared with the virus, and small fans on their person, this is not true.

    1. Count the shown comments vs listed ones…log out and look. This is a fully fake manipulated political joke….using a criminal release of an illegal experiment for profit and power.

    1. Agreed. And I think it is important to note that all these masking discussions are SUBJECTIVE and not OBJECTIVE. “Everyone must wear a mask because the rate of infection is (X)”. Well that is a subjective opinion. One person may have a 1 in 10,000 chance of death and decide to isolate themselves forever. While another person may also have a 1 in 10,000 chance of death and decide to live their lives as normal. Who is ‘”right”? The answer is there isn’t a right response for everybody, but that is what the government is trying to do, say they have the answer for everybody. And that is why we have the government flip-flopping like a fish on their recommendations.

    2. @Mike Barry no one wants to admit this though. I’m not going to act like I know everything about everything, I’m more inclined to ask dumb question, rather than make dumb statements. One is a sign of intelligence, the other ignorance. I’m not intellectual, but I’m also not a moron…. The same couldn’t be said about the original commenter tho.

    3. @Mike Barry gtfo CDC is a propaganda pusher. They willingly spread false information when told to. If CDC is so intelligent explain how their whole stance on vaping went against 100% scientific proof from royal college of physicians??

    4. @lawless vapors “dumb question” In this context, they’re aren’t any dumb questions.
      Asking questions is just common sense. Parroting and believing hacks is another matter.
      Epidemiology is on the same level as rocket science, but it’s not as easy to see that.

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