COVID-19 hospitalizations in young kids spiked during the second year of the pandemic

Pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Jacqueline Wong explains why there was a spike in child COVID-19 hospitalizations in 2021-2022.

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  1. Gee.. why? Why? Why?🤔
    Hmm… what a puzzler! what one major change happened over the last 18 months in regards to children’s health care? 🤔 What loosely tested medical therapeutic was pushed upon them? Gee.. such a puzzler!

    Enough already! We know! Any doctor still turning a blind eye in 2023 is complicit in criminal behaviour.

    Shameful segment.

    1. @Youtube music CDC , FDA, WHO all complicit cant wait for Nuremberg trials and punishment . There wont be a journalist exempt.

  2. Maybe we should have children grow up in bubbles until they turn 18, then just let them out.. you know, see what happens.

  3. It was the shots. And somebody – MANY somebodies, actually – MUST be held accountable for the damage done on many levels.

    1. @Marlene yep famine and plaque are designed fir here as well as nuking of Toronto and a unimaginable earthquake for Quebec

    Be grateful you’re alive today. You still have time to create the life you imagine.

    That opportunity alone is the greatest thing you can have. Treasure it.

  5. They scared a major portion of the population senseless. Causing them to go to the hospital when they normally wouldn’t.

  6. What’s the context? 10 fold less testing?

    At this point, it’s like asking yourself why are you full, after finishing a meal.

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