Covid 19 is Real | Bacchus Family | Flooding in Clarendon 1

Covid 19 is Real | Bacchus Family | Flooding in Clarendon


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  1. Mps full of $#*&, blame people ,,roads turn into rivers entire jamaica absoulutly disgraceful drainage. Is what them think we stupid.

    1. Nose god get millions in covid relief money … way it dey? him share it up amongst him government officials them’ fi help PUSH THIS AGENDA POISON…and drive fear ina the people them..

  2. all these representatives for these areas don’t live there so they don’t care, where they live don’t flood, plus they got sidewalks, the toll roads don’t flood because they installed the proper drainage

  3. People build up your immune system. Ginger, onion, garlic, tumeric, honey and lemon any such combinations.

    1. Your immune system is way more powerful than this AGENDA POISON …their just not promoting how to build up or boost your immune system….they’re just pushing and promoting this AGENDA VACCINE…PEOPLE UNO open uno eyes

  4. Condolences to you son. For the last of your Dad and Mom. Please be strong. Praying for your strength. Just be strong. God is with you and your families

  5. These people are so heartless in jamaica trust mi, we have hate for ourselves so we are unable to love others.

  6. Jamaicans can’t be tamed…you don’t need to go hospital please people do home remedies because u dead faster in the hospital unless you have respiratory problem

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