COVID-19 omicron boosters roll out | USA TODAY


  1. This is literally all you ever needed to know about the “pandemic”:
    *Illinois Dept. Health:* “Even if you died of a CLEAR ALTERNATE CAUSE, it’s still listed as a COVID death” – (Video: “Dr. Ngozi Ezike | How COVID Deaths are Classified”)
    *Public Health England:* “All deaths with a positive specimen (including at post-mortem) are counted REGARDLESS OF THE CAUSE OF DEATH!”
    *KGW News, Oregon:* “… so if a person died in a car accident, from alcohol poisoning or gunshot wound and had covid would that be considered a covid death? Well according to the OHA the short answer: yes.”
    *Dr. Birx at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference:* “If someone dies WITH covid-19, we are counting that.”
    *Danish Health Authority SST:* “5) Deaths = the statistics on fatalities include deaths recorded within 30 days of the detection of COVID-19 infection in the individual on the basis of PCR tests. COVID19 is not necessarily the cause of death.”
    *NYC Dept. Health:* “A death is classified as confirmed if the decedent was a New York City resident who had a positive SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) laboratory test.”
    *New Zealand:* “All deaths where someone has died within 28 days of being reported as having a positive test result for COVID-19 are now reported. This approach is in-line with that taken by other countries…”
    I could do 100 of these, if need be. But if you don’t get it by now, I’m sure 100 or 1000 identical rules from around the world wouldn’t change anything, now would it? Enjoy the “safe” vaccine that is definitely for covid!!!

  2. He’s on record on video from a few years back saying about vaccinations nothing beats protection from a prior infection.

    1. He also said that it might take “12 years for all hell to break loose, then what have you done!?!” Video can be found on my

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