Covid-19 Record Shattered in Jamaica - February 16 2021 1

Covid-19 Record Shattered in Jamaica – February 16 2021


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  1. We are also losing persons by accidents, murder etc farrr more than covid…
    Remember its also flu and cold season…how many cases of influenza have been reported?

    1. You do know they report on those other losses too right? So what’s the issue? If they don’t report on Covid you all would say they’re hiding things from you. It affects almost every aspect of life here so it cannot be avoided. Besides flu is not as stressing an issue so why do you need flu reports/ numbers?

    2. It’s also reported that due to the wearing of masks and other measures we’ve been taken, flu and colds have actually decreased so the news is out there…go find it

    1. They said ppl recovered first, covid so guess its time for the experimental vaccine, by the way, do the long term effect of those vaccines?? I guess.. however Jamaican don’t wanna practice social distance so I guess that what causes the spike

    2. Plz don’t start with the politics again about vaccines. If a 1 don’t want it, don’t take, it simple as that.

    1. @Mark Watson all you cyah wait fi SATAN take control of the entire world !! Them fi just give you the vaccine fi DRINK

    2. @reel gena real yute Who is satan??Oh that imaginery man the white man tell you about to limit our potential..Oh yeah,I know him.

    3. @Mark Watson don’t be calling people illiterate when you yourself don’t seem too brilliant, to say “Patois really make people illiterate” lol you too are an illiterate person because any brilliant person would know that no language makes anyone illiterate.

    4. @Mark Watson hey’! A GOD WE FEAR’ we don’t fear no MAN …DATORY ‘ you and the devil cyah trick an fool, spiritual awake people!!

  2. There’s no wearing of masks or social distancing of students after school. As I drive around you can’t help but see the after school group gatherings that doesn’t include right protocols.

    1. This is so true because I saw a particular high school recently while driving into a taxi and everyone one in each other’s group and bundles with set of friends, government need to look in after school protocols for real

  3. This is dr
    ??I remember the days when certain JAMAICANS spoke a certain way .The whole country is woven into something I can’t recognize

  4. They are not sure about anything, educated fools . The jamaican hospital system has ever been overwhelmed, has any one of these reporters or politicians been to the may pen hospital or spanish town hospital for treatment like regular people do?

  5. Stop playing games with the lives of our students. Whilst education is important and is very vital it’s best to be alive and uneducated than to die a brilliant scholar.

  6. People a wear mask it still spreading and you sweat more than anything while wearing mask. The public transportation still a pack the government just talk one time them don’t follow up if charges were being made seriously it could help.

  7. So if this is the news of what’s coming out of England then why cant Jamaican people take heed and practice and adhering to the rules ?

  8. There’s no prove to show that all them people who they say die from this covid-19 …stop lieing to people plz u can fool some but u can’t fool all

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