COVID-19 update from Dr. Tam | What Canadians should keep in mind this fall amid virus season

Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Njoo share what steps Canadians can take to protect themselves amid a spike in different viruses.
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    1. Well 90% of society bought it, hook lined and sinker. They will believe and comply with whatever the talking box tells them.

    2. There is tons of ppl in my city of niagara falls that have never stopped wearing masks.. it will continue to work on them

    1. _I would like to know how we eradicated the flu for the last 2 years ?_

      The flu was around, just at a much lower level than usual.

    2. @Rosemary Bell if you believe that you are part of the problem. Yeah for 100 years we never tried any of those things to eradicate the flu. That takes a special kind of ignorance to rationalize that. If only there was medical and legal precedent to prove you are wrong…..oh wait there is

  1. This dude is worse then the drug dealers I grew up around in Montreal. They could learn a lot from him though.

  2. Why on earth absolutely NO MENTION of those who have fought off C0V1D and have natural immunity??? Is this a HEALTH announcement, or is it just a pharma ad??

    1. As long as you quarantined yourself when you had it, then enjoy your immunity for that variant. Others out there will not fight it off as well. This leads to death and overloading the health care system.

    2. @CraZY pRIME You do know, don’t you, that COVID has a IFR that is now actually BELOW that of plain old flu, right? You do look at that data for yourself, don’t you? Or are you one of those poor misguided souls who get their information from the talking heads on the six o’clock news?

    1. Bhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaah. Ya and we should trust law enforcement too at the same time hahaha

  3. Funny how all of a sudden this is coming back into the news headlines. Dear government; we are not amused, and we will not comply.

    1. What human rights? The whites have been spreading so much hate since the beginning of times. There are no human rights!

    2. @Ninja Weretiger I’m Metis too and you strike me as a professional victim. Grow up, get a job, TRY to be responsible for your own life and toss that chip on your shoulder. It didn’t happen to me, didn’t happen to you, so stop crying. Learn from the past but don’t live there. Only a child’s mindset can blame the present for the past

    3. @Ninja Weretiger your family history ought to tell you we’re on your side, the government is not….
      It keeps getting bigger and more powerful daily, and it should concern all Canadians of all creeds

    4. @A H Nah. I’ve had harassment. Those saying they don’t care if you disagree. Abusive foster siblings saying they’re conservatives. Why would I like that?

  4. 😂😂😂 my co workers got like 5 boosters and most of them got sick except for me lol pure blood 🩸

  5. So my kids have no protection against anything anymore because of all those lockdown. So what happened is that my youngest kid got a respiratory virus and passed a week in hospital. They need, we need to get sick with the small stuff so we can fight the strong one. It’s a necessity.

    1. This is unreal. What did they honestly think was going to happen this year, especially with children who have undeveloped immune systems? 🤷‍♀️ Bringing back mask mandates does nothing to fix the systemic issues that have existed for decades in the healthcare system.

      Parents don’t even have access to basic over the counter medication for their sick kids during cold and flu season. This whole situation is disgraceful

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