COVID in Canada | Monitoring global virus strains crucial for future pandemic preparedness: doctor

Dr. Marla Shapiro says Canada is unprepared for another pandemic, and that it's crucial going forward to be tracking global virus strains.

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    1. It’s like they took their press release from Sam Harris “We weren’t doing it except for the times we were.”

  1. Strange, distopian & out of touch. No mention of bureaucratic incompetence & overreach, just more streamlining of govt control with vaccines as the only treatment option. We need a full public inquiry into the govt covid response.

    1. Yes. Planning the response to the pandemic. Every jurisdiction engages in disaster planning for all types of events, including weather and health events.

    2. Yes it’s all a big conspiracy and you’ve figured it out. Definitely hope the government doesn’t find out

    3. @Ke Ke Tweek Tweek it’s all been planned. This is a crime against humanity unfolding before our eyes

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    1. Just roll with the punches. Our grandparents and great grandparents managed through much worse. Today’s society is so weak

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