Covid Protocols Double Standard? | TVJ News - May 15 2021 1

Covid Protocols Double Standard? | TVJ News – May 15 2021


Another call is being made for a greater monitoring of the tourism sector for breaches of Covid-19 protocols.

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  1. This is why Jamaica will never be or get any better…double standards and corruption

  2. Pure hypocrites pushing their agendas with a big unbalanced scale . 1 set of rules for who can spend money and another for those who can’t Pirate system.

  3. I work in a resort, if this is so, how come there has not been any outbreak at any hotel? Staff at the resort I work with adhering to the standards. and we are incident-free. since June 2020. Guest are tested to come, in and often time get tested as soon as they check in to get their result in the time to depart.

    1. Exackly there so much party to choose but its like they stuck in the pass JLP and PNP this is why when family members ask me to send them money I say go ask does people you put in power since you guys want to suffer until you get old like our grandparents and can’t see that until now so go starve then seems like unu like to complain and stay hungry forever.

  4. But wait jamaica were farin people don’t want to were mask don’t listen but when you go tonyhere country if you dont listen they fling you out or lock you up,you see why people do t have respect for Jamaica. Look uptown still keep party and even close to police station and they don’t touch does people only the poor kmt

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