1. Something with a lot of obvious fictitious loose ends. Easily disprovable and ball breakingly asinine.

    1. No it’s because why would a top canadian tech talent want to work for the government when they could make millions in America.

  1. The lockout isn’t a big deal. They will extend the submission deadline. If anything tax preparers will be able to catchup if they are behind. Inconvenient for sure though.

  2. Filing your tax return electronically allows you to get your results back in as little as two weeks, the CRA website says. It’s been been six weeks. Still waiting for some of my results.

  3. Don’t worry about it, I’ve decided I will no longer continue my investment in this organization, the board is clearly completely incompetent, criminal or both, and I can no longer morally justify my continued financial contribution.

  4. I haven’t even got my taxes from last year cause of the last hack my new address got deleted. My tax returns were being sent to an address I HAVEN’T LIVED AT FOR 3 YEARS. AND I STILL HAVEN’T RECIEVED THEM ELECTRONICALLY IT’S BEEN 4 MONTHS

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