Craig Melvin Reports From Minneapolis As Chauvin Trial Closing Arguments Begin | Stephanie Ruhle 1

Craig Melvin Reports From Minneapolis As Chauvin Trial Closing Arguments Begin | Stephanie Ruhle


As prosecutors and the defense make their closing arguments in the trial of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin, NBC's Craig Melvin covers what's happening on the ground and shares his experience covering the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis over the past 11 months. Aired on 04/19/2021.
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Craig Melvin Reports From Minneapolis As Chauvin Trial Closing Arguments Begin | Stephanie Ruhle


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    3. Would about that stiff they found in Breonna’s trunk? Her smack dealing boyfriend was firing at the goons when they came in. He hit one of them and so they smoked him. You are full of sh*t.

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    2. Well, they’ve got him up on so many different charges they should be able to get at least one to stick?

  1. I’m scared for our country if the verdict goes the other way Our country is sick right now and I mean that literally. We need to start healing and we need to do it now!

    1. @Zan Dale quite a fantasy world you’ve created for yourself. “very little if any damage done”., remember those words in a few weeks.

    2. @The artist formerly known as Pedro T. Gunderson they have been protesting all week in Chicago with no problems and in Brooklyn town too. You may have a few idiot’s act up but that’ll be the extent of it

    3. @Zan Dale ever hear of 2020? have you not seen what took place recently in minneapolis? again, you can return from your fantasy world.

    4. @Zan Dale Honestly, you sound like one of those “well, only 7% of BLM protest turned violent.” People will riot to just riot. This isn’t about Floyd.

    1. @Trisha Meenaghan Sometimes the Juries do get it wrong. It all depends on the preponderance of evidence and reasonable doubt. You just want to believe a Jury would acquit because they are all White Supremacists or some sh*t like that.

    2. @UK Media Warrior Forget the riots and looting. The American justice system saw the man murdered on live video. The whole world is watching. Convict Chauvin because he committed murder. Don’t convict or not convict due to possible violence.

    3. @Trisha Meenaghan you claim it was intentional, care to share how you know that? every time a noncompliant thug gets shot it’s always “intentional”, and “racially motivated”. victim mentality at its finest.

  2. The only difference between George Floyd and Rodney King and what happened 50-100 years ago is the omnipresence of bystanders with cameras.

    1. It will burn because the criminal terrorists enjoy the complete protection of George Soros’s Marxist DAs.

    2. @AllReal Foreverto The Communists will allow the Blacks to destroy their own section of town just like they always do. They’ll send in the Guard and Goons but outside of protecting high value ‘White’ areas, they won’t do anything. They’re more for show and liability purposes. You know! Just so the City can say it provided protection. At some point in the year something like this will happen again. It always does and the whole process starts over again.

  3. the verdict must be guilty…I worry that he will be found guilty, we will be celebrating in the streets, and the police will start arresting and pepper spraying the peaceful people.

  4. Judge laying down the hammer on elected officials for putting their nose and opinions in the case stirring up drama. “Waters”

  5. That guy should be a diplomat. ‘How do you feel?’ I never saw someone say so much while saying nothing at all. Of course she put him on the spot which wasn’t exactly fair.

  6. The Cry-Baby Atty is taken a SCI-Fi psychosis inspired defense. Grasping at straws and calling it silk. If there are racist jurors who clutch onto this pathetic spiel they can cause massive uproar worse than riots. I expect this atty to look over his shoulder forever due to his trickery.

  7. Justice isn’t decided in the courtrooms by just a few jurors; sometimes, verdicts in the courtroom are a reflection of prejudice and polarization. Sometimes, justice is a long protracted struggle. Police shouldn’t be immune from prosecution. This man did not deserve to be treated like an animal. There are many good police officers out there who would never have done what Derek Chauvin did. It is a shame that it is so hard for some to believe that black lives matter. Even if what Chauvin was permissible within the scope of the law (which needs to be changed), as a police officer, he should be serving the public and not endangering people’s lives. Anyone who saw this blatant example of police brutality would find it abhorrent. The world needs more compassion and wisdom. We can see the effects of ignorance and hatred, and the legal system is helpless to stop it even if justice happens in the courtroom. A precious human life has been lost.

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