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  1. Listening to the panel Neville, that guy start off very good but. He is going wrong there, because he has no idea of what he is saying. Because most of the crimes committed in Jamaica and around the world,it is caused through poverty. The statistics that he is working off from ,it is provided by the police department. Because only the police officers them can give you a more definitive answers, about how the crimes situations in Jamaica. Because they are the ones who is doing the investigation of these crimes, giving you. How the crimes is committed, where, when, and also time, and how it happened.That is just speculating about the whole scenario, because he sit in his office and. Looking at other people statistics, he really thinks that he have the answer.
    Because I am certain that the police reports didn’t say that most, of the crimes that committed in Jamaica. They are committed on the church properties as what he is saying, because the police cannot give any false information. About how the crimes is committed, those information what the police gave. Most of them is very much accurate, and some of them is not. The things that I found out about some of those young people since I migrated from Jamaica, everybody is a doctor of what and. They are trying to fooled people with their nonsense, when I migrated from Jamaica. I don’t believe 30 people in Jamaica did have a doctorate degree Neville and,all of sudden. The place is full with pure doctors and, the hospitals is short of doctors. When I listened to some of those younger Jamaicans is talking their stupidity, because they are not talking. From any personal experiences at all, they are only speculating about certain scenarios. Because when he is saying that, Jamaica is in the top 5 country in the world with crimes. Then I realized that he has no idea of what he is talking about, what he failed to understand. That the United Nations is only trying to stigmatized, the poorer communities them and also the black counties them in the world.
    Let me give him a little lesson, that the United States is the murder capital of the world and. The United Nations or amnesty international never put them in the news, because the United Nations and amnesty international is sponsored by the United States and. In 30 years you are saying that 50,000 murders was committed in Jamaica and, do you ever sit down and. See how many people got murdered in the United States, Canada also England, where most Jamaican living outside of the country. A lot of people does not understand the intricacies about, crimes rates and the actual numbers. Let me try to help this guy,I been working in the crimes situations about 47 years of experiences. That would be the amount of experiences ,if I did continues to worked in the field until now. I would have 47 years of experiences, so I know what am talking about. Also what the United Nations did is used the amount of people died in Jamaica from murder and, divided by the population of Jamaica and. It is going to give you a higher crimes rates,than the United States for instance. In one year in the United States people being murdered,is about 45,000 . So when you divided that number by 340 million people, you are going to get a lower crimes rates than Jamaica. Who murders is 1,500 and when. You divided it by 2.9 million people,it is going to give you a higher crimes rates than the United States. Although you have some people may have all the degree behind their name, they still are some educated fools. Because they are lacking proper understanding about certain scenarios, they don’t know how to differentiate. The number from the rates, all the rates does is. Gives you per Capita how many crimes committed in every 100,000, but it does not give you the actual numbers of people got murdered. I know that you have some cyber bullies out there, they does not like to hear the truth at all. So anyone of them can challenge my comment with their facts, ok .

  2. There are more law abiding persons in Jamaica than criminals. Why is it so difficult to control crime? Why hasn’t the government been able to curb/lower crime? Statistics are the first step, how do we move towards solutions that work?

  3. Jamaica is a country greatly blessed by God, with very bright resourceful, talented people.
    It seems that the minds of some Jamaicans is being controlled by someone/something evil.
    “Whoever controls the mind, controls the man”.

  4. When you listened to what this guy is saying, one wondered if he is getting pay. By the Jlp party government ministers them, to come out and talked so much foolishness. Because what really shocked me very much,is when I heard this guy is talking his nonsense. That anybody is saying that poverty caused crimes, they are talking pure foolishness. I would like to know which school he went to study criminology, and about his experiences. He has working as an investigator investigating crimes,I strongly believes he is trying to pull a string 🧵 for the government ministers them. Poor economical showing over the years, with the high cost of living. When the people them cannot afford to buy the basics necessities of life for their families, that is how the domestic violence started young man. Because if you cannot support your wife or girlfriend, also children. That is when your female companion get really miserable on you as the man, because the next is going to happen. The woman is going asked you to leave,or she is keeping another man with you and. That is going to put man into one rage of mind to hurt his woman, because of poverty is. When you cannot pay your bills on time, and loosing your place of dwelling and. You becoming homeless, this guy have no idea of what he is saying about poverty. I doubt if he ever lived outside of Jamaica for any period of times,then he would realized what am saying about poverty. I would tell this guy, don’t let the jlp party government ministers them is using him as a puppet and. Stop telling Jamaican people that,it is not poverty caused most of the crimes in Jamaica. Because you are behaving so erratic like you are the most educated person in Jamaica, because you are trying to convince. The people them, that poverty does not caused crimes in Jamaica. You must be coming from the Bellevue mental hospital,on Windward road. Because I don’t know where you get your fool,fool argument them from at all, ok.

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