Criminal charges against Alec Baldwin in fatal film set shooting will be dismissed: reports

Multiple reports say that charges against actor Alec Baldwin regarding the on-set fatal shooting incident will be dropped.

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  1. It was stupid to put everyone through this Sad situation…I hope everyone can learn from this and simply move forward and be wiser about this accident horror in the future from ever happening again….

  2. he did it special due the name of the lady … i think he must be jailed! Its young woman with future in carrier but her surname was politically for him or someone else.. It was a question who is the boss

  3. Fugees called it back in the 90s “how many mic’s ” lyrics go “I’ll be bookin’ to Brooklyn
    Leave the trails broken flippin’ tokens to Hoboken
    A clean getaway like Alec Baldwin
    Drivin’ in my fast car playin’ Tracy Chapman” 😂😳

  4. What we need is Norm Macdonald on the update desk.

    “Well, it’s finally official. Murder is legal in the state of New Mexico.”

  5. I did not expect anything less. This is the system folks. No surprise here. Now imagine if it was you, not Baldwin.

  6. Ah, the ol’ liberal two-step. Don’t take responsibility…feign ignorance.
    Seems to be working a lot lately.

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