'Criminal Charges Expected': Trump Faces The Legal Test Of His Life 1

‘Criminal Charges Expected’: Trump Faces The Legal Test Of His Life


As prosecutors prepare to possibly indict the entire Trump Organization as soon as next week, former Chief Assistant District Attorney Daniel Alonso and Tristan Snell, a prosecutor who helped lead the investigation and the prosecution of Trump University, join MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the significance of this escalation in the criminal probe.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Rinny Bairs If I advertised the bridge I’ve got for sale on Foxed, and they said how great it was, can I count on you to buy it.

    2. @Rinny Bairs I’m happy to pay more taxes. Trump has blood on his hands, he intentionally lied to Americans about COVID and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    3. @Rinny Bairs unless you make more then 400 grand a year your taxes aren’t affected and yeah I believe of you make that much you need to pay more. Normal people don’t have that money

  1. I think it might be last minute pressure on Weisselberg, signaling this is it, its coming, cooperate or go down with the rest.

    1. When ex-Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen was on Kimmel he stated that Weisselberg or Calamari would turn and “save themselves” but that it “wasn’t necessary because the (NY DOJ) have the documents to prove the crimes”.

    2. @Arc Anon Drum Yea I heard him say that, and while they can prosecute without Weisselberg or Calamari cooperation, but if one or both do cooperate, it makes a stronger case and is certainly preferable to prosecutors.

    3. Something to keep in mind : Trump Bootlicker Bill Barr first heavily censored the Mueller Report before claiming that it “completely exonerated Donald Trump” .
      Trump faces more than one sheet of music.

    1. @Mike Raz that’s not true… Trump’s criminal experience extends well beyond his political career. In fact he’s way better at being a criminal then a President… It’s only been 6 months since he lost his immunity and it looks like he’s going to be indicted. I’m not saying Biden and Hillary haven’t done anything illegal, seems like being involved in pre corporate criminal activities is a requirement to be considered for presidency.

    2. @Mike Raz that’s a very odd reply!? Obviously our standards of leadership has been shaped by greed if it’s standard practice for politicians to have a secret criminal experience. Explains the balance of Justice is being blinded and set completely off balance. Trumps legacy will be, how his need for money and popularity brought down the elite system. There is so much in this case it’s unfathomable, did you know, Elon Musk, Jeff Besoz, Scotty Morrison, Jack Ma and a few others are invested in a Trump Org investment and have been for the last 18 years. Unfortunately for them, that investment is illegal, Trump isn’t just destroying himself, he’s going to accidentally bring down a large chunk of the 1% elite system.

    3. @Peter David Wilson Trump atleast was mart enough to not allow illegals to collect welfare. 60% of illegals collect Welfare

    4. @Mike Raz nope, Just said it seems like you have to have a criminal history to become a President. The American political system was developed overtime by criminals to serve criminals. But a specific criminal. I know what Trump’s being prosecuted for… His family and all those invested in this crime are in line to lose everything… And if these families lose everything, then America will lose all it’s power… You guys don’t know what they did, how the CIA have become involved, and what does it all have to do with Madonna and lady Gaga

    1. You have to bring the evidence first. Bit like the lie the democrats claimed they had when they tried to impeach him. What a shame that turned out to be.

  2. Look, I am all for this creep going down, but FFS, I’ve been hearing about this for years, and nothing has really happened. When are we going to see *actual* indictments of Trump? So far it’s all a bunch of talk.

    1. Because it is all a sham. The media and the democrats continue to accuse Trump. It’s all delusional propaganda for votes. But not once they come forward with the evidence. Trump should sue for deformation. You need evidence first before you can even accuse someone of a crime. Instead they accuse without evidence. That’s only a delusion of a nut case who does that. That like saying that guy is a criminal because he’s black. Or that Asian is a CCP spy because they are Asian. Twice they tried to impeach Trump. Not once they showed the evidence. Will it be any different now?

      If I was Trump. I would sue the media for billions. And have the courts make them apologise on national TV

  3. These first charges are just the start of many more to come! And remember, that big bad grand jury has to approve the charges! If they’re convinced by the evidence, you get charged!

    1. Lolol these charges are stupid, so the criminal mastermind Trump paid for tuition???? How stupid are you people!

  4. It’s the first inning of the post presidency, from the State of New York, against the affairs of private citizen Florida Orange.

    1. Billy, let me help you with something…..Trump will NEVER be going to prison. Taxable fringe benefits is a nothing crime. So his huge criminal act is paying tuition for a high level employee. You are clearly a spastic

    2. @Jonathan Simmons and sealed indictments were lodged under the RECO laws by the SDNY in 2018, the same laws that put Capone in prison.

    1. Not a chance, he will flip, sing, and if he is anything like bone spurs, will turn on his own kids, to stay out of prison, just like a normal narcissist

    1. Yes it “should “ apply equally to everyone, but with tRump judges still in office …..

    2. Rosa: One of the most satisfying displays of American Democracy Triumph is that 60 Judges (including many trSCUMp appointed Judges) dismissed the “Election Fraud Claims” for lack of Evidence or Proof ! American Justice and Rule of Law stood up to Tyranny ! !

    1. Do you know how businesses work?

      If you have a bunch of seeds do you bury them together, plant them to grow another plant, or an orchard?

      So someone told you Trump has mortgages and they did so with a sneer and now you think Orange Man bad because he had properties mortgaged?

      Do you can the revenue he makes off of properties with out having his own money in them?

      You should watch his TV shows on business and take his real estate course. Oh wait, they took them along with his millions a year charity-money to kids Every year charity.

    2. @Loretta Stiles Do you know how many aspiring real estate students Donald Trump ripped off with Trump University? He had to pay $25 million to them.

    3. @Don Winslow He continued the suit until he won the presidency. He settled to end the suit. The lawyers probably got more than half. The claim is he wasn’t as involved as was advertised. Some business owners pay off claims for what employees do.
      It might have been covered by insurance. The lawyers probably got more than half. He did not admit guilt. He had 500 subsidiaries. Lawyers target wealthy companies.

      This happened because the housing market was crashed, as intentionally crashed (like the S&L crisis) to transfer the wealth of Americans to global banks. You might look up “crackdowns” to see what would have happened to the Obama started Liar Loans. He shut down in 2010 after the entire real estate market crashed. The students could have paid their fees with one sale of a property. He had a 98% approval rating by students overall.

      Trump supporters know it and the Stormy double blackmail case were to stop him from becoming president.

      The Plaintiff’s settled for $25 mil because he won the presidency.

      His lawyer went to jail for things having nothing to do with him.

      They destroyed attorney confidentiality laws through the case they were so desperate to nail his school. To those “players” $25 million was low.

  5. I’m going to hold my breath Justice will have to make me a believer when it comes to Bringing Down these oligarchs and autocratic Society

  6. If banks don’t want their loans tied up in litigation, they better call in those tRump loans right now!!!

  7. Take away what is second dearest to him: His stolen money
    Then hopefully move to what is dearest to him: His freedom

    1. But he’s a self made billionaire who thinks like us. Exactly! He made everyone call him a billionaire HIMSELF. Look at what your way of thinking unleashed upon us.

    2. @Kevin Brown Trump NEVER was a self made billionaire. His DADDY set him up and continued to top up his businesses, even after 8 bankruptcies. Your delusional

    3. please! just take his name off of everything building around the world.. break his pride and that will brake him

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