Criminal Gang Run Things – Little Dunns River | Jamaica Shines | TVJ Midday Nnews – Sept 1 2022


  1. Really now quite awhile now my son’s girlfriend car was broken into and her handbag stolen with all her important documents and it was reported and nothing was done it was a haven for criminals loooong time ago .

  2. Wow it’s really sad to see that happening in little dunse river it’s such a beautiful place I just took my wife there for her first time and she really loved it 😢

    1. Paying a fee for keeping the place clean is not an extortion and that’s how it taken care of so please don’t bash the youth s they are not criminal’s thank you miss or mister

  3. We shone bright at the award ceremony while the hospitality workers remain slaves in an industry that does not care about them and the rest of the not so well to do Jamaicans continue to suffer. All these big wigs within the tourist industry are greedy wicked people whose agenda is to get rich at any cost necessary, while our citizens gets poorer.

  4. So the government spends money on MBJ airport and spenda none on the Norman Manley International airport🤔 what a country we live in. When last youll went to the NMJ airport full of flies and mosquito. Looks like we living in to different Jamaica, well i already know this!

  5. Oh my, Jamaica really gone to the brink collapse all the tourists area take over by criminal mobay negril and now little Dunn’s River sad. Next is big dunn’s river.

  6. I hope some of the proceeds from tourism will be invested in the problem areas in Jamaica.
    Young people in the garrisons need opportunity.
    Crime needs some critical attention.

  7. Well I tell you this murder spirit sweep whole world ,,ugh🤔🤔 The young generation is making decision on impulse ..I never seen so many young gettn kill wit gun violence..But it’s sad….Ms Williams lookn pretty 2day wit new hair Do.😄😄it’s cute Go ahead Ms Reporter 😃😃

  8. Stop depressed our Jamaican citizens get up out your comfortable chair and attend to who voted to put you in that chair

  9. From time to time, listen and read the news. The PNP government was in power for many years, now they continue to complain about things need to be fixed, and who to voted out. They had 20 years to make things correct, why didn’t do them? It is a shame how Jamaican people are used and fooled over and over. How can things get better ther, living on empty promises.

  10. Wonder if there is award for the worst island with more corruption from the top all the way to the criminals running Jamaica, tourism will always be up front and behind the scenes the mayhem continues

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