Critical race theory classes at West Point under fire by GOP lawmakers | USA TODAY 1

Critical race theory classes at West Point under fire by GOP lawmakers | USA TODAY


Gen. Mark Milley defends the military against criticism from GOP lawmakers about studying the critical race theory.

A top military official defended the U.S. military against GOP lawmakers use of "woke" as an insult for studying theories about race relations in America during a Wednesday House committee hearing.

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  1. How are you going to fight a war with troops hating each other for their skin color? Who’s going to have each other’s backs? What is happening to our military??

    1. @Barbara Vance So you yourself wasn’t a soldier trying to speak on thing you yourself never experienced as a soldier. As a veteran I speak from my experience and I have talk to my battles and the ones that came before me by the way my father uncles, cousin and great uncles have served too since we now speaking on family ties. While serving in the military, you will meet people from all background and corners of world that includes racism and racist people. Cultures really collide fast and hard. It’s upon the service member to adapt to his or her new environment or inevitable weeded out if not by military policies than by member’s peers.

    2. @The Devil All The Time CRT has been around for decades and how can you repeat something if you’re always changing?

    3. @Jeremy Backup Wasn’t it the dems like AOC that wanted to purge Trump supporters and anybody that worked for him even Lincoln didn’t do that when the south lost the civil war.

    4. @TribeBills Sabres6ers You leftist repeat the same line over and over. And when you are debunked you move on to your next hive thought.

    5. @The Devil All The Time. Well I’m done arguing with a two week old troll account. Don’t have a nice day.

    1. And the officers teaching it are Morons that don’t have a clue what they are teaching, and the Biden administration is pushing this!

  2. It should be underfire. Teaching people to hate each other based on their skin color is straight from the DEM play book since America began and so they continue to do so.

    1. @TribeBills Sabres6ers trying to use “fox news” as an excuse I think shows your ignorance and ease of manipulation. I do not watch fox news. It’s easier for you to parrot lefty talking points then deal with facts. Typical lefty.

    2. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH no, the Indians amd Pilgrims got along, although Miles Standish was an Indian hater.

    3. @TribeBills Sabres6ers actually I’ve read CRT material and it is absolute propaganda and garbage.

  3. Sec Def is a defense contractor .
    The army which is supposed protect America is being forced to learn theories about how racist and horrible America is.
    But other that that everything is fine .

  4. Yeah man, who cares what MLK said…let’s just teach people to judge others by the color of their skin. We can teach racism, who cares….

    1. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH….you can’t lump everyone in together when a specific political party is guilty. Which you support the democrat party, I will call you guilty by association. Guilty buddy, sorry.

    2. @Deplorable Libertarian
      Deporting you as a whole group only makes sense.

    3. @iamthe partyone….I’m assuming the fake chief is a liar too, but you never know because there are a great number of native indians around. I’m SOMEwhat familiar with native american history as my wife has Cherokee blood; her grandmother was 100%…..which is AWESOME because we can get onto the reservations, and she got the money for school.

    4. @Brandon Beckwith…..hey dummy, the democrat party of 150 years ago is still the same party today. The parties never switched; a bunch of democrats didn’t magically become republicans….there is absolutely NO HISTORICAL DATA to prove this theory true. Yeah, you are 100% democrat and you support the party of slavery and racism; which democrats love crt that teaches people to judge others based on skin color…kind of racist if you ask me but democrats are cool with SOME racism.

    5. @Brandon Beckwith…..let’s also consider that no real damage was done to the capital; democrat extremists caused a billion dollars in damage and 27 people died during very peaceful protests… dummy, which side is worse? Which side set a federal building on fire in the marxist utopia of portland, with federal officers STILL INSIDE???

    1. No that’s incorrect. It’s no different then teaching religions, tell people that something exists that really doesn’t long enough it starts become true!

    2. @Bugsy Siegel I was unaware we had proven that God doesn’t exist. Must have missed that newsletter…

    3. @Bugsy Siegel Okay, so you should be against this anyway and your jab at religion is a waste of time

    1. @NPC #1337 even though the poster statement is correct, the reason for critical race theory being taught is showing how America truly is.

      This isn’t something to have one race hate another, it’s about teaching that race what they really are (sub set of that race).

      America has a big problem sweeping or just plain out denying (lying) that racism exists.

      It’s intertwined with almost everything tangible and intangible.

      Remember we can’t move forward without ppl learning the past and what’s currently still happening.

    2. @Brandon Beckwith Yes. Yes it is taught in school. What kind of shitty school did you go to?

  5. That’s going to destroy moral of all. That’s ridiculous. CRT must not be taught to anyone.

    1. It should be taught to everyone the same way Communism should be – as an insidious vessel for the worst of society to gain power over the rest of society

    2. @Jason Hardin – it should be taught, along with all subjects so people can make a determination based on their own research, analysis and intellect.

    3. @Charles Taylor CRT is saying that every system put in place is determined to hold racism forever and that anyone a part of those systems or wanting to keep the systems in place is also racist themselves.

    4. @Charles Taylor so no, it shouldnt be taught. The racism of the past should be taught. FACTS

      Not conclusions based on extrapolation of data that doesnt even exist

    5. @10th letter – critical race theory does study the result of racism being baked into systems. Can you provide any academic reference on where it is taught that indicates the system holds racism forever and all users of the system are racist. I am curious where the origin of the divisive propaganda initiated.

  6. I believe this should be discussed as well as how groups like BLM and Antifa aren’t what the mainstream media makes them out to be. The only way to find the truth and a solution is to find middle ground. Never going to reach that if we don’t address both sides.

  7. Good! We need not teach more division. Teaching kids critical race theory is indoctrination of our children plain and simple

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