CTV National News | Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Causes behind a huge fire that destroyed about 20 houses under construction in Ontario; fighting to contain an Indiana industrial fire.

Massive Vaughan, Ont. fire (0:00)
Indiana's huge industrial fire (3:12)
120K workers could be striking (5:14)
Why BoC hasn't cut rates yet (7:19)
40K Afghans could be resettled (9:16)
Prince Harry at the coronation (12:13)
Remembering Raymond Sawada (14:45)
Tenn. Rep. Pearson reinstated (18:44)
Schwarzenegger fills in 'pothole' (20:58)

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  1. Omar S does a great job as a News Presenter. The Fire dept need to determine the cause of this fire destroying these high priced homes in Vaughn Ont.

  2. This towering inferno with billowing smoke at the plastic plant in Indiana is dangerous as the fire dept must determine if the fire is carcinogenic in nature affecting residents.

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  4. Fires will be put out, the mess will be cleaned up and the talking will eventually ease and in the end what will change?

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