1. @Nick Kelly Hehe yeah. ‘Breaking news! Large steel barriers may slow down advance of vehicles…’. Not to disparage the effort, but the journalist definitely should have read some sort of book before this one 😀

  1. Why would they report such a sensitive news that could be used to launch attacks on such defense sites. Crazy journalism

    1. @lppoqql LOL come get some russian troll. you will never take Kyiv you will never hold Ukraine. You will bring home 30,000 dead russian soldiers in the next few days.

    2. That’s like asking why did America start this war again. Because it’s in their political interest

  2. Are you kidding me? Let’s just give out military hints and location

    1. caltrops aren’t exactly a new development, neither is setting factories to produce basic equipment… and I’m rather sure Russia has satellites to see where factories are

    1. @Andy Lee are you righting a Shakespearean theater the stuff they are making all it would do is get them killed

    2. A factory that welds two beams together in a cross. Because it’s so advanced and specialized, we absolutely have no way of making this elsewhere.

  3. It seems like we’re more concerned with staying informed than the safety of Ukraine’s defenders. Stop showing their hand.

    1. @Isaac Clarke  So what’s your thoughts on Donbas? Mine are that’s murder of innocent civilians why did you ukraines do that
      This is 2013-2022

    2. Until Nukes start being dropped all over North America and your so called Men are out and about screaming like little girls.

    3. @Devin Aisaican The Ukrainians deliberately have their military convoys go into residential areas so the civilian population also become targets ! The Americans simply call it “Collateral Damage” and don’t think it is anything different !

  4. Compare and contrast the hero Zelenskyy to our PM. Not much of a comparison. Fight and fight some more.

  5. A caltrop (also known as caltrap, galtrop, cheval trap, galthrap, galtrap, calthrop, jackrock or crow’s foot. Used as far back as in Roman times

  6. To dangerous to face truckers but yet safe to go to another apparently war torn country

    1. @Nanci ya, whilst rapists, armed robbers, and attempted murderers are out on bail. Make sense…

    2. @Nanci While the guy that ran over three protesters in Manitoba already got out on bail. Funny how real extremists get let go so easily. Gee it’s almost like our government and legal system is completely corrupt.

  7. Giving up sensitive information and location. Asking and answering weird questions, And wasting their time walking around their factory for 2 hours.

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