Cuomo Accuser Reacts To Resignation: 'His Own Flaws Brought Him Down 1

Cuomo Accuser Reacts To Resignation: ‘His Own Flaws Brought Him Down


Cuomo accuser Karen Hinton reacts to the governor’s resignation following a statement by his attorney, and discusses his comments on the idea of the generational and cultural shift that he blamed for some of the reason his actions were misunderstood. 

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    1. @Paul Machowski: Eye witness testimony is presented as EVIDENCE in court. The accuser’s statements are considered evidence. You obviously don’t know what “evidence” means.

    2. @Reason extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, my not friend. Objective evidence is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. *Again, I was just involved in a crash. There were multiple witnesses. Does that objectively mean I was in a crash? Trump claims there was massive election fraud in the 2020 election. He claims many witnesses. Does that objectively mean there was massive election fraud in the 2020 election?*


    3. @Paul Machowski: No. It doesn’t mean that you were in a crash. It’s EVIDENCE that you might have been. And you probably were if multiple people say they saw you. Some evidence is stronger than other evidence. That’s why a jury has to hear ALL the evidence from both the prosecution and the defense and weigh it out.

  1. December of 2000 really what took you so long, you shouldn’t even be a thought . Wow did she just say ” what happened to these woman” did you forget about yourself , there goes your 15 minutes of fame .

  2. As ATTORNEYS including Danny Cevallos of MSNBC said these are allegations, this is only ONE side that has been presented.

    1. and that is the point – they are going solely on one side one persons word and automatically think the truth has been told. Really? Are people that afraid of this movement that they don’t recognize two sides to every story and things have to be in fact proven. Nothing is proven here at all so tell me ….

  3. I am reading many of these comments and its nice to see that people can see this for what it actually is

  4. Governor Cuomo’s resignation and explanation points to a much larger problem in today’s business and Government workplaces. With 5 generations currently in the work force, it is obvious that education is needed to bridge the communication / interaction gap. If someone is older or of European decent, the custom of embracing or kissing on the cheeks (French) is not sexual harassment, but rather an expression of propinquity (closeness). Cuomo may or may not have crossed this line, but nevertheless the need for greater understanding BEFORE yelling sexual harassment and destroying someone’s life should prevail. The simple rule of “hands off” doesn’t squelch a perceived cultural norm – Education for BOTH the young and older generations is needed and should become mandatory, just like diversity training is today. America is a mixture of different cultures and as such, ground rules in proper interaction and communication MUST be understood so no one is unfairly targeted.

  5. Sooo I can have all the women thrown in jail who grab me in appropriately off a first meet? Not going lie it happened often ….just saying

    1. In fact, yes. When it happens, call the police, and at least file a police report. Who knows? She might even get arrested!

  6. There will always be a shadow over our justice system and accountability until Trump is stopped from roaming the streets, and in his rightful place, in a prison for life.

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