Cuomo and Lemon discuss border photo of dead man and daughter

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon discuss the shocking image of a drowned man and his daughter at the US border. #CNN #News


    1. The left murders babies in the womb… Come on now. You think they care about a couple dead bodies in a river??

    2. @broccollin yeah that’s why they showed the horrifying pulse nightclub victims. Or the San bernadino victims. Or the rape victims of cologne. Or the victims of niece France. Oh wait they dont show any of those wonder why….

    1. Juandisimo
      Yep….and the worst part about it is that a lot of them are religious. They’re Christians. The type of Christians who have no problem supporting a lying, thieving, adulterous, racist, greedy scumbag…. bunch of hypocrites.

    2. Christina Gomez
      Good luck with that. At this point it’s a cult. Your fact, evidence and logic will fall on deaf ears….it’s a waste of time and energy trying to convince these people.
      the good thing is it’s not too late. We the people can change this. Just go out and vote against this pos next year. Try to get as many people as you can get to the polls.

  1. GOOGLE IS BROKEN & SEARCHES ARE NOT ACCURATE!! Use instead DUCKDUCKGO as. your seach engine!!

    1. To access The Donald on Redditt download Duck Duck Go and it will show up when you search for it. Stop the hate! Freedom!

    1. @spaxxed if you have the proof of this being Hollywood post the proof and fact…oh wait it did happen and you don’t have proof…keep proving to us all just how incredibly ignorant you are!!!

    2. @DEV3N87 you think two people dying is funny??? Two people die and you make lite of it…would you make lite of it if it was someone in your family ??? Well would you?”??

    3. @SJisHere PROVE IT find the facts post the facts ..if you can not prove it what does that make you??? It makes you an ugly human being with no respect for life…ignorance is running wild today…lot of orange baby man people squawking out loud today…trump would be oh so proud of you all …the rest of America not so much…

    4. @free American true ignorance at it’s best…did you have to work at being ignorant or does it just come naturally to you..

    1. Not just CNN but our government is conducting these psyops. The media are just puppets taking orders.

    2. D. Mc yes the media is cable of anything ,they are the ones that incited this and have no shame ,but keep narrating.

    3. @Igor Patrick Let them all stay in your homes… if not, that makes you the cold-blooded killer!

  2. While my heart goes out to those who suffer & die trying to get into this country (As I would do whatever it took to better my life). This is nothing new to those of us who live on a border state as I do. There is also another problem that is completely ignored; Over 1000 homeless men, women & children die on the streets of Los Angeles (just Los Angeles!!!!!!!) last year, and that number is growing..Where is the equal coverage on that?

    1. Rich Burgess Agree…. Im am so over the immigration drum beat…. while it truly is sad Im a veteran, been waiting 4 months to see a neurologist… also still waiting to see a therapist..

    2. Rich Burgess , they never cover anything unless to use it as a weapon against one Party or another. Immigration, stories like this are no different. All of a sudden we need to solve the I problem, before the mass exodus the immigration problem has always been the same with normal Hughes and lows, in fact before this current crisis illegal entry was at a low.

    1. The thumbnail is the image they are discussing. You see the image, then hear the discussion.

  3. This needs to stop. Please. We can’t continue to allow the millions of people who suffer from poverty into this country. Deaths like this will continue until we fix our broken laws.

    1. Touringcarton42 that is a despicable thing to say! America is built on immigrants and I’m sure they’re right in your family as well! You’re very full of hate I feel sorry for you!

    1. These deaths are all on you Lemon! you encourage these people to come, what do you expect to happen. nobody likes a hypocrite

  4. Let me guess ? It’s Trumps fault right ? He made that man walk across a desert, no food, no water, no proper clothing, and the inability to swim !!!
    I just don’t understand how CNN thinks it’s ok !!! It’s child abuse for crying out loud !!! Both of you are a joke !!! A complete joke !

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