Cuomo: ‘I Truly And Deeply Apologize’ For Hurting Anyone, After Harassment Allegations | MTP Daily

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) addresses sexual harassment allegations saying "I never touched anyone inappropriately." Aired on 3/03/2021.
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Cuomo: ‘I Truly And Deeply Apologize’ For Hurting Anyone, After Harassment Allegations | MTP Daily


  1. Obviously what he did was wrong. However it’s interesting to see conservatives only jump on this bus when it’s a Democrat. Republicans get zero consequence for performing the same or even more egregious actions.

    1. @Johnny Lawrence actually they are still investigating that too so why not hold onto your blame for when investigators finish..mmm investigating

    2. @Johnny Lawrence those seniors you are so mad about wouldnt have been at risk if a political war wasnt pushed on basic safe guards to the pandemic from your dear EX leader

    3. @Johnny Lawrence do you not remember he slowed pacific travel but not Atlantic? I’ve traveled alot from the west coast. Most entries to the states I came through Europe even coming from asia . You gotta be completely stupid to think that a person in asia will only travel via Pacific air space.. literally right there was a total safety breakdown based on racism and complete stupidity. Slow pacific air travel and its stopped..lmao

    4. @Johnny Lawrence if you are gonna blame people start with the beginning of when it got out of control. An administration that called it a hoax and said dont where a mask and held state funding for ppe and ventilators. You know FU for forgetting

  2. On the one hand, Cuomo does that hands on the face thing all the time.
    On the other, it’s kinda creepy and that woman’s face definitely isn’t giving the “this is totally fine” vibe.

    1. One would have to be there to truly know the source of the look on her face. Maybe she looks like that all the time. Cuomo is being targeted and anyone with any knowing of how politics is right now knows that. He is a threat politically.

    2. He’s a real stand up guy! Who takes responsibility I’d vote for him if he ran for president!

  3. I wanna also wanna say those who accused them of something check their bank account just in case because some things doesn’t sound right.

    1. I guess the nursing home murders were also a payoff. You people are so fascinated by Trump you can’t move on with your lives.

    2. @C T how does any of that related to government employees admitting their wrong? So what if we use trump as an example what do you trump supporters always said justifing their wrong? Oh yeah “IT’S A FREE COUNTRY”

    3. Critical thinking..the compromont on everyone…you’re correct…we always have to follow the money…and all the lies that can be told…

    4. Exactly! Mayor Cuomo’s being set-up. Trump’s people want another Mayor that will pardon Trump of crimes committed in New York.

    5. @taintedbuddha First, I’m not a Trump supporter. Cuomo has been caught lying about the nursing home scandal and now this, but it must be Trump behind it all. Gimme a break. Just call a spade a spade.

  4. At least he has the chutzpah to apologize.

    Grab um by the P president has never apologized for anything.

    1. Not much of an apology. He knew he made those young women feel uncomfortable, and didn’t apologize then and there. The apology didn’t come until his behavior had been outed, and bullying them into silence hadn’t worked. And then it was still mealy mouthed, not an apology for his disgusting actions, but for making them feel bad. He still is pretending he didn’t mean it. He isn’t promising to reform. It’s meaningless.

    2. He apologised because he is a Democrat. Democratic voters will never tolerate what the MAGAKLAN will accept. But he has to fall on his sword. He should resign and disappear from the public.

  5. These people are so privileged that it doesn’t occur to them that they don’t have a right to do the wrong that they do.

  6. Dems have the decency to appolige for their ‘mistakes’, republicans on the other side complain that the plaintiff is to ugly for them to ever considering harrasing… That’s your double standard, America! And, please, respond accordingly!

    1. Some apology. He only apologizes for how the women, he was disgusting to, felt. He didn’t apologize for his actions, or promise to reform.

    2. @Deborah Freedman At least he has the spine to apologize unlike Trump who doesn’t apologize for anything that he has done. And I don’t think that he is really guilty if I’m being honest

    3. He asked for a kiss! He did not kiss her. This was a few years ago at a party. Cuomo’s being set-up.

    4. @K Nelson yes and if the girl was uncomfortable with the gesture she would have pushed him away but she didn’t. I’m a female but sometimes girls be lying on men about what they supposedly did to them just for money and clout.

    1. @Alana Helen you are a sick person if you think killing thousands of elderly is good politically. you are a rat my friend.

    2. @Alana Helen Did u feel the same way about judge Kavanaugh? There wasn’t an ounce of proof other than Christine Ford’s word.

    3. @C T I don’t know or care about who those people are. I’m only focusing on what’s going on now with the governor of New York.

  7. Did trump apologize for any of his horrific actions? I will wait.. yes this is bad, but he is innocent until proven guilty. All we can do is wait for the facts… move forward.

  8. That’s it Mr. Cuomo. I think you are doing the right thing. Sometimes you can act so dearly with some persons and you do not know how later they going to react. Just be so neutral next time, keep your hands to yourself and words because sometimes praises for some people can turn harassment, you never know. I, yesterday, had an appointment for my bone density measuring and the person in charge to help me with this came to call me and said: “are you ready for me”😩? Then I said to him: ” you mean, am I ready for the test or bone density measure”? Then he kept quite and respectful throughout the bone density measuring. NOT A BIG DEAL!!!

    1. @C T so grabbing women by the P isn’t a big deal? You’re just like your MAGAlosing president

    2. @The Flame Fist God I’m not a Trump supporter. I just call a spade a spade. Cuomo and Trump are both snakes.

    3. @The Flame Fist God The problem with people like you is you’re too brainwashed to see 2 feet in front of you. Cuomo has been entangled in scandals since he took office, but it’s always somebody else’s fault.

    1. Exactly! Mayor Cuomo’s being set-up. Trump’s people want another Mayor that will pardon Trump of crimes committed in New York.

    2. Right like especially when his career was doing so good it’s suspicious how they want to come forward now like it doesn’t make sense. I don’t think he is guilty. I think those people are lying on him.

    3. @K Nelson ya, think U R RIGHT HERE, 100%. Is d j trump only person, always UP TO NO GOOD, ALL TO PROTECT OWNSELF FROM LAW.

  9. Look at his record; there’s always someone willing to spin, accuse, slander. Orchestrated smear campaign on social media and same old rush to judgment at work here? This is an honorable man, who cares about his constituents, his state, and has had the courage to speak and act accordingly. Thank you, Governor for your service, your support, and your ongoing efforts to serve the state of New York and our country.

  10. I don’t think you had anything to apologize for but ok saying your sorry is a brave thing. So good for you! And good for you for not stepping down!

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