Cuomo: Lindsey Graham is telling the truth about Trump

CNN's Chris Cuomo calls out Republicans for not standing with Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in her opposition to President Donald Trump's election lie.

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    1. As the empty hulls of corporate greed and enemies of the state, they never had souls, Reagan took them all when they were young men

    2. I hope you are talking about the Democrats, although I think they already sold their soul to the devil.

    1. @cwall rollins that a lie only like 1% of the democrats kkk switch to republican it a lie that ban going around for years. most of the kkk were still in the democrat party

  1. And once again the politicians are so busy trying to keep their jobs that the are no longer doing their jobs as tasked by their constituents.

    1. It makes the Democrats in office actually working and getting things done FOR THE PEOPLE so much more refreshing.

    2. @John DeSombre All Trump did was work for himself. For 4 flippin years.

      it was insanity.

    3. @Ectoplasmic Feedback that a lie trump did more in four months for america then biden did in his 40+ years being part of the system.

  2. When Johnson sign the Civil Rights Bill, he knew the Southern Demos would go over to the party of Goldwater and he said good riddance.

    1. Johnson signed the civil rights bill because he had no choice. Dems fought the GOP over civil rights, Dems were hell-bent on keeping the black folks down. Read your history. Become aware of the truth.

    1. Lindsey has been a hot mess ever since he realized he had a girl’s name ….yes, I just went there.

  3. They show us every day that they are not better than this; they show us who they are. I get the soft talk in most situations – like with children. But you said they know better, and they do – except for the complete idiots, and I don’t know which is worse.

    1. @Rod Source? I mean other the guy who wrote the graphic novel Boy Zero and cleaned the video equipment at CNN.

    1. “You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.” – L. Graham 2015

  4. It’s happening right in front of our eyes….I don’t know what exactly it is but its happening.

    1. All you assholes do is speak in metaphors and aphorisms, usually less than 25 words. No meaning. Just regurgitation of trifles. Forever ignoring the fact that war will soon knock on their door…

    2. Like a plane slowly spiraling out of control and nothing left to do but ride it out and hope for the best.

    3. It’s satan and his demons working overtime to distract, decieved & destroy as much as possible the closer we get to the 2nd coming of Christ. This may sound silly to you, if you’re not a believer, but please remember I said it anyway. Write it down. It’s going to get far worse. Next will be the anti-Christ who will show up on the world’s stage. He will be beautiful and magnetic in every way, unite the world, and almost everyone will ADORE him. After that, the REAL Jesus will swoop up those who followed him & didn’t fall for the anti-Christ who showed himself as an angel of light. Maybe not in our lifetime, but revelation is playing out before our very eyes.

  5. They say “they want to stay in power” they have no
    power they have surrendered to the cult.

    1. How to stay in power by supporting “the man” who longer has any political power.?? A hole.

    2. both side are cult’s has far as i see it. dem/leftist lap up what every cnn say like it the gossible then sit their typing out how trump support are cult’s. (you’re either in one cult or the other)

    3. After the clown was installed after the theft of our election and all of south America is crossing our border illegally .
      Crappy sleepy is continuing to …….drum roll… that “evil” boarder wall that trump started .
      Whaa waaaaa! 😭🤪😭🤪😖

    4. The Democrats used to be a better party also get rid of both bad people in both parties we don’t even have a president

  6. Spot on about class. Rich people are getting poor people to sacrifice so they can get richer.

  7. By the time they realize that the rabbit hole leads the devil’s front door it will be to late!

    1. But they do realize! they choose to go down the rabbit hole. When Satan retaliated against God in the heavens he got 1/3 of the angels to go with him, but the Angels knew what they were doing! they lost the battle and they were sent straight down to Hell.

  8. From South Africa,
    Watching American Politics is like watching a movie… Simply can’t believe so much freedom, yet so much ignorance.

    1. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    2. @Sean Kelly ….not as long as we let these politicians that worship trump, over our Constitution, this movie will go on and on, pulling everyone down!!

    3. @Dmc 1960 I get your point but does making such a generalization about every American make you look any smarter?

  9. That’s great this guy said the truth about believing in a man more than our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.

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