Cuomo: Liz Cheney is proof of Trump's perversion of GOP 1

Cuomo: Liz Cheney is proof of Trump’s perversion of GOP


CNN's Chris Cuomo says that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is not a martyr, rather she is proof of former President Donald Trump's perversion of the Republican Party.

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  1. Like the protagonist of Aesop’s “The Fox Who Lost His Tail” McCarthy has surrendered his personal honor and resents Cheney for hanging on to hers.

  2. “And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

    1. @Jay franklin What you believe and what’s true are opposite things. Just stop, you’re dragging everyone down with your lunacy.

    2. Rumble, BitChute and Brand New Tube have uncensored news….Video ; Plandemic parts 1 and 2

    3. So dang pertinent. I remember when Barr said: To the victor goes the writing of history, or words to that affect

  3. Boehner and ryan did such a good job pushing out the cooks that they now run the party to the silence of all but a few of the former leaders

    1. @Eric Dollars You’re showing some questionable grasp of the English language, 50 cent.

    2. @Done Busy They came to lynch people and brought IEDs. Thanks to the police, who Trumpers claimed to support, it didn’t spiral into a deadlier situation. It was an attack on our democracy. Don’t whitewash it.

    3. @Eric Dollars Try telling the truth about it. Grandma came to lynch people. Good one. And interesting you would bring up the bombs. That didn’t happen in the Capitol ruckus, you ill-informed fool. Those were bombs found around both DNC and RNC HQs, and we still barely know any details or even who did it. Nobody has been apprehended for it. Which probably means it’s a communist that DC law enforcement is allowing to slide.

      More then 30 people got murdered in the riots of 2020, riots that Democrats largely support and even supported financially like how Kamala Harris advertised a fund to bail out rioters.

  4. They have not been doing anything that they are paid for!!! They should NOT BE PAID IF THEY DO NOT WORK TOGETHER ON ANYTHING!


    2. @Marco Quack wake up you are having a dream and before you know it he will be in prison and you will be disappointed. Haven’t you been keeping up with what is going on with him and his other goons, like Rudy. It’s just a matter of time.

    3. @Anna Jorgensen what put my faith in a socialistic regime? Lol less government. Capitalism doesnt seperate rich from poor. It separates the working classes. Yes some start at a different level of earnings potential but education and experience are the true factors…

    4. @Jay franklin if you put your faith into what Trump was doing I feel sorry for you because that means you believed every lie that came out of his mouth. Trump doesn’t care for anyone but himself. The only reason he is so happy at his rallies is because he is a narcissist and has to have people falling all over the place adoring him. He doesn’t care who it is as long as people call out his name. But if you were at a concert of your favorite artist and you were calling out their name,Trump would be so mad because you had not given him the attention. But if you believe what Trump has been feeding you, there is no way you will believe what I am saying until it all comes out in court. You will find out as soon as the true Muller report comes out and see Trump and Barr changed the original and Muller already testified to that but you will find out very soon.

    5. @Anna Jorgensen changed the original? You talked about my infactuation with trump and your actually think this news matters? They just continue to drag him through the mud for ratings. Period. Lol your pathetic. There was a liberal appointed special counsel. Because doj is corrupt and said now guilt and no exonerations. Where and when have they ever done that? Lmao

  5. It’s truly a sight to behold to watch millions of people simultaneously lose their grip on reality. They not only allow Trump to rob, scam, and lie to them. They seem to truly desire and enjoy it. It’s just bizarre.

    1. @Sam Steffen No, he isn’t. ReTrumplican cultists believe everything their golden idol says and continue to give him money months after he lost the election, and they let him do it without questioning his motives.

    2. @NebTheWeb … he lost. Everyone on both sides has moved on except the freaks. And that cultist talk on a cnn vid pretty much proves you’re part of the problem.

  6. I remember the GOP saying that Democrats were sore losers in 2016. The big lie is way more than being a sore loser; it’s lunacy. What’s worse is that most of the GOP leaders KNOW the truth but they want their voters pumped up with anger and fear so they are more inclined to vote. This is sick and poisonous for America.

    1. And all the while Putin is rubbing his belly congratulating himself that even though 2020 didn’t go quite how he hoped the US is still destabilised and weakened by his actions. And he’s not finished yet.

    2. Biden supporters are racists and the Democratic party is a racist party.
      People that voted for Biden are poisonous to America.

    3. They have already proven the fraud. Now that there is a court to look at evidence gonna be well worth the wait when the supreme court is forced to rule.

    4. @mike_wyd you mean like the GOP is almost as corrupt as the DNC? Or trump sold us out by pushing the vax and signing EO’s to further limit free speech on college campuses on his last days in office with the whole “anti semitism” scam? How’s that? I’ve never heard a “trumptard” speak those truths before

  7. Cheney isn’t a martyr, but she reminds McCarthy how much of a coward he is untethered to his supposed morals.

    1. @Done Busy Or the death of Thousands of the elderly he ordered back into nursing homes with CV-19…….

    2. @THE ANGRY QUAD and of course Republicans take no responsibility for the thousands of deaths as a result of Trump’s lies and inaction with regard to the virus….

    3. @Done Busy Go wave your anti-Cuomo flag all you want. And drag out any other odd crimes that Democrats have committed. Go go go. It doesn’t compare to Trump’s attempt to destroy the American electoral process and the Republicans’ acceptance of his crimes. And I don’t take orders from trolls like you.

  8. Our tax dollars at work , paying politicians to throw pies at each other like little children in a school cafeteria food fight !

  9. Wait half a year until everyone memory is foggy. “You said this!, no you said this!”…

    1. Not so, I’m afraid……don’t just take my word for it…..consult the likes of Orwell……

    2. What truth are you speaking of? The alternative, the half, the disposable…the GOP uses various types of truth to fit their agenda. Prevailing truth isn’t an accepted form for use by the GOP.

  10. I’ll always remember Liz…and that she had integrity…morality…decency. May history be kind to her. For she truly chose country over party. Godspeed Liz Cheney…good always wins sister.

    1. Cheney is far from over. Daddy won’t let her go down without a fight. Accidents do happen.

    2. @jrose onyx That’s what I was thinking! You know Daddy Cheney still has power or at least still is tight with people who have power in D.C. He’s been real quiet.

  11. I like how they say “the progression agenda” like it’s some horrible thing when really it’s like “we think moms should have access good child care and the water shouldn’t contain lead poisoning”

    1. “People only drink poisoned water because they don’t want to change it themselves. They need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. The market will correct itself. SOCIALISM!!!”

      Did I miss any major platitudes and ignorant talking points? Wait… how could I tie this to Hunter Biden’s laptop _and_ abortion? …and Hillary’s emails.

    1. That is why CNN loves the white supremacist leader Joe Biden.
      Only evil and racist people voted and support Joe Biden.

  12. Liz makes Kevin look bad. Which is why he wants her out – she’s an existential threat to his ambitions.

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