Cuomo resigns amid sexual harassment allegations - FULL ANNOUNCEMENT | USA TODAY 1

Cuomo resigns amid sexual harassment allegations – FULL ANNOUNCEMENT | USA TODAY


Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces his resignation amid sexual harassment allegations.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation Tuesday under the weight of a sexual-harassment scandal that engulfed his administration and derailed his political future, capping a remarkable and rapid fall for a governor whose national profile had risen to extraordinary heights during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo, a Democrat, said his resignation will take effect in 14 days, ending a decade-long run in the office he dedicated most of his adult life to keeping within his family — first as an adviser to his father, the late Gov. Mario Cuomo, before winning three terms himself.

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    1. @Derek I agree 100% also Hispanic culture. Growing up I have had male family members, male friends of family who were strangers kiss me in front of my mom and dad, they even kissed my mom and dad. This was cultural. I may have felt awkward but never uncomfortable. As I grew older I understood it was a cultural thing. I’m very affectionate. It’s how I was raised. I’ve seen families including previous men I’ve dated who simply didn’t show any affection. I thought that was bizzare because it’s natural to hug and kiss upon greeting a person. Now don’t get me wrong in some cultures it’s the opposite. I’ve heard some where Asians don’t like when someone pats their child’s head. Well we have to respect each other’s cultures. My only problem here is this…did these women go to Cuomo and say “hey I feel uncomfortable please don’t do that again” giving one chance it was cultural etc..? Or is everyone now just coming forward together for whatever reason? I don’t know. I’m not convinced either way. If there’s proof that he did this behavior repeatedly to the same women then that’s different. He has 3 daughters. I would hope he’d know better than that. Again I’m not taking sides just bringing up cultural differences. He should have been conservative with his touching. As a nurse we are taught specifically about the importance of touch and how to comfort/ communicate with people of many cultures. Cuomo should have known this after all these years. Just my 2 cents.

    2. @Derek I couldn’t agree more. Remember Plácido Domingo? In the end he was declared innocent of all charges. Buut who knows that? His career and image ruined forever. Declared guilty beforehand and then had to prove his innocence. The whole justice due process upside down

  1. Next is to write a book, appear in all TV shows to promote it and tell everyone that he is innocent and a victim.

    1. The Luv Guv had sold his house and counted on living in the Governor’s Mansion then the White House…maybe his obnoxiously arrogant baby bro Chris/Fredo 😂 will let him stay in his basement. Their egos are unbearable! @A Rogers

  2. This really comes down to grouping, not all the other fluff he’s making out to be everyday behavior. While those are wrong, he can’t hide from groping.

    1. In NY it is Forcible Touching. a Sex Crime and if convicted he would have to register as a sex offender….

    2. Blind Justice will come groping for Cuomo. That’s the thing about Justice. She’s blind and often slow, but she never gives up. Her groping for The Truth is relentless.

    1. @Victor Melendez lol that’s kinda true. Anything they accuse a male of has a better chance of sticking then if I a guy accused a woman

    1. The CuomoSexual brothers are asinine. They (FRED0 & Gov. Andrew CumShot) conspired to smear the women who accused the governor of groping and inappropriate touching. If GR0PING was an Olympic event, Cuomo would be competing for gold with Bill Clinton.

    1. That’s because it’s impossible for 3rd parties to gain any ground or achieve anything because the 2 political parties made the law that way

    2. I agree. I’ve already stated, to my friends, that, “If Donald Trump is not the 2024 Republican Candidate, then I’m voting third party.”
      Trump is a Third Party Candidate.
      He just had to run as a Republican because that’s how the system is RIGGED.

    1. This made me laugh so much. I’m pretty sure ‘keep your hands to yourself’ has been taught to every child by every mother for all of eternity. No need to focus on what line was redrawn where or when if you just follow your mother’s rules on polite behavior.
      Everyone should stop touching people they aren’t married to or closely related to.

    2. @Hell’s Belle lol i know. Thats the other side of that statement. With his behavior even the Ancient greeks would have him ostracized for randomly touching women sexually.

  3. When a Demo AG goes after a Demo incumbent Governor in a Demo state, you know he does not have a skeleton, he has a CEMETERY (literally) in his closet. Gotta love how he thinks he is throwing himself on the sword for NY even though he has not done anything wrong. LMAO!

  4. Incredible. From winning an Emmy for self proclaimed “fantastic work fighting Covid” to resigning altogether. The world as we know it is truly a stage, and these people are truly actors by nature.

  5. Thousands of Grannies and Grandpas lost their lives when he directed Covid patients back into nursing homes. He needs to be held accountable.

    1. @2021 USA children are hardly affected? Wtf are you talking about? He sent covid positive people into nursing homes. You know, that place where old people live. Older people are most likely to have severe complications.

    2. If I had a grandpappy who was alive during the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC and he had lived in a nursing home, I would look like him.

  6. I can’t believe this grown man who’s done evil things, is actually trying to play the victim card 😂 pathetic

  7. “I deeply apologize that those women were so upset by the trivial things I did which were not wrong in any way, and I respect them for the lies they told.”

    Looks like somepony failed Apology 101 class.

  8. Gotta admit; he’s good at lying… which is, technically speaking, what people expect from politicians

  9. “I have more women in senior positions than any governor before me.” That don’t help your case too much here bucko.

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