1. @Sherry I get the feeling u r a Russian sleeper. I “just believe” but that s for the tooth fairy, not some USA child shot dead because of impeahed45 daydreams bcming r nightmare.

    2. @Retired Warrior you’re absolutely right and let’s not forget the 241 service members on October 23rd 1983 that lost their lives from 2 truck bombs in biruit which was the 2nd largest explosion the world had seen which was committed by hamas and ordered by someimani.

  1. @Armanda Salinas
    Well, it was possible for a talking snake in the garden of Eden to deceive Eve wasn’t it? Well, fast forward today, WALKING.😁

    1. And can you prove that there was a talking snake or that Adam and Eve existed? Other than you read it in a book.

    1. that means you are not paying attention or thinking  what you are doing, just like the ILEGIT POTUS…… so you are “sitting ducks” all over the world, you must, not leave your country, stable genius has put a virtual wall for all of you, ( Isolated) no more vacations outside your country, and g good for you, to move on………dahhhhhhh

    1. You think Dump the most bad of bad guys will say the truth lol dont hold your breath my friends bad guys are always 2 steps ahead of you!

    2. los lopez you believe politicians don’t lie? They’re all as honest as car salesmen and television evangelist.

  2. Who is Mike Pumppeo any way!?, I don’t believe he has knowledge of politics at all; just another puppet😂🤣🤫🤭, LOL

    1. @Jetlife Kash please don’t miligne alleys. I have durig my time especially wen dark to be useful but I just assume it b with those guys not avoiding sex with their wives.

    2. @Dolores Reynolds girl? Get real.do u think @impeached45 fsnbase let facts get n the way of daydreams becoming r nightmares? Shame on you! Lol.

  3. Believe me – this will make us safer – really?

    Then climb up on your white horse and take the first bullet for us.

    1. @Takomochi Yarichin and you’re a lying sack of sh$t. Russia was backed by Obama. Trump stands against them…would you care to compare notes, Chickeyboyyyy? Hmmmm?

  4. Thank you Mr. Como…I was wondering if anyone else caught the fact that Trump is now listening to Intel after spending the last three years telling us all how “deep state” and untrustworthy they all are.

    1. @John Is going to make you mad Really?? Your WHOLE family served huh? Your son is a Marine?? Did YOU serve?? I spent half my life with a Marine. A good man. A strong and brave man. He does NOT call the people he swore to protect “cowards”. He does NOT just give respect; THAT needs to be earned! The corrupt, lying, 5 time draft dodging COWARD who is hell bent on destroying the Country Marines have spent their lives protecting has NOT earned respect. From ANYONE. Neither have YOU. Obama went through Congress. Obama SHARED the intel. Obama was NOT impeached. Obama did NOT start wars as DISTRACTIONS. Obama WAS respected!! By the military AND the World. If you want to drink the Bullsh*t flavored Kool Aid that chump serves with every one of his 15000 (so far) lies you should stick with Faux n Friends. Oh wait…that’s right…I almost forgot…EVEN chumps “State News Station” is calling him out on this dangerous act of war and MANUFACTURED imminent threat. That’s what I know, ignoramus!

    1. @Darin Gregory WTF are you talking about you sound just like that orange clown billions and billions of dollars lmao

  5. President Trump arrived in Washington and turned the lights on and all the Dirty Democrats are running around like crazed cockroaches.

  6. He killed someone risking our lives because this very well could start a war. This is a sign of the end “There will be wars and rumors of wars.”

    1. Trump killed a very high political leaders without even telling all of Congress, and it has been shown before that Iran has a short temper and will undoubtedly fight back and we will lose American lives and American blood will be spilled. This action will not come without concequences.

    2. @Sonny Luka these lives will be far more than military. There will be civilian deaths and probably all out ww3

    3. Please tell everyone your like 15?  This way we can excuse your ignorance of not knowing the U.S has been at war for now almost 20 years.

  7. Lol this isn’t even entertaining as a tabloid it’s just a group of grown men crying all the time

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