1. S E CUPP thank you for saying this..Charles Blow has been saying the same exact thing for years now… Nice to hear it from a conservative

    1. Tommy Boykin and neither Oโ€™Reilly or Ailes were ever charged because allegations are all you libtards have

    2. Charles L Jones Charles L Jones King of the meaningless statements and soon to be dethroned by the other libtards

    3. The hell with conservatives, all they’re gonna do is revert right back to the same bigoted behavior that attracted filth like Trump in the first place, as soon as a Democrat is back in office. They’re acting like the republican party just became racist and it’s all just Trump’s fault, they were racist asf all 8 years when Obama was in office and they abolished protections for the civil rights act in 2014, Trump wasn’t president at the time so they can’t blame him for that.

    1. I agree 1 cant pass bills without the other, how can anything get done with a divided government.? All they care about is staying in office collecting fat checks and going on vacation.

  2. What will be the good that will come out of this chaos. There has to be an up turn at some point. As of now Trump and the cowardly Republican party is pushing the nation toward massive internal conflict !!!

    1. @Shameful 45 Dude – I have no idea what you are saying – may I respectfully suggest you either sober up or cut down on the meds

    2. @Saltponds239 The stock market measures corporate wealth, not how well the average American is doing.

    3. @Tom greifzu Who gave IRAN 150 Billion dollars for a bullshit Iranian arms agreement that Congress never ratified then sent ten planeload of cash to the same government? And what did Iran do with that money? They funded terrorism around the world. NOT UNLIKE HITLER RIGHT?

      As for befriending dictators, remember these incidents? I just love youtube
      or Hillary
      Enjoy the videos you dope

    4. @Jennifer Erickson Its awful to try and stop a country like North Korea from developing their nuclear arms program. I bet if Trump would take a check to Kim for 150 billion like Obama took to Iran, an agreement would be signed.

    1. @sixstringman Then we can go back to the behind closed doors transactions like shipping billions of dollars in cash to countries like Iran or guns to Mexico like Fast and Furious.

    2. @soup and old clothes If you are so onto the way things work, why aren’t you getting your fair share? Too busy crying to mommy and daddy?
      As for your experts, are they the same ones who predicted a “Financial Armageddon” if Trump was elected.
      Watch this video – it’s geared to your juvenile intelligence.

    3. @Saltponds239 Must be? Tea leaves or sheeple angst give you those “insights”?

    4. @Jennifer Erickson lol obama fucked this country. All the baby boomers should be retired by now, but obama fucked them,over and now there are 60 year olds bagging groceries.,
      5 more years of trump,and,the democratuc,party,will,be an,extreme,minority lol

    1. Please type in TRUMP FAN NETWORK 2 and watch a few of videos I bet you keep watching watch yesterday’s to see who built cages

    2. @Dennis The Only Solution you are a typical trumpf turd not a lick of common sense sent your daughters to trumpf he loves raping young girls he’s your guy lucky you.

    3. @Dennis The Only Solution trumpf fills the cages as has stolen the children did he sell them to his friends?

    4. @Dennis The Only Solution Any one of the 4 is more patriotic than you ever will be; smarter than you too. Face it, if YOU ran today for public office you couldn’t fill out the form….

    1. How could Cadet Bone-Spurs forget Helsinki? That one-on-one time with his pimp? Did he talk about Hump Tower Moscow and the $50,000,000 free penthouse he’s giving a despot? His despot? Or, did they discuss the US attacking Venezuela and harming a couple Russian troops so he’s in a military conflict during his only hope for a reprieve from prosecution reelection? Or, did Tiny-hands tell his pimp that he might need asylum in Russia when the truth is finally presented in a court of law? What did they talk about?

      ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ‘ข๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ†๐Ÿคด๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿคก>๐Ÿšฝ ๐ŸŒŠ2020๐ŸŒŠ โ˜ฎ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜Ž

    2. @K Adams I’m interested in FACTS, not your squirrel distractions. Feed your pet some of,,,, YOUR NUTS!!!

  3. The GOP has turned away from we the people into something self-centered with sinister motives. Are they full of crap? For the most part, yes. They’re more concerned with lining their own pockets than serving our country’s best interests. The GOP has become a party for the few and not the many. It’s time for a change…

    1. TrashwithaT
      Cheaper doesn’t mean better and the people of Berkeley are more interested in helping the environment. Tucker put a negative spin on this by saying what they’re taking away your right to choose and all that other doomsday, fear-mongering nonsense and of course it’s a liberal area so there’s always that. I’m tired of all the negativity and I’ll call it out every time.

    2. @karin backstrom https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/uncategorized/will-solar-power-fault-next-environmental-crisis/

      building solar panels significantly increases emissions of nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), which is 17,200 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas over a 100-year time period.

      According to an analysis by Environmental Progress, solar panels create about 300 times more toxic waste per unit of electricity generated than nuclear power plants.

    3. @dozzer009 They literally did take away the right to choose. How is increasing the burden on the electrical grid better for the environment? Especially considering the fact that almost 50% of the states energy generation comes from natural gas. So its ok for the state to use it but not you? How does taking away the only other alternative for heat and cooking, one that is cheaper than electricity, help the massive amount of poverty stricken Californians?

      It really only about control and ensuring you’re paying the state for energy instead of a private company for gas.

      If you want to call out the negativity, call out the absurd Californian property taxes that do nothing but enrich the political elite and leave people homeless.

  4. Putin did a very good Job .. Trump lifted the Lid of the American cesspit .that was always there. Is going to take generations, to flush down those maggots back into the sewers.

    1. I’M A RACIST AND PROUD OF IT MAGA 2020 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

    1. his slogan “make America great again” clearly implies that America is NOT great. send. him. back.

    2. @vman armand – Germans keep saying they don’t want him. They already had their Trump-like guy 75-85 years ago and they don’t want another one.

    3. @Gavin what a lame attempt at a rebuttal. even if he does sound as bad, he’s not the POTUS. America deserves far better than Donald trump.

    4. Yeah, you’re actually allowed to be critical of your country in a democracy. You criticize what’s wrong with it and you propose how to fix it. It’s actually explicitly protected speech under the First Amendment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_to_petition
      For as much as Republicans drone on about “upholding the Constitution”, they sure seem to be ignorant AF about it. :/

    1. @Dennis The Only Solution
      You mean people still watch Clown News Network? Just based on the economy ALONE President Trump is reelected, never mind all the other great things he is doing. I LMAO when the leftists use President Trump and racist in the same sentence. Those 4 far left Anti-American crazy bitches need to be attacked for what they said NOT defended. Trump 2020!!!! Book It!!!

    2. @Dennis The Only Solution it’s funny you say he is not racist but facts say otherwise let’s start by saying when them white guys were literally walking through Charlottesville with Nazi flags and torches he said nothing about antisemitism all he said was there was good people on both sides but oh yeah they were White but when it came to him discriminating on his rental properties in the 70s y’all have no problem with it or when he demonized the Central Park 5 and put out a ad literally incriminating these teenagers before they even got to trial but oh a little black woman says something he thinks is anti-Semitic now they should leave the country? Stop seeing what you want and then crying about it your Lord and Savior trump is a racist

    3. I saw a video on PBS where they played a clip of Hitler and Trump and it was identical as hell, and then a few days ago I saw a video of George Wallace saying โ€œOnly racists call people racistsโ€. Then there was an old KKK poster saying โ€œLike it or Leave itโ€.

    4. @Dennis The Only Solution Lies. The easiest one to point out is the garbage comment. Watch her on tape and see her calling what the American people are getting is garbage.
      Your first sentence dismisses your entire rant.

    5. @PERFECT CELL Red hats are the new brown shirts. That crowd proved it. The idea of America was not in that building. That Mussolini pose has been practiced in a mirror.
      Trump drew the line for the election. This is the Republican party.
      Some think he played it too early, some are fine, they are eager anyways.
      The Russian trolls love this topic being front and center in American social media.

  5. So well said SE!!! Yes I want to see that history book 20 years from now about the Republican party. “Yes he put kids in cages but that sent a message to people fleeing violence!” Then the defense that Trump didn’t join in so that makes it alright! “Yes Trump encourages racists to shoot people in churches, but the ultra rich got those tax cuts!”

    1. I love those headlines!!! Almost as good as “Obama almost pulls it off, and turns the USA into a third world country”!!!

  6. A lawyer, a spy, a mob boss, and a money launderer walk into a bar.
    The bartender says, “You guys must be here to talk about adoptions.”

    1. @Saltponds239 Why do you want another four years of Donald? His only agenda is racism, he never talks about anything else. Oh, of course, he also insults people, brags about himself and does not accept an opposing party. He tells his racist, ignorant fans that politicians with a different political view don’t love America. What a horrible, disgusting thing to say. That is a prove that Donald and his hateful fans are anti democracy and that makes them very dangerous. How can hate make a country great? Donald is a new Hitler, a narcissistic, fascist, racist and very anti America.. Deeply disliked all over the world. Putin, who is so much more intelligent than the ridiculous clown, is is laughing at your stupid, lying so called president.
      Sent from the liberal, democratic west Europe

    2. @karin backstrom So that’s all you got? Nothing else is working so the flavor of the week is now Racism?

      Hateful? Did you proof-read your comments? They seem pretty hateful to me.

    3. @Painkiller Jones is your comment a sarcasm or is it your serious believe? The insane conspiracies made up by very uneducated, low IQ racists have to stop. They destroy the country. No sane human being believes and no democratic politicians has ever said new born babies are killed. This madness that you probably represent just has to stop. Deep shame on you! You are the kind of people who is responsible for the deep decline of decency in America and that makes you the enemy of America.

  7. It will take 30 years, a full generation, before the GOP cleans itself. I hope that voters keep Republicans away from power during all these years.

    1. It would take Democrats another 50 years. Before they even think of taking a bath. And we will vote to keep them out of power until they do.

    2. In 30 years the 5 Billion people of the world that earn less than the average Mexican, will all be in the U.S.

    3. The GOP will continue to keep voters away from power. They represent a shrinking minority and will only become more open and less subtle about their tactics.

  8. I laughed so hard when Dumpty was calling out the names of The Squad….followed by boos from the crowd……except when he called out Ayanna Pressley’s name……muffled silence…..as if they’re thinking is she related to Elvis.

    1. @Squizzy Bollocks Nope. He’s winning all those BS cases!!! ROFFLMFAO!!! Maybe they can drag out a few cases so you sheeple will stay enraged over the accusations of an INNOCENT MAN unto the 2020 election!!!

  9. Imagine the president having to join in the chant in order for him to be condemned. Thats the low bar now.

  10. “Can you read my mind?” Trump ponders as he sits, taking care of his morning
    constitutional “Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” he thinks, farting.

  11. Craziest part is they never said they didnt love america. WHAT did omar say to make him snap and lie?

    1. I think the main things they’re throwing tantrums over are:

      “Why do you ask if I condemn Islamic terrorism? Whenever a white man commits a mass shooting, or shoots up a mosque or theater, do i ask you if you love that individual? No. I ask that you show me the same respect.” (Through the Trumpist filter: “I support Islamic Terrorism”)

      Her speech about how Muslims today are treated as second class citizens and demonized because of what some extremist terrorists did. (Through the Trumpist Filter: “9/11 wasn’t that bad, some people did something”)

      Her speech about giving 30 year sentences to young people inspired by ISIS who want to join them, and how doing so only helps the terrorist’s message to recruit more people, and if they help rehabilitate the youths and bring them back to our side, it’ll hurt ISIS more in the long run. (Through the Trumpist filter: “We should embrace ISIS”)

    2. She commented on “the Benjamins” driving American policy towards Israel. This was during a crackdown of Palestinians.
      Then during a statement about prejudices she said “some people” attacked (talking about 9/11) and Fox went wild. That set off all of them.
      Have you seen AOC on tape talking about what is being left for Americans is garbage, somehow turned into her calling Americans garbage.

  12. Trump didn’t invent anything. Most of the republicans believe in what trump believes in , the only difference is the word choices. Trump uses filthy words, republicans use fancy words

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