Current health measures not enough to stop variants warns Tam | Full COVID-19 modelling update 1

Current health measures not enough to stop variants warns Tam | Full COVID-19 modelling update


With COVID-19 variants of concern continuing to spread across Canada, new national modelling shows that even the current level of public health measures will not be enough to prevent a resurgence of the virus nationwide.

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    1. @Jesse French you think it will speed anything up?

      3rd wave next month regardless of what you do. The flu took 10 yrs…. This will be 6 at least. The who thinks 7 to 10.

    2. @Jesse French Where are you that anti-masking is a problem? I NEVER see anyone without a mask in a public place. They won’t even let you in.
      I don’t even care about ‘masks’. It’s what it stands for that is a problem.

      I understand they are useless and for optics only, to appease the uneducated masses but I put up with it in a store..and the 2m rule. I don’t have to smell anyone’s BO when they peel themselves off the couch to shop for hot pockets and soda pop. I have to wear one at work too in most places or I lose my job.

      You fail to see past the control of it and the further raping of freedoms it creates and seem fine with the theft of your life thinking it will lead to more free money. Payouts are unsustainable but your oppression will very much be.

      Open everything up. Protect the vulnerable, let the weak minded hide and shake and we will move on without them. It’s that simple.
      Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

    3. @Jesse French i know this is a waste of time and i know what the response will be, but here goes anyway. would you please share an RCT that shows masks are effective at controlling viruses.

    4. @Kris Gill well, we both know why we don’t get an answer. maybe it’s a bit confrontational on our part . . . . nah!

  1. How have their Models worked so FAR? NOT WORHT A F&$K, just like this govt and anyone working with them….OXYGEN THIEFS all of them…..

  2. Meanwhile places like Sweden and Florida are examples of applied science, and clear reasoning. These clowns will only justify their failures and their desperate adherence to flawed logic and harmful public policy.

    1. They do work. But models are just that. Models. They need a margin of error and the scientist should state how much weight they place on a given model. The reality can be much worse than a graph given only reported cases are considered. Projections should barely be considered but you can graph the past and present state of covid fairly accurately.

  3. Like the modelling projections were ever right. You freaks can stop controlling our lives…. We’re not scared!!

  4. B6, z3,, hk56,. What! Whuan would not allow inspection during so called out break. WHY!!!!. FLU season almost nil in last year, since a 20 yes model. Question. Think for self. Critical thinking!.

  5. The wheels are falling off. Do you see how sharp the drop in the case count graph is? They are desperate to maintain their tyrannous grip on society.

  6. They can keep going with these “variants” for centuries ’till you get used to it as “the new normal”… …indefinite numbers invented by them bribed “specialists”…muzzle skyrocketing production: 7 billion a day….some got very rich….they want it for ever..

    1. @Martin VAN ZEBEN one of the issues that the experts refuse to address is the strong possibility that the virus DOESN’T transmit linearly like the flu.

      Therefore like climate, their models are worthless. There isn’t enough combined computing power on earth to simulate a multivariable nonlinear equation

  7. A Turdeau lackey – we have been taking “measures” for over a year and nothing is getting better. Need new ideas and new “leaders”

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