D.C. Mayor Bowser On City Security, Ongoing Threats: 'Inauguration Is Not The Only Target' | MSNBC 1

D.C. Mayor Bowser On City Security, Ongoing Threats: ‘Inauguration Is Not The Only Target’ | MSNBC


District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser spoke about the heightened security in the nation's capital ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, explaining that the inauguration is not the only target 'being discussed' by extremist groups and the lead-up events should also be protected. Aired on 01/15/2021.
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D.C. Mayor Bowser On City Security, Ongoing Threats: 'Inauguration Is Not The Only Target' | MSNBC


  1. 5 more agonizing days under an organization fixated on self-enrichment, trashing democratic norms, and placing itself above the law.
    FBI and other Law Enforcement, please keep knocking on doors. Thank You.

    1. @bngr bngr The Jews worship God, who is not a criminal. The cultists worship a criminal, who incited them to perform illegal acts. I hope some day you can see the difference.

    2. @bngr bngr The footage is ugly and difficult to watch, but not all, not even the majority, of law enforcement were participants.

    3. @Constituent A I hope that’s not the case. But every officer needs to be investigated. I wonder how many called in sick that day.

  2. The maga cult who attacked the Capitol are the same people who think Timothy McVeigh is a “hero.”
    Nice look there, republicans.

    1. @Hunter Roberts The t’rump cult had much worse on display at his riot. Good thing they’re all now getting arrested.

    1. mrsAnn Thrope she requested to keep the National Guard unarmed outside DC during the Electoral count on Wednesday.

  3. Proverbs 21:18.
    The wicked
    shall be a ransom
    for the righteous, and
    the transgressor
    for the upright.

    1. Denny Bailey because they didn’t encourage the crowd to go to the Capitol and fight for Democracy. Cruz did was legal what he did in the Senate.

  4. Psalms 34:21.
    Evil shall slay the wicked: and
    they that hate the righteous
    shall be desolate.

  5. Trump said He’s gonna make America great again
    Then I said oh so you’re gonna be a cult leader
    Then Trump said exactly

  6. Anyone else notice that in just two minutes you can easily tell that the mayor of DC is at least 10x smarter than tRump?

  7. If Joe Biden needs this much protection that he didn’t support giving to cities thru BLM, Antifa Riots. You think, maybe the people didn’t elect him ???

  8. This political overreaction with all the troops will make compromised old Joe’s inauguration look like the military is propping up his socialist dictatorship

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