Dan McTeague expects no relief in gas prices this summer

Canadians for Affordable Energy president Dan McTeague says he doesn’t see a relief in gas prices this summer.

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  1. 5th largest oil producer and we pay over 2 dollars a litre. Meanwhile in Russia gas is between 57-75 Cents a litre. Our private oil companies record record profit? Russia 🇷🇺 is 100% right on nationalization of its resources. Z

  2. Trudeau says that Canadians need to end their dependency on oil while adding a carbon tax on fuel due to Climate Change which only increases GST revenue as it is added after all other taxes are added to fuel prices. Government needs to end their dependency of taxing fuel with GST. Times have changed in the world where that taxation model created decades ago worked. It no longer does now and they demonstrated that with the implementation of a Carbon Tax that does absolutely nothing to stop WORLD CLIMATE CHANGE and only increases inflation and makes it even harder on Canadians to make a living. Budgets don’t balance themselves and Carbon Taxes burdened on 38 Million Canadians won’t stop Climate Change.

  3. GREED GREED GREED! Last quarter (3 months) profits….. 1) Shell = $9.1 BILLION profits 2) Chevron = $6.3 BILLION profits 3) BP = $6.2 BILLION profits 4)Exxon = $5.4 BILLION profits. Etc, etc, etc. That’s just 3 months of profits!!!! It’s time to tax the Hell out of the wealth hoarders and spread the wealth back to ALL citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. drive electric cars ……no gas bill , and the poor class cry about gas prices l, nothing to do with greed, it has to do with war + covid 19 and more , get use to it …..if you dont like high gas prices, you can start walking , or get donkey lol

  5. Thanks to Brandon’s policies we have
    x2 gas and grocery prices, your 9.6% inflation and %$3,500 drop in annual real wages. My condolences to anyone like myself retiring this year. 30years of nonstop work just to have a crooked system swallow all your earnings.

    1. I feel your pain mate, as a fellow retiree I’d suggest you look into passive index fund investing and learn some more. For me, I hired a stock expert and she provides entry and exit points on the security I focus on while I go about my other businesses. Following her recommendations, I dumped 30k all in value shares and call options, Up 200k so far and pretty sure I am ready for whatever comes.

    2. @Mitchel that’s actually quite impressive, I could use some Info on your FA, I am looking to make a change on my finances this year as well

    3. @jtownsend
      My advisor is Gretchen Paige Laundon I found her on Bloomberg where she was featured and reached out to her afterwards. You can look her up online if you care for supervision, just search her name.

    4. Think yourself lucky youre old and not young. We’ve got no chance of buying a house, investing or getting a pension.

  6. Why don’t all provinces and territories invest on producing 1 refinery for each and buy dirty oil from poor countries for our own consumption?

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