‘Dangerous’: Right-Wing Defends Teenage Trump Fan Who Killed 2 Protesters | All In | MSNBC 1

‘Dangerous’: Right-Wing Defends Teenage Trump Fan Who Killed 2 Protesters | All In | MSNBC


Fmr. FBI agent Michael German on Trump’s rhetoric: “It energizes these fascist groups and encourages them to act in a way that risks life and limb, unfortunately. And it’s a problem that I think is going to continue.” Aired on 8/28/2020.
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‘Dangerous’: Right-Wing Defends Teenage Trump Fan Who Killed 2 Protesters | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Todd Daniel i believe they shouldnt have qualified immunity and should be definitely alot longer than they are, what is it like 8 -10 months? My fine dining cooking course was longer than that and i doubt i could walk around for very long with all my knives out in public. They should have cops go thru the same courses as a mental health worker. Why not chuck in some paramedic training as well. Being able to determine and administrator the correct respones to drugs and mental healths issues would crush alot of the issues. The rest are in the hands of the people. You need to obey police commands, end of conversation. Dont resist and you lower you chances of being shot drastically.

    2. @Joel Burke I agree with much of what your points are, I also believe that the police need to be held to complete responsibility for their actions, just like you and I, and if they commit a crime, like murder or assault, then they also must be held accountable, just like you or I

    3. @PermanentHigh Some terribly frustrated people who feel desperate because society seemingly cares for them less. Why should they care if nothing changes?
      A bunch of evil opportunists who think they can have fun while the iron is hot? A combination of this? The facts are the majority of the protesters and those who paint the protesters and rioters with the same brush think the rioters are very wrong.

  1. That is so sad!!! And they wonder why people are in an uproar.. My prayers 🙏🏽 goes out to both of those mens families. The RNC gaves no f’s about people. Trump don’t care

    1. Trump only cares about himself, and what others can do for him. If you serve no purpose for him, he doesn’t need you.
      It’s not what your Country can do for you!
      It’s what you can do for your Country.

    2. @Billithekat no, we DON’T…..
      And as soon as BLM is designated as a terrorist organization, many more of these dumbcunts will fall by the bullets of patriots to this nation…

    3. @BubblewrapHighway lol. Look a Catholic internet femboy. Those are very common with you lil libs. What gives?

  2. It doesn’t matter which side you’re on, democrat or republican, right, left or centre, trump cultist or not, the USA has become a dangerous and threatening place to live and visit. From an outsider looking in, it’s true that that the division and racism among Americans have become more visible and pronounced since trump’s election, but I hope your country can heal and actually become great again, because right now, “great” is far from being an accurate description of the US. It has become a real-life “planet of the apes.”

    1. Gog Mclaine I have one platform and it’s educational- I do not want to see socialism in this country. I know a great deal about it and none of it is good. Seen a lot history happen in my 7 decades and socialism/communism has been of great interest to me since I was a child. Let’s say I’m looking at the broader perspective and it goes all the way to global politics. I would love to talk to younger people about these threats outside our borders and the major flaws in Marxism. To me, I am helping youth understand it and I hope one day one of you is willing to have a conversation. A respectful one as you deserve to be heard too.

  3. This is ugly.
    tRump is condoning this just like he did the killing of Heather Heyer. How many still remember her name?
    So much has happened since tRump stole the White House it is hard to keep the facts straight… that is what they want.
    Vote for Biden… if for no other reason than HE IS NOT TRUMP

    1. Hazel McCloy yes, assault against a woman is a crime. So why isn’t it a crime to destroy a person’s life in a riot. You support destruction? What solutions are being offered by the leftists? Communism is one. Hey, socialism is great you think. Problem is – it leads to dictatorship, oppression and death. What is missing from the socialist platform is they forget history – they forget power struggles within the Party ranks. Mankind has a poor record in establishing fairness and equality. Since the beginning of time actually. Read the history of communism. Read the history of what happened to the populists who supported it when they insult a high-level Party member. Who would risk the freedoms we enjoy in exchange for oppression? And why, I wonder, would anyone not want to read about the oppression end of socialism/communism? When you aren’t taught about it, you think you’re actions and thoughts are brand new? Not so.

    2. Cartell Jenkins How about this? We honor the principle of innocent until proven guilty and take the matter to a court of law. I would stand for your right to a trial by peers. It protects ALL of us from mob violence from either side. Does everybody get a fair trial? No. But most do. I’d want one for you if you got into trouble. All of us must protect our rights as best we can. It’s not the Constitution that’s flawed, it’s human beings who are.

    3. Yep, I’m voting for not tr*mp. Like you say MJ, there’s one catastrophe after another.
      Every godamn day he lies and by now has broken every law possible.
      The military is now against him. Bye donnie, yer DONE. Off to Leavenworth to pound sand.

    4. @AR15fan Glad you can see through the qanon quackery, but yet can you not see through the CONSTANT lying? Every day? Every time he speaks? I’m no fan of Biden or ANY politician for that matter, but this guy has turned brother against brother…and we’re ALL brothers.
      He calls military suckers & losers for fux sake! What do you think about him hiding his taxes?

    5. @UberLummox Trump ran on Making America Great Again that means working to give the common man greater opportunities. Biden is quid pro quo working for the people that can give him the most cash: crooked Ukrainian oil barons and the Chinese Communist Party.

  4. White man murdered two white men it’s just pure gun crazed madness. It’s like a modern day Western Movie with automatic guns why this is not wartime or is it. Trump and the GOP are in siting violence Trump has been president for nearly 4yrs he and he alone is accountable for more deaths Covid 19 stop blaming Democrats . Follow the facts .

    1. @Manderson Typical lefty…”implying” whatever meaning they want from a sentence totally void of any hint of their narrative.

    2. Walt Schmidt Americans in mortal combat with Americans on the streets of Trumps America. Sporadic at the moment but all out war on American streets will happen under Trump, “believe me”!

    3. Walt Schmidt What you don’t say is just as powerful, if not more, as what you do say. Keep playing word games and spewing insults…and see where that gets us.

    4. @Robert Brookes This crap is ALL in Democrat controlled cities just as THEY are planning it in this election year. There will be no war in the streets believe ME. The weak minded, physically weak lefties would be crushed in a weekend. Weak lefties survive in this country only because gun owning conservatives ALLOW it…

  5. Mom drove him home. Guess he left the AR-15? Which he was not even old enough to have or carry? Oh yeah.

    1. There are no laws on the age of gun ownership. Only on purchases.. We aren’t in Nazi German Democrat Amerika yet.

    2. He actually legally possessed the AR gun. Read the charges. That’s not one of them. He can’t legally posses a hand gun like the one longed at him… well until he shot that dude’s bicep off. C’mon man stop spreading BS.

    1. You’re voting for Joe the person that put more black people in prison than crack cocaine. And then kept them there with the three strikes law. Good riddance to the two-family dictatorship of bush Clinton in their Pappadeaux, selling us out to their globalist donors for the last 50 years

  6. I am seeing a lot of similarities with the Weimar Republic, during the street battles between the left & right the local police openly aided the Right Wing with support of some local government officials.

    1. @Lexi Verrier At the moment the NRA has pulled all its funding for political groups & events and also, it’s about to go bankrupt and is busy fighting criminal complaint against it by New York DA. As a body the NRA is done.

    2. @Shane Simpson, their funding being withdrawn several months ago hardly undoes the indoctrination. Clearly. You must be 18 to open carry in any state and that has not even been addressed yet, also. I doubt they are done. My wife used to deal guns until this administration and she was one of their largest recruiters for her area (they pay BIG bonuses). She is hispanic and within 6 months of this administration, the entire NRA may as well have renamed to “David Dukes-R-Us” with their rhetoric.

    3. The White Fascist Militia teen with his fake hands up, was bullied all his life. Was given a pass by Trump Police. He rang his White Trailer Park mum across state lines to gloat who drove come pick him up after he killed two white Jewish protesters. WOW!!!

    4. I’ll preface this comment with stating that MSNBC reporting is usually well written……..However, .you began with stating the provocative events leading up the protest and then without break you mention businesses damaged and violence as if the protesters are responsible for that. There have been several instances of false flag violence from extreme right gangs documented in recent protests so it’s not without precedent. Perhaps going forward your language could reflect that the violence is rightly only alleged to be from the protesters.

    1. Or has too much Russian, “intelligence,” pulling its strings? . . . This is just a taste of what’s coming on November 3rd. The GOP’s last ditch, Hail Mary attempt to hold onto power: “Militias!” At the polling stations of all key states; INTIMIDATION and VIOLENCE. And, THAT’S WHY the attempt to sabotage to Post Office! Get your ballot, mail it, and TRACK IT HOME! Do it TODAY! You cannot lose the game if you DON’T PLAY! Then you’re free to Livestream what happens at the polling stations from a SAFE distance, and collect evidence for Biden’s administration. Save the Republic! VOTE NOW! ✌️👍

    1. @Gervais Campbell
      Demonic Democrats are trying to tell people steal people’s guns as long as Democrats proclaim steal someone’s gun is being a hero and not a thief as the law clearly proclaims . Citizens are going to be killed for trying to take people’s guns .

      Police confiscated my savage lever action rifle . I am charging all Americans rent on my property . I have my KING collect my rent in destruction = hurricanes , tornados .

      I know the USA that believes it’s too big and bad to pay rent .

      If any American feels rent on my savage lever action rifle is to high then write your congressman and tell them to please rent someone else’s savage lever action rifle and please return Messiah Johnny Patterson’s savage 308 lever action rifle to him .

      My ALMIGHTY KING proclaims if any man takes any of another man’s goods they are a thief .

    2. @Gervais Campbell
      People all over this planet from several Religions and cultures sing I am their Lion King Messiah The Prophet Besser videos on my likes playlist .
      People all over this planet singing to and about me is PROPHESIED in ZEPHANIAH chapter 3 .

  7. Sad really sad! My condolences to the families! May the deaths of this beautiful people rest on Trump and his ideological conscience! RIP 💐💐

  8. Makes perfect sense now. The kid was in the front row of a MAGA Rally back in January 2020. (At least he wasn’t wearing a MAGA Hat that night).

    My condolences to the families that lost their loved ones to the MAGA Cultist.
    Really sad in more ways than one.

    This kid had no business carrying a firearm or being in Wisconsin whatsoever. He deserves life in prison.

    1. He couldn’t wait until November 3rd to pop his cherry. But, this is the GOP’s last, Hail Mary plan for the big night. The entire GOP Cabinet is facing JAIL AND DISGRACE, AND THEY KNOW IT! WHY do you THINK he’s so Anti-Mail-In Ballots??? His, “Militias,” are ORGANISED, for Nov 3rd, and Trump KNOWS THAT! They’ll be at every polling station, in every key state! I’ve been TRYING TO WARN PEOPLE! Get your ballot, mail it, and TRACK IT HOME! You can’t lose the game if you don’t play! Then you’re free to Livestream the polling stations from a SAFE distance, and collect EVIDENCE!

    2. @David Segal This is a pretty obvious gun-carrying insurance promo. I don’t know if the guy wearing a tee-shirt asserting that a semi-automatic weapon is on par with water supply as ‘essential’ is, or isn’t a real lawyer, but in my country the charge would be murder. The young fellow was one of a group which arranged to meet, armed, and to take up a vantage point where they could spray the demonstrators with automatic fire. So it would be murder ‘with malice aforethought’ – deliberate intention, and lethal result. For the others of that gang, there might also be a charge of trespass. Who asked them to occupy that property in the first place?

    1. @Deauq E i stand with humanity. Blm is a joke and a democratic lap dog. They donate their money to rich white politicians. Many leaders are also trained marxists

    2. @SuperBullaMan you should really watch the uncensored footage which shows a totally different story than msnbc cnn will show you. Dont just soak up the media’s lies without researching on your own. Antifa is fascist if you have a different opinion or stance they try to intimidate you and attack elderly. Why dont they talk about blm that carry guns and ar’s?

    3. @Dolores Reynolds how did the city catch fire then? How did Wendy’s get burnt down after a justifiable police shooting.

    4. @jones there there, let it out. Kyle rittenhouse is a patriot and an American hero. He was going around helping injured protesters despite the hazardous situation, and he defending businesses from rioters and looters. On top of that he killed a pedophile and a domestic abuser, are you saying you support pedophilia and domestic abuse? Of course you do youre a democrat that is trying to destroy America, the same people who created the kkk. Klye should receive a bronze star, maybe even a silver star for his heroic deeds.

    1. The White Fascist Militia teen with his fake hands up, was bullied all his life. Was given a pass by Trump Police. He rang his White Trailer Park mum across state lines to gloat who drove come pick him up after he killed two white Jewish protesters. WOW!!!

    1. Another incredibly intelligent takedown of Donald Trumps policies! Well done!!!

    2. David H What’s wrong with coming to others streets with a rifle, you mean? There was no self defence. He was there to “Shoot for Trump” . And the police didn’t care. Were he black he wouldn’t survived that night.

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