Data Shows Many Americans Moving Around Like There’s No Pandemic | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. America and scientific illiteracy go hand in hand.
    The land of advanced medical care has 70% science deniers.

    1. @Ash Roskell how many years has that movie been playing? Or should i say, how long has that movie been playing you? Or are you the white liberal of deception? Its clear whats really going on to the people living it. Are you american or just a movie buff?

    2. America isn’t the land of advanced medical care wtf are you talking about. you’re right about the deniers but c’mon America is very low on the scale of advanced medical care and whatever you do have is only available to the rich.

    3. @Carol Sitzberger True. The pushback against Science is largely driven by religion. USA is a superstitious nation. Much of the current abysmal state of USA’s anti-science and magical thinking political right wing can traced back to the evangelical movement of the late 70s and 80s. [Please don’t use America in caps particularly when you actually mean USA.]

  2. There are more cases than ever in some places. Reopening is insane. I’m not willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands more lives in America for the sake of propping up the economy

    1. @peanutfallacy There’s a difference between being brave and being foolhardy. But you’ll figure that out at some point. Or not

  3. America: Yay! The coronavirus is gone!
    Corona: Nah, I was just taking a nap. 😴💤
    America: Uh oh.
    Corona: And I’m hangry!!
    America: 😳 😬

    1. @Ash Roskell I think that is what worries us the most. We are ok, however even with a mandatory 2 week quarantine, we put ourselves at risk with every plane load.

    2. Keep it up Oz, soon you’ll be as COVID free as NZ. Create an Australasian/Pacific COVID free bubble.

    3. Sandra Middleton : Well, I sure hope you manage it? My dad died of it a couple of weeks ago. It’s as real as it gets. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Chris Hayes put it perfectly, “You all think you’re fine, till you’re not.” My dad’s last words were, “I’m OK. I’m OK,” before sinking into a coma, that only lasted a couple of hours, and . . . Gone. Just like that. He was old, sick and vulnerable, but he had a few good years of quality living to get on with, when this happened. Keep us out. And keep us out a little longer, just to be safe. It’s a very bad cold, to you or me, but for so many vulnerable others, it’s just death on your breath . . . ✌️👍

  4. He’s making them sign a contract so if anyone gets sick no one can be sued. He doesn’t wear a mask so you can imagine all those people without mask yelling and screaming at his rally. 🤦‍♀️

    1. There’s also an uptick of cases in Tulsa. Since Trump rallies draw people from other places the rally there will ultimately cause more contagion locally/nationally.

  5. Pride cometh before the fall. Protest didn’t help and reopening won’t help either. Numbers are going up daily.
    COVID-19- I just love crowds and reopenings.

    1. And what are you doing to help your fellow humans in this disaster? Sitting home preening yourself? (check Luke 18:11)

    2. ​@Mr Lopez I don’t know any Karen, but I wouldn’t shut her up if I did. First amendment…remember?

    3. @D Ntodo Not you, her….she needs to exercise her fifth amendment right to silence, she’s hysterical

  6. New Zealand Government and its people did the hard work and is now CoVid free. They said it would be impossible but as of now it has been eradicated. They are aware that they will need to be vigilant and have established teams ready to respond if/when needed.

    1. Additionally they are not allowing any inbound visitors from elsewhere. So NZ is still quarantined in a sense.

    2. The key was *instant* response, and employment of the measures recommended in pandemic situations – these measures known, understood and published from 1996 but especially in 2016-17. It was all there… and when ‘pandemic’ was announced by the WHO in mid January, NZ sprang to action. That’s the key. THREE MONTHS later, America was still acting as if ‘it can’t come here’ cos Trump was in full denial and muzzled the CDC. Poor America – no-one’s laughing at you but I do wonder – if the impeachment hadn’t been blocked in December, maybe you would have had a better and saner leader by January and many more lives might have been saved.

    3. @Karen Byrd That’s not exactly correct. Returning New Zealander residents or family members of NZ residents can enter New Zealand and so can certain other approved persons. However, if you currently want to visit NZ as a tourist you are unable to do so. Everyone who enters NZ right now is tested for COVID-19 and quarantined for 14 days in special designated hotels. New Zealand has had no new COVID-19 cases now for the past 21 days and the country’s economy, although not it’s border, has now fully reopened.

    4. @D Ntodo The people of New Zealand embraced the new normal which leadership put in place
      To save lives.
      In the USA the talking heads of the right were undermining national public health experts
      The president wanted states to open early after presenting a thoughtful PH plan to reopen
      The country is divided even during a pandemic, Twilight Zone
      Corporate America started closing down the country before the government

      Trump kneecapped Americas emergency pandemic response from the time he entered office. KILLing team and initiatives put in place by past presidents to protect American from pandemics.
      Defunding Science and Public health
      Over funding the US military $2.5 Trillion

  7. President DUMP gets no credit, he should only get the blame, like he blames everyone else for his failures

    1. what do you mean? they are blaming him. soon they are going to be blaming him for the spanish flu, the great depression, world wars I and II. you are never happy, that is why we so love liberals. they are such angry morons lol

  8. I met a friend on my 30 minute walk this morning. I was wearing a mask; she wasn’t. She is “SO TIRED” of the pandemic. At 66 years of age, she is acting like she is tired of living. She sounds like a three year old whining, “Are we there yet?” fifteen minutes into a three hour ride.

    1. ​@C-Mo 313 RFrom previous posts I happen to know she is a seasoned citizen. She was wearing a mask, her friend ‘so tired’ of the pandemic wasn’t.
      You are so lazy all you can do is snark an old woman. Would it take so much of your day to suggest an elder mental health referal? ENgage in a converation if you are so concerned?

    2. Sounds like you’re tired of living, go lockdown coward, we got lives to live, we aint scared of your liberal hoax

    3. @peanutfallacy Yeah, we don’t need “old folks” anyway since they stopped supporting the impeached infector

    1. First the narrative criticized Trump for enacting quarantines, then they criticize him for trying to reopen the country, amazing how no matter which way he turns all you brainwashed little sheople just continue the hate unreasonably, never happy, like a bunch of whiney children

  9. From the very beginning I remember an American friend of mine making fun of the precautions that the Italian government was taking after we were hit. I personally don’t understand how everything now in the states is tagged as being matter if it’s the top expert on disease control to a nurse in the local emergency room giving testimony to the devastating effects of this pandemic. I can truly say that I am glad to be in Italy where we were hit with no pity from covid but where the government showed true responsibility towards its citizens and where it seems that at least for now we have defeated the virus…or at least we can say that it’s under control. We experienced physical, psychological and now economic devastation but we can’t say that we were left alone.

  10. The announcement of pandemic occurred in the second week of January. You had to act within 10 hours of that announcement, to be effective… because it takes 10 hours for a person to get from anywhere to anywhere in the world, these days. *Three months* later, Trump was still behaving as if ‘it can’t happen here cos we’re number one’.

  11. If Don supporters want to get sick loss money and possibly die, let them. Less voters for Dotard.

  12. All the science denying Red Hats will be stuffing themselves into arenas and infecting each other with no testing!

  13. Donald Trump is running the country like how he ran his companies. Trump declared bankruptcy 6 times with his companies. Guess where the country is heading!

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