1. He could have took his medicine like a man. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Can’t run forever? If he did the right thing he would still be alive we know the cops suck why would you play these games with them.

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  2. She will get off because it was self defence , daunte was trying to drive off with police officer in front of car.

    1. @Zanman _>What about down the road? Or other innocent people when this nutcase would have sped away? He obviously was desperate and not wanted to be arrested. Maybe a high speed pursuit where a family may get killed? Or….let him go so he can produce more victims perhaps?
      You guys are always on the side of the criminal….speaks volumes.

  3. She’s going to serve time on negligent manslaughter…. there’s no way she can claim it was an accident ‘.. these police officers have hours of training

  4. After she murders him ..she threw her gun away ..her hands were empty.. no proficient gun expert would do that…

  5. Second degree manslaughter is a given. But i dont think she intended to kill the kid, so probably hard to convict her for first degree manslaughter.

  6. Let’s give all black people the keys to the country… Or ur car lol I didn’t fight for this country not this one I see today before me

  7. If the people convict this officer then we as a country are heading in the wrong direction and sending a very bad message.

    1. Easily. She didn’t want to kill him you can hear her immediately know she fucked up I hope she can atleast live a peaceful life after this

    2. Consider this scenario. If a soldier is careless is in battle and ends up killing a family he thought was the terrorist group they were after. Are they automatically in the clear with nooo responsibility? Simply because they’re a soldier? Think..

  8. Dude should have complied and he would still be alive, some people have to learn the hard way! He was keeping it real per Dave C.

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