1. There’s gonna be a heck of a good band in heaven now.. RIP Crosby.

    1. @Ker THE KING OF Rock and Roll versus 1/3 of a harmony group????? I’ll stick with Elvis and SO MANY others. I’ve seen them CSN….twice. Good enough concert, but not GREAT!

    2. Despite David Crosby’s health issues, largely due to substance issues, he avoided being a contestant on Celebrity Bucket Kickers for several decades.

    3. For the trolls and nay-sayers who don’t think Crosby would make the cut in the Rock n Roll Heaven band, and who offer up Elvis as being “better”, Crosby wrote or co-wrote Long Time Gone, Eight Miles High, Almost Cut My Hair, Deja Vu, Wooden Ships, Triad, Guinnevere, and many others, especially as a member of the Byrds, and he arranged many of the harmonies for CSN&Y. Elvis wrote…….what songs? At a time when bands such as the Byrds were questioning society’s morals and direction —– Long Time Gone was written after MLK and two Kennedy’s had been assassinated —- Elvis was basking in money from making bad movies and only a few years away from becoming a Vegas act. But anyway, its all immaterial, because there’s no afterlife and no “heaven”.

  2. We are losing our 60’s love and peace generation slowly. May the message you were sending finally make the noise you wanted back then. Fly high. Standing room only concert hall in heaven tonight.
    Prayers for your family and friends and fans.

  3. To see Graham and Steven together is like seeing Paul and Ringo together now. David was right, our generation did go through a lot but we were united in our idealism, we were going to change the world, we did a lot of good and had ball. “Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground Mother Earth will swallow you, lay your body down”.

    1. Your generation should have never procreated.
      Your grandchildren have doomed this planet beyond repair….smh

  4. David was a member of two of my favorite musical groups: The Byrds, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash … and later, Young. His harmony with Graham Nash was amazing.

    1. David Crosby and Jeff Beck.
      I was privileged to serve both of them(room service)at The Waldorf Astoria in New York City.❤

  5. RIP Mr. Crosby. Thanx for all the great tunes. You lived a great life. At 81 I’m thinking you got many more years in than many people thought you would. Congrats

  6. It is just so sad to know another great artist has passed after Jeff Beck. Well, I consider myself very lucky to have seen Crosby, Stills and Nash LIVE hear in the Philippines way back 2015 if I remember it right. May I share, that there was this brief moment of silence during that concert so I took the oportunity to yell “Guinevere” , me believing that Crosby heard me because he replied, “hold on, it’s comin'”, and true enough, he and Graham Nash sang it with perfection. That was their first and last concert here. So when I found out that they were performing here, I told myself, there ain’t no way I’m gonna miss this. I hope he and Nash made friends again before his passing. This guys influenced me to pickup a guitar and learn to play and sing their songs. R.I.P. David Crosby, thank you for sharing your music and songs with us.

  7. One of rock music’s most progressive, creative minds and, to my mind, a vocalist, especially in the art of high harmonies, who had no equal in rock music history. His 4-5 years as a chief architect of The Byrds “sound” will always stand out to me as his greatest achievement. Profound thank you, David, for the uniqueness of your talent and, for a young teenager at the time, creating, a brand new type of music,(part Dylan/part Beatles in the beginning) that has really never left nor aged. Condolences to family, the musicians who were close, other associates, friends and even the enemies, of which I understand there were a few. All are with their thoughts tonight.

    1. @David Murray it was The Wrecking Crew, not necessarily a band what’s some of the best musicians available. It was not the anyting David Crosby belong to again he’s just a backup singer.

    2. Crisby wrote a lot of songs (especially with the Byrds) and arranged harmonies from them and CSN&Y; he wrote or co-wrote Almost Cut My Hair; Long Time Gone, Guinnevere, Wooden Ships, Triad, and others.

  8. I read David Crosby’s book Long Time Gone. My mother bought it for me as a present,
    for she knew how much I loved David’s music, plus at the time, I was at the beginning of my own recovery.
    I remember when CSN’s album Daylight Again came out, I just had to run out and get it.
    Loved your contribution to the music world David. Condolences to his family. *RIP* *_David Crosby_*

  9. I am so happy to have lived in the era that you mattered, David Crosby. We had the best music ever around, including yours. It’s sad that it’s a part of life to leave it all behind again. But I’ll definately put another song on the player and dream about the good times again.
    RIP David Crosby

  10. David was a brilliant ‘triad’… singer, songwriter and guitarist. Loved his music in all its incarnations. He continued being creative in recent years instead of resting on past accolades, of which there were plenty. A MAMMOTH institution in the history of music. Thank you David for being the inimitable ‘you’; we’re all the better for it. Maybe a Stills, Nash & Young collab is in our future…?

  11. I’m lucky enough to say that I can’t count how many times I’ve seen them in concert, always a wonderful, feel good time. My heart is broken. Rest in God’s Peace David, you are so loved and will be so missed. Thank you for sharing your talent, your music with us – you will live forever in our hearts 💔

  12. Rest in peace, Mr. Crosby. Your version of Woodstock is one of my favorite songs. Nothing like that steel slide guitar intro in rock and roll. You are now stardust and you’ve always been golden. 😘❤️💫

  13. Crosby Stills & Nash was my first concert in the summer of 1978-Loved their incredible harmonies-RIP David,you’ll be sorely missed.

  14. One of the gentlest souls to come along in music. A true talent, an honest person, a legend in our time. Thank you my brother, rest in peace.

  15. It’s a sad reality to all of us who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s that we’re starting to lose so many of our musical icons. Life goes by so quickly, but music lives on forever. RIP David Crosby and thank you for gifting us with your beautiful music and voice. 💖✌️

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