Day 1,082: Chaos And Confusion From The Pentagon As Trump Goes Off On Iran | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Sonny Bluff Lol who told you that? Man MAGAtards are dumb, you know MSM is fake news but you choose to believe any old BS when it suits?

    1. ​@Idylchatter – Back to your safe place now little man. You don’t have to think of things to say or look anything up any more. It’s gonna be okay.

  1. Trump, master of bullying and sanctions. It’s only a matter of time and every country will turn its back on America.

    1. @Shanon Sugges the active pursuit to tear down borders so people who employ slave labour around the world don’t have to export it anymore and can start importing it. It’s multimillionaire Congress people who have clear interests in importing brown people so they can have their toilets cleaned as Kelly Osborne so ineloquently put it. I think exploiting poor people so you can make life easier for yourself your other cronies and billionaires. Also I’m using you in a general sense not specifically referencing you.

  2. The enfeebled elderly trump, has made the United States seem truly like the system of the chain of command has become unglued. . We need more article’s of impeachment-.

    1. @Marius M Democrats are the babie killing , gun grabbing, open border , everything free sick individual’s !

  3. Does anyone else feel this is all a dummy spit by Trump because he got impeached and he wants to change the conversation around impeachment?

    1. Peaches & Hiedi

      Uh… the attack on the embassy was the result of a large air strike on the PMF – known to be operating openly in Baghdad.

    2. @Documentary Channel they will never dare because they have infinitely more to lose with the amount of nuclear weapons we already have. Anyways the next war won’t be fought with nukes like everyone says but with digital attacks that cripple our infrastructure. It is significantly more devestating than nuclear warfare and still leaves the ground liveable afterwards. Also the only people we need to keep nukes out of the hands of is middle eastern countries they are the only group of people in the world with the conviction to destroy themselves as long as their enemies are destroyed.

    3. @Thomas Smith Partially true. Of course, his “business” is looting the Treasury while keeping on good terms with his masters in Russia.

      He isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be, afraid of Impeachment, since that’s set up to always fail to produce conviction, but he is terrified of a real trial, as he has so much to hide.

      Incidentally, while a Senate trial is not a criminal proceeding, what’s exposed there CAN become what sends him and his family to prison.

  4. Trump Tell.

    “We’ll see what happens.”
    I haven’t got a F#ng clue what I’m doing, and to be honest I don’t care.

    1. He’s incapable of planning or forethought. Just acts on his survival impulse and lets everyone else deal with the consequences while he moves on to create the next disaster.

    2. @Gray Shus Well just like his children who get paraded around in purchased news articles like they somehow are enlightened geniuses of their time: Trump doesn’t make a decision until he has a team of about 20 people that boil options to a crisis down to pre school shaped and colored letters.
      then golf time

    1. at least when his casino goes bankrupt the employees get to find work elsewhere … when American soldiers die … well they just die… to repeat what AG Barr said … We all Die one day … guess this is what he was referring to.

  5. Anytime a President calls into Rush Limbaugh to defend his decisions you know we are in trouble.

    1. Cold Winter We are in this together.
      Lets hope that this will bring the change needed!!! And it brings a thousand years of peace🙏

    2. Mark Brown No worries. Coward bone spurs is at the helm! You loading up for Iran or whining about bone spurs like your fuhrer?

    1. @Land of the Free Whole government is corrupt. Left Right it don’t matter. They both play there part to reach there goal. While you fools bicker back and forth like they really are divide.

    2. To those who think ISIS has been defeated…pop your MAGA hat on and head to the middle east for a holiday

  6. Impeach, convict, then convict as a civilian, if he hasn’t gone into hiding like a coward then finish it by stuffing his bloat in a cell.

  7. Why are we allowing this maniac push us into a war with the Middle East?
    He’s trying to forget he is impeached and he wants us to forget too! It’s not going to happen ,we need him out NOW!

    1. To Nat&Sam I am a disabled veteran who fought in desert storm. The president doesn’t get to send troops to die so he doesn’t have to face what he has been doing to our country. I think you have never served that’s why you’re so willing to let others die to help a president who never served fake valor.

  8. So, John Bolton basically told DT, “start a war with Iran, it’ll be a distraction & doing me a big favor, if you do, I’ll testify for you”.

  9. “We’ll see what happens, we’ll see what the response is”

    //the man is completely clueless. very dangerous individual.

    1. @Beverly Botte no he was commenting on the OP Who quoted Trump as saying we are safer now that soulmani is dead, yet he/she would feel safer if he (Trump) were out of office. Thus crazybongo5 who is clearly defending Trumps reckless reationary tactic is in fact calling the OP stupid prompting myself to point out the flaws in their idiotic logic.

    1. Controversy would you rather keep bending over for Iran and it’s ward lords Obama is one of them . He called them his brothers . . This should of been done when Bush and Obama were President And because of this they have go worse. Look at what Iran has been doing on the hight seas and more .

    2. I read that the Republicans want to have either the T Junior or the T Barbie as the next president, I feel sick to think that half this country is still behind this moron, and his popularity has gone up!

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