Day 1,100: House Dems Close Arguments With Explicit Call For Trump’s Removal | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Day 1,100: House Dems Close Arguments With Explicit Call For Trump's Removal | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. Impeach! Remove from office! Indict! Convict! Sentence to be tossed into the ocean or flushed down the toilet bowl!

    1. @I Got 99 Problems but My Alt Aint One Trump is impeached and nothing will ever change that it’s done he is impeached

    1. @Airik Luna self deprecating aren’t we you were that dumb kid that ate his boogers and pooped his pants in front of the class

  2. Banned from the Olympics and World cup,
    Trump is pleased that
    Russia can still participate In America’s 2020 Elections.

    1. Master Temple No ones voting for Biden ! Trump ruined any chance of that happening ! It’s okay ! Like we said; NO ONE IS VOTING FOR TRUMP OR BIDEN OR THOSE IN OUR SENATE WHO ARE CORRUPT AND DESPICABLE !🤮

  3. “would” / “wouldn’t” anyone? Remember when 45 stood directly next to Putin & told the world he DIDN’T think Russia interfered in the 2016 election? Yeah, how people can support this conman & still boldface say they don’t believe he lies is something I’ll NEVER understand!

    1. ​@Alan aka FANG You can try Burisma since it is used as “deflection” with many .republicans defending Trump’s actions

    2. @Patricia roe what actions? Make a case present some evidence?
      There is no evidence of Trump asking Ukraine for anything.
      Plenty evidence of Burisma being corrupt, plenty evidence of Hunter getting a paid board position, while daddy was looking after Ukraine affairs.
      But forget the Biden’s for the moment, make a case, present some evidence of Trump asking Ukraine for anything.
      I’ll wait ✌️🙄

  4. Don’t blame Trump (et al) for everything when almost half this country’s population seems just fine with a Neo-Nazi America. Tahiti, here I come.

    1. timothy riley
      aw ty 🤗 I love my Country but I’ll peaceful protest with you in Solidarity 🙋‍♀️🇳🇿🌏✊😁👌

    2. autumn rain
      I get the “keep your head up” attitude.
      But it ain’t cool to drown in the rain looking up for a blessing

    3. Body snatcher
      but if you dont believe in something.. youll believe in anything
      🎶baby it ain’t over till its over🎶
      ..uncle Lenny ✊😚

    1. Right? So brilliant that by defending the Biden’s Corruption Scandal it brought to the Senate an invitation to launch a full investigation of them. Real bright!

  5. I just have to say that honestly Trump is absolutely guilty, otherwise he would have released the transcripts and had witnesses to show his innocence. But he doesn’t want too BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE IS GUILTY!!!! One has to be insane not to understand this!!!!

    1. @Astra I challenge you to revisit this post in 12 months… I call #trump WINS it all. #trump2020 watch and see.

  6. With the Senators providing testimony it should be left to an independent, randomly chosen, jury (as in real trials) to determine a verdict.

    1. @Andy G,
      It’s not a real trial.
      If it was conducted like a real trial it wouldn’t even being happening.

    2. Haha, Demorrhoids just love to make up their own rules. You realize the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America is watching over this trial in the Senate, right? I guess he’s in Trump’s pocket, too, in your world of conspiracy.

    1. @shkspr78 s Face it, your boy would be a felon if he wasn’t in office. Stealing from his charity that was supposed to go to CHILDRENS CANCER, is the lowest of the low. Thank God the judge ordered him to pay 2 million dollars back. What do you think he spent it on? A portrait of himself
      and living expences. Yup,
      Now he gets to play with
      The U.S treasury money.
      Gotta feel good about that.

    2. @shkspr78 s But some are much worse than others and Don the Con
      Is the worst. Not presidential material at all.
      Now, do you want to hear
      about the 2.5 million he settled out of court for
      Trump University? Felony
      number 2 ?

  7. A fairly comprehensive proof that the US Constitution is a failure. It depends too heavily on the assumption that patriotism is stronger than greed. It is not.

    1. @Happy! Happy! Happy! If you ever get done spewing propaganda, perhaps you should read that constitution. The house has full control of the impeachment process yet Trump has defied it every step of the way, claiming that he is innocent. Unfortunately for him, the dems have successfully disputed that claim by showing his guilt with an always-increasing bank of (actual) evidence. Right matters. You don’t have to follow Trump down the wrong path just because you don’t want to vote democrat.

  8. I love how you frame the hand in the click thing. It’s like an alien for the radio conspiracy loons. Better than that, it’s a shot at Dump for it’s tiny hands.

  9. If the Republicans continue to be part of this cover-up and thus being accessories to this crime and, if they continue to choose to block any form of legitimate trial then, at least, make them pay when elections come around. Put them ALL out! then, when Trump is out of office and beginning to face criminal prosecutions for some of his behavior while in ofc, don’t forget to also include those Republicans who aided in the cover-up (at least the leaders). In some way these people must be forced to pay for the crimes they have committed.

    1. You can run but you can’t hide. Too much evidence is surfacing on Donald Trump’s Crimes over the past year alone, and it’s difficult to defend.

    2. If they neglect to call for first hand witnesses at this Senate hearing, they will regret it at the polls in 2020. Because the first message they will get from the people is: You did not honor your oath to the Constitution and you did not represent us. Call: 2022243121 for witnesses.

    1. ArtOfAwareness
      yeah. When I hear him talk I think of this quote. . ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks’ LOL 😀

  10. Wow, so during his Impeachment trial he decides to throw bone out saying Russia meddled in 2016 – it’s a 1st!! And he clearly got permission from Putin to say that. He is the worst most dangerous president in the history of the country. The RU-publicans are all Traitors to the country.

    1. Trump never denied Russia meddling. He denied he colluded with Russia. Big difference. And the IG who said the Steele dossier was a fake proved it by telling the world Hilary Clinton and the DNC fabricated and paid for it. Anyone who thinks Trump
      Still colluded just refuses to see the evidence out of their sheer hatred for Trump.

  11. Can see these are not his words look like he never even want to read it that’s the behavior of a criminal

  12. I hope that Us citizen, the ones who claim to love their country, will remember who voted and how. I marvel at the sight of looking at the end of one democratic superpower. It is unlikely they will vote to remove him. That is a major step forward oligarchic systems –

    1. @SPZ Aruba He has had every opportunity to clear himself. But the other half of the phone conversation is hidden on a server.

    2. @Patricia roe That’s the point. The US legal system runs on innocent until proven guilty. Nobody has to, or should have to, prove innocence. The burden of proof is 100% on the prosecution.

    3. @Logan McLean If you did your research (try you would have the facts on Burisma. I’m not interested in Giuliani’s soap opera version of it.

    4. You were never a Republican and to believe that the dems are uncorrupted and on your side is just pure insanity..

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