Day 957: After A wild August, Washington Post Calls This Trump’s Lost Summer | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Day 957: After A wild August, Washington Post Calls This Trump's Lost Summer | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


The Washington Post calls what we just saw Trump's lost summer after turbulent months of division, economic uncertainty, and daily thrashings on Twitter – with an election looming 14-months away.
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Day 957: After A wild August, Washington Post Calls This Trump's Lost Summer | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

52 Comments on "Day 957: After A wild August, Washington Post Calls This Trump’s Lost Summer | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. I would like Pence to stay at Doonbeg…..forever.

  2. *WHY* can’t America make this fool disappear? Maybe take a lesson from Saudi methods with Kashoggi 🤔

  3. People should prepare for 2020 make sensible judgement and vote ..

  4. ‘I’m not saying you have to pay me a bribe to be my one-way friend, just a suggestion…’

  5. The sooner Trump leaves office, the sooner he goes to prison.


    • Heritage Karma Oreo

    • “Ain’t gonna happen. Wouldn’t be prudent.” You’re dreaming. It would take a backbone that Democrats haven’t had in decades.

    • at this rate, will there be a real government left. YES make sure to add your voice and vote!

    • Haha… That’s very funny.

    • ddrose06
      He won’t be going to prison. Many people are giving him an out, so he will claim that he has dementia and avoid prison. He will retire at probably Mar-a-Lago, he dubbed “The Winter White House,” where he will promote the property and play golf to his heart’s content. He will avoid prison time, because enough of us gave him a reason he can use.

  6. OUR FATE………is in the hands of an IMBECILE!!!

  7. Somebody is obsessed with Obama.

  8. Just a senile old man who doesn’t remember what he’s said from one day to the next.

    • @snoop alert, TDS works both ways. And what did Richie say that was untrue? Not a God damned thing. You need to get out of the basement and inform your pea brain.

    • And he doesn’t care. He just wants to boss everyone, be in the news, and his blind followers believe his every word!

  9. The man is a menace,everyday he is in office, more damage is done !

  10. Patrick O'Keeffe | September 4, 2019 at 2:31 AM | Reply

    Ireland has special house for high ranking visitors to stay. It is Farmleigh, ( it called the state hotel sometimes). It is on it own land right next door to the US ambassador resistance and the President of Ireland. In a big park and in Dublin city.

    • Nice addition man. Makes this even worse. The PoS is such a cheap crook. Sickening. How he still has more than 10% approval baffles me.

  11. Logical to stay at a hotel, run by his boss, 180 miles away from where his meetings were? W T F

    • Worse yet, Pence lies by attempting to justify such a stupidly expensive plan, claiming the town was so special and Trump’s gold club offered security unavailable in Dublin, Ireland. What Trump’s Irish club does offer is a huge bill for the US Government that will be added to Trump’s own bottom line. How nice!

  12. oh ho him…
    another lost summer
    while Americans lost their lives to mass murderers

  13. trump lost a summer and America lost 4 years…

    • The US has lost more than just 4 years. The damage Republicans did via their tool Trump will take decades to repair. No one respects the US anymore in the world. It’s the laughing stock of the world. Everybody knows that the US is unreliable. If they voted once for a moronic Adolf it can happen a second time. Any doubts as to the evil selfishness of the US are now dispelled. The world will change and the US’ easy ride will come to an end. All thanks to Republicans.

    • This country was established without allies. We will always stand tall and free as this is the home of the brave.

    • @Jayantha Raj How old are you? Three? And you can already write, you must be a wunderkind.

    • @Jayantha Raj The French and Dutch both helped support a young America. Throughout our history, we’ve always made allies and enemies. One of Trump’s biggest failings is he doesn’t understand the difference.

  14. Are we still doing this… lock the fraud up plz

  15. Trump can’t handle this criticism. He’s going to break soon.

  16. Pence is so creepy. Like a giant creepy doll that says what you program it to. I feel like he was grown in a vat.

  17. Shaneia Pearson | September 4, 2019 at 3:15 AM | Reply

    Putin and Kim is out smarting Trump. But it not funny

  18. Trump is always a loser. We NEED to take on China, for example, but Trump has given them the upper hand, on everything. IMPEACH this criminal fool, who shames our country. Then VOTE him out . . .

  19. Common Sense A Super Power | September 4, 2019 at 6:32 AM | Reply

    This is good news. If Pence has also violated the domestic emoluments clause then he too can be impeached. Keep breaking the law Trump, the world cannot wait to see you charged and jailed!

  20. downhillskier7 | September 4, 2019 at 7:00 AM | Reply

    Trump’s properties loosing so much money that Pence had to stay at Doonbeg so Trump can profit from Pence’s government trip to Dublin Ireland

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