Day One Of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Ends With ‘Clear Lines’ Across The Aisle | MSNBC

Day One Of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Ends With 'Clear Lines' Across The Aisle | MSNBC 1


Garrett Haake brings the latest from Capitol Hill after the first day of Supreme Court confirmation hearingsfor Amy Coney Barrett ended. Aired on 10/12/2020
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Day One Of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Ends With 'Clear Lines' Across The Aisle | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Day One Of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Ends With ‘Clear Lines’ Across The Aisle | MSNBC"

  1. vote early or on November 3rd…
    vote for integrity…
    common sense…
    and basic human decency…

  2. McConnell and Graham have destroyed their own names in history by even attempting this disgusting charade.

    • @Rocky Rock It’s happening rn

    • @Patty Carey m?

    • “Elections have consequences and at the end of the day, I won” ~ Barack H Obama
      “Funny how words can come back to haunt you” ~ Donald J Trump
      “The United States Senate should respect that a president’s constitutional power is for four years, not three years, when considering Supreme Court appointments” ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    • @Da’Chief Moscow mitch Mctraitor is more of a criminal then donald dump wish he could be.
      And Graham is flippy floppy don’t know what side of the fence to be on and he to is a criminal just you wait and see.
      So the republickin party with the help of their criminal chief have shown themselves to America and to the world.
      But y’all still got to show stupidity even though the truth is smaking y’all in the face.

    • @BREAKING NEWS Biden’s gonna have 4 years to stack the courts but he’ll get it done in 2. Break that! BYEDON 2020!!

  3. Mignon Simpson | October 12, 2020 at 7:38 PM | Reply

    They are choking on their own talking points.

  4. I wonder if Moscow Mitch gave any thought to what a productive democratic campaign event this hearing would become…..

  5. Why don’t Democratic Senators question the candidate extensively on her stay in the right-wing “Family” house used to groom conservative legislators. This is not a Christian community, though it presents itself as such, it is a Power-Centric cult – equating political power with God’s will. It is very dangerous and very secret, though a book was written a few years ago. We The People have a right to know all about this conservative cult, and about what agendas they have indoctrinated (because indoctrination is their objective) in the new SCOTUS candidate.

    • She looks like someone whose mind is no longer her own. Look at the distant expression on her face and her blank stare, like someone who is checked out from reality. SCOTUS noms should have to pass a psych evaluation.

    • Because Moscow Mitch changed rules on how long the questioning could be. He’s worse than Trump because he’s knowledgeable about Govt.

  6. She should gracefully decline and let the citizens decide!! That would be respectful.

    • Dea Nolan: she absolutely won’t because she’s a religious nut , they have no morals, no honor, and no scruples ,just an agenda to tell people how to live, who to love,and decide for you on what you can and can’t do with your body. Basically oppression and control of freedom of choice.

    • undesirable truth | October 12, 2020 at 8:31 PM | Reply

      YES!! That would go a long way.

    • Trump is president….citizens did decide

    • TruthBeforeFeelings | October 12, 2020 at 9:39 PM | Reply

      No, she is a judge. Judges don’t play politics. Why are people so full of contradictions. People don’t want a judge to play politics, but wants a judge to play politics. Think about that without emotions.

    • @J M Technically, he lost the popular vote, so being internet herpes that you are I can’t expect you to understand, they didn’t want this.

  7. Heine Dietiker | October 12, 2020 at 7:47 PM | Reply

    It’s not a problem, that she is a woman or that she believes in God. The problem is, that she wants to impose her extreme version of religion on everyone.

    • I couldn’t agree more she seems like a wonderful family woman and a beautiful person… but I do not agree with her beliefs on constitutional issues and I do not believe someone that cannot separate their beliefs from their actions should be overseeing major decisions that affect our lives

    • @TruthBeforeFeelings you guys said the same thing about trump and look how that turned out… You Had Your Shot and you blew it

    • Delusional ,primitive,superstition.What a travasty.

    • @angelaggie dom yes and she was appointed as. Judge by Trump. She has only be a Judge for about three years. It would be nice to see if she had more experience.


  9. By breaking their own rules and going back on their word, Republicans are giving Dems a green light to pack the Supreme Court. I love it!!!!😆 👏👏👏👏

    • @William H Music 2020
      Where’s the link? Maybe you can see it, but we can’t. Find a mirror site and attach that link.

    • William H Music 2020 Yes. We do. What’s your point?

    • TruthBeforeFeelings | October 12, 2020 at 9:28 PM | Reply

      @William H Music 2020 Actually they don’t; not even many Democrat supporters support BLM & LGBTQ. Go on the site #Walkaway, #Blexit and YouTube and you will hear how Blacks and LGBTQ citizens are treated after they walked away from the Democrat party. The left are hypocrites and the sad part is they can’t see how they act.

      Remember, education before indoctrination

      Btw, I am an Independent Voter

    • @D11Dozer all I see is democrats acting like clowns as they have nothing to counter ACB but bring up the irrelevant osamacare.

    • @Kesi Lame All we see is an ignorant troll trying to land a punch and missing so hard they hit themselves in the face.

  10. mad-baby IMPOTUS | October 12, 2020 at 7:52 PM | Reply

    2020’s hypocrite of the year.

    • TruthBeforeFeelings | October 12, 2020 at 9:49 PM | Reply

      Democrats 2020’s hypocrites of the year. The Democrats are planning on packing the courts when Ruth Ginsberg was against packing the courts. This is why the #Walkaway & #Blexit movement is very strong. What does it say about the Democrat party when 100’s of thousand of Democrats are walking away from their party.

      It is called education to cleanse the indoctrination.

      Signed: Independent Voter

    • @TruthBeforeFeelings *Independent Dunning Kruger Voter

    • TruthBeforeFeelings | October 12, 2020 at 11:03 PM | Reply

      @Ecrade Obviously satire is all you got against the facts I presented.

  11. Graham, Cruz and Moscow Mitch have proven that the word of a Republican, is worth about as much as a diploma from Trump University. They are both equally worthless. Their word is their CON.

  12. The US is gonna be stuck with this crazy Bible thumper for the next 40 years. So sad.

  13. “Don’t mention her faith”? Why can’t you probe and understand what someone believes in, exactly, when their beliefs are behind the opinions which will influence the direction of the entire country and all these different people.

    It’s not an attack on someone’s face if you ask them what they believe in. If I found out that trump believed in the god of thunder, Putin, I’d be worried. Oh wait… what if I found out that Trump actually didn’t believe in anything, which is closer to the truth – it matters in a decision.

    I want to know about her faith, her finances, even her personal interactions, go get a view of the judge’s judgment. This will not only determine case by case lives but masses as a whole. This is a special kind of judge. This should be a very special careful consideration. Sadly, it hardly ever is.

    It’s interesting that we put more thought into an Amazon review than the people who literally control our lives, rights, possessions, what we can do and say and how we can act. Especially on the local level when they make decisions more regularly which directly affect you. Go figure

    • Right!

    • TruthBeforeFeelings | October 12, 2020 at 9:36 PM | Reply

      Because under the constitution you can’t judge someone by their faith, and under the ethics of a judge, they can’t tell anyone how they will rule on a case because they can only rule on the law and the facts that are presented to them at that time.

      Remember, education before indoctrination

    • TruthBeforeFeelings generally it seems that way – that we don’t look at religion or judge them when somebody comes from a Christian or Catholic background. The times we do actually sit back and judge them as when they do not come from primarily Christian or Catholic traditions. We don’t allow men to become president who are generally not Christian or Catholic.

      It seems Republicans and even Democrats say don’t bring up faith when it’s a faith and they are comfortable with. When it’s a faith they are not comfortable with they are up in arms and red flags everywhere and loud sirens and none of this talk of “religion off-limits”. Just sayin.

  14. Teeney Peabody | October 12, 2020 at 8:00 PM | Reply

    How about the fact that they are dialing back reproductive rights 50 years!!

    • How is it that Judge Barrett has not told the Senate about her membership and support to an anti-abortion group along with her calling an abortion barbaric in a paid for anti-abortion ad? Vote blue big and early people.

  15. Will anyone ask Coney Barrett if she feels it is fair that she is entitled to a hearing this late in an election let alone an election year? The republican’ts seemed to think that it’s just not heard of back when they denied President Obama his pick.
    Don’t be fooled people. Not only is this a distraction but it is the fastest path to repeal the ACA. If people cannot get healthcare we won’t have a country. There are no winners and plenty of republican citizens will be hurt.

  16. Trump Funnels Record Subsidies to Farmers Ahead of Election Day
    Now he Trump wants to buy people now

  17. charles beaudry | October 12, 2020 at 8:16 PM | Reply

    What about trump’s pick! She had her kids sitting right next to infected trumps and STAFF! No protection no mask! If she runs her family like that! DON’T WANT HER MAKING DECISIONS FOR MINE!

  18. Becky Mayfield | October 12, 2020 at 8:21 PM | Reply

    Every republican president has given a recession but this takes the cake 🤕

    When will Americans learn…

  19. Cooking of Survival | October 12, 2020 at 8:31 PM | Reply

    Hello everyone,
    Vote Biden /Harris wear a mask or Vote by mail

  20. Question: Why is there a vote on a Judge over a vote on a Relief bill?

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