De Blasio: NYC Will Reopen With Evidence Of Profound Change | Morning Joe | MSNBC

De Blasio: NYC Will Reopen With Evidence Of Profound Change | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. When a society regrets the economic loss more than the loss of life, it doesn’t need a virus it is already sick.

    1. @crooked52h how are they lyin g about the video.
      Obviously the msm was staging another crisis.

    2. Are you all that blind? No matter what side of the argument your on, do you really believe a respiratory virus shut down the entire globe? Perhaps this virus is a umbrella event to a much larger event. All of you who think that Trump is about himself, do you really belive he would shoot his dog in the face(shut down the ecconomy) and possibly tarnish his legacy all for virus? Do you really?

    1. @David Hale No your god is walking the fascist path and you know it. Being a troll and all.

  2. In other countries, they increase strictness in lockdown measures in certain places that continue to spike up because they are in a hurry to open up their own economy without hampering the confidence of their workforce in being able to more easily avoid the obvious life-or-death situation that this pandemic has shown.

    1. nand nicarrabla yep I live in City in Canada with population over million we shout down march 20th struck rules we now can say that we have had 0 new cases last night and 15 new cases in a week now we’re going to do 4 stage plan to open we’re on stage one now

  3. I appreciate that Willie called DeBlasio out when he tried to dodge responsibility for sending corona carriers to nursing homes by chanting about MFA. DeBlasio’s wretchedly awful actions in the onset of the corona pandemic were every bit as incompetent and deadly as Trump’s and both are cowards who blame others for the deaths they caused.

  4. my sister has worked as a nurse in nursing homes for over 20 years and she says it is always money over good care for the elderly!

    1. @David Hale No, read the hand guide to being a fascist . Your ilk are the fascists.

  5. This is a world wide problem; nothing new here, a good message however… pity the vultures are still hovering.

    1. Kaptain Kmann I wasn’t born a Dr, lawyer, business owner or politician , but I can become one with hard work and be able to buy what I “wasn’t” born with and no one can stop me.

    2. Joe Falco if I need medical attention I make an appointment for free, if it is urgent I just go and make an appointment there. Yes if is an emergency, I go to emergency, ( these are modern buildings, emergency are the main hospitals) but it still free. If I want I can go private, usually at a fraction of the cost you pay. We pay through taxes your employer pays, but they pays more than we do in taxes, and our taxes cover everyone. Your employer just covers you and your family. So if you lose your job, we still have health cover but you don’t.

    3. It’s not “FREE” when someone else has to PAY taxes to provide the money used…
      So no, UnIvErSaL HeALtHcAre isn’t the answer.

    4. KillerBeers it free if you have to Pay less than you would for private health care, with no co pays. Plus everyone is included. So win win for everyone. No bills, cheaper drugs, no one goes bankrupt. No one is excluded for pre conditions. Only difference I pay it my taxes, while you pay for through your employer. When you lose your job you are still covered.

  6. Thank you Mr. Mayor. You know better then to listen to a compulsive liar. Please continue to listen to the doctors and scientists.

    1. @Biggwill NYC
      Do you give Donald Trump the same excuse as to what Intel he has at times?

    2. @Back in Black , I speak on trump based on the words I hear coming from his mouth, while watching him on video. So its not hearsay nor second handed. And asking for evidence shows that I like to be as factual as I can.

    3. @Back in Black, I read the article. First off the Post is the last paper to quote from. They are nothing but a tabloid rag. Years ago I used to buy that paper each morning on my way to work. There was a columnist named mcalary, or something like that, in his column he always wrote about the bad things that happened in the Bx. I wrote him a letter asking him to come to the subways in the mornings and see the hard working Bx residents going off to work and then write a story about that. Surprisingly he wrote me back, but to inform me that he wasn’t writing a story like that at the moment. I stopped buying the New York Post at that time. But long story short, I’m happy that today, Mayor DiBlasio is doing the right thing. And I salute him for that. Most people have within them the capacity for good. And there are those that suppress those feelings. trump will do only that which he thinks will enrich himself more.

    4. What about his wife? He seems to think she’s an expert and keeps throwing our money at her orograms

    5. Ha!!!! More unsubstantiated claims lol by more trump supporters. Liars beget liars lol.

  7. WE had the supplies and the experts to watch and predict the progress of this disease until Trump disbanded the Pandemic Office that Obama put in place because Obama knew that there would be new pandemics in the future.

    1. Back in Black not true the federal government should have been more involved in preparation and honest in their approach.

    2. funny how a liberal state blame things to republican state or vise versa,, its like d massive death in new york are due to republican response while der governor is democrat

    1. You must be talking about California. Your tax money is going to unemployment. Is that noble enough? Cry baby

    2. LOL The old man outfoxed and outmaneuvered the geniuses at the CIA and the FBI and all you got was this lousy T shirt. LOLOLOLOL

  8. BREAKING NEWS COVID19.2 mutation may be more infectious & deadly than Covid19.1, according to new research published online – peer review pending

  9. I’m just waiting for 2 weeks…..let’s see if the pandemic goes down after 2 weeks of incubation period for the virus. Odds are …NOPE!

  10. A more universal approach to healthcare?
    Woah! What an enlightening suggestion. If only there were some kind of Senator running from Vermont who has been advocating for that exact thing for decades. Some kind of presidential candidate who ran his 2020 platform on a healthcare plan that puts forward some kind of actionable plan for this. Some candidate who isn’t mired in allegiance to corporations and news media platforms.

    If only…

  11. There is no question about it, a lot of nursing homes put profit above care and love for their residence.

  12. There is no American Dream in nyc, no home ownership, no vehicle ownership, abusive taxes, over regulation, abusive insurance rates, incriminating quota driven tyrant policing. The American Dream is stolen from the people in nyc.

  13. In nyc the hard working people who are stuck living here, are paying rent as if they were tourist all their lives, and dont know better…..

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