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  1. Listening to the conversation about the domestic in Jamaica, where males is now reporting to the police stations now. Because they cannot take it no more and, what are some of the main factors. That is causing domestic violence in Jamaica and around the world,it is caused through poverty. Now let us looked at some of those issues, for instance. Saying that the males is the main supporter of the family and,he lossed his job. His girlfriend or wife is going to get frustrated, when there is no money coming in the house. The males is unable to provide for the family members anymore and, the females is. Going to tell her partner male friend, that him cannot come back at the yard again. Because he cannot make anymore contributions to the house and,she have a new man now and. Things like that is going to caused a very hostile environment to live in,there are going to have some names calling. Where some of those women is very, very aggressive, they first like to laid their hands on men and. Some men is going to retaliate which sometimes, it may caused death. Under the present situation what is going on in Jamaica and around the world,based on the economy problems. The domestic violence is about 10 times worser than what it useto be, like 30 years ago. I am living in the United States and Jamaica is not seeing, the amount of domestic violence as the United States at all. I know that people is going to say that they are a bigger population,it is true yes. I worked in the security industry for 27 years in the United States and, I am talking from personal experiences. When you worked at certain areas, for the night. Sometimes you haveto be calling the police for help about 5 times, because someone could get killed,shot,stab, you named it.
    Anyway as I said before, that the number one problem to domestic violence is poverty. I know that there are other factors, with these complicated loves life,ok.

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