Debate over Canada dropping ties with the monarchy reignites 1

Debate over Canada dropping ties with the monarchy reignites


The latest royal scandal out of the U.K. has reignited debate over whether Canada should drop its remaining ties with the monarchy. Joyce Napier reports.
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    1. Why is respecting the legal and moral authority of our system of governance “not having a backbone”?

    1. @Ouchwitz Lampshade Emporium LLC The monarchy has been very respectful and patronal to Africa. Probably moreso than is frankly deserved.

    2. I’d bet my bottom dollar H&M have receipts at the ready. Notice how the monarchy didn’t DENY those claims.

    3. @2steps4ward except they did. Queen said in a very diplomatic way that ” recollections may vary”, meaning that this whole thing could have been completely misrepresented/misunderstood.

    4. Albertianinbred: Strange ? the millions of dead Africans say different.. Remember the Zulu ?

  1. Separate from these monsters. Look at price Andrew, a child sniffer, frequent visitor Epstein paradise island….

  2. Electing a president would cost Canadians much more than keeping the monarchy. Canadians don’t lack any democracy so that’s a bunch of nonsense too.

  3. I admired the Queen all my life but I honestly think it’s time to break our ties with the monarchy. We need a republic.

    1. Yes, why take on narcissist Charles and house breaker Camilla next. This family of bullies and secrets needs to go

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