Debunking the flood of new year diet culture

Aubrey Gordon, author and co-host of "Maintenance Phase" podcast, explains the gimmicks and misinformation circulating in the diet industry. To get the day’s business headlines sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the Nightcap newsletter:


  1. Lady, clearly you haven’t gotten this weight loss thing figured out so your opinion doesn’t have much weight. Pun intended lol

  2. My New Year’s resolution wasn’t to diet really.
    Just to eat healthier & while at first it was hard I’m actually Loving it now:)

    Take Care All ☦️
    Be Well ♥️

  3. Imagine trusting the government and the mainstream media about health and nutrition. The health experts just released a new chart saying sugary cereal is healthier than meat and eggs..

    1. @a w So are lions and they eat only meat. Animals/humans are different. Just because cows eat grass doesn’t mean every animal can. My God 🤦‍♂️

  4. I am only 43 years old and I have suffered from arthritis for 6 years, not to mention that last year I had cancer and I now have diabetes. I wish I could have lived longer simply by eating less. I have no idea how that whale of a woman can even breathe properly, I once dated a girl who was barely over 30 and had to wear a CPAP machine every night . I just lost 16% of my body weight trying to get my blood sugar under control but I’m not even halfway to a healthy weight. I still have extreme difficulty walking. Oh and diabetics pee sugar which is great because you get urinary tract infections all the time. I wouldn’t recommend obesity to my worst enemy, for all the suffering it has caused me. We need to treat sugar as an addictive substance and make food companies go the same way as tobacco companies.

  5. I think we celebrate peoples weight loss success because many of us know how hard it is to accomplish that. If it was something easy I don’t think we would pay that much attention.

    1. That’s why women are shamed for being promiscuous and men aren’t. It’s easy for women to be promiscuous.

    2. I agree. I don’t think it’s wrong to praise or encourage people for their healthy behaviors or results. The bigger conversation to be had is why we are so fixated on looks in the first place.

  6. I was 110 kilos on new years

    Today im 100 kilos

    I lost 10 kilos of fat in the last 3 weeks

    The first week I was still eating KFC

    There is no secret just work more eat less

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    2. Yes and me too investing is the fastest way to Financial freedom. Investing is building wealth and that has been my priority thanks. 🙏

  8. Health and fitness levels are mostly determined by diet and lifestyle. There is no temporary diet that will provide long life results. Simple logic.

    1. Diet and exercise are definitely a lifestyle. Most just need to face the fact that they are lazy and lack discipline

  9. Weight loss should be celebrated. I don’t support making fun of others for their body type but this country is so unhealthy, childhood obesity is at an all time high. The diet industry is less of my concern we need to take on big food and know what they put in our food.

  10. Or, maybe, celebrating weight loss by a celebrity is acknowledging the dedication and perseverance and character it takes to make that commitment and stick to it. Maybe it isn’t about how important that weight is or isn’t, maybe it’s about how achieving something difficult deserves respect. Or, you could ignore all that and put your own issues onto it.

  11. If people could realize that just stopping the urge to eat junk food, processed food and prepared/frozen foods, they would automatically do better. I (finally) decided to do something about my weight about four years ago, got serious, and made the decision. What it was, was a LIFESTYLE change. That’s the only thing that actually will work in the long term. Deciding that you can handle difficult emotions without using food to cope, getting the crap out of your diet and stop relying on convenience foods is key. Cook at home, use good ingredients, give up some of the simple (deadly) carbs: sugar and foods that turn to sugar in your body, stop the fast food. Focus on green veg for your carbs. I gave up soda….and I (raised in the south) was a Dr. Pepper devotee for decades! Those changes gave me a sustained weight loss of 90 lbs. It was simple, but not easy. But my health was more important and I finally realized it.

  12. If you struggle losing weight, try intermittent fasting. I’ve been overweight for decades, now it’s three years that I do intermittent fasting, weight has gone down, but most importantly, without hunger or suffering. It’s much easier to just skip a meal than to try to eat ridiculously small portions. Also, saves time and… it’s free.

  13. *For adults with normal metabolism, it’s calories in vs. calories expended! Either burn more calories every day or eat less. It’s that simple!*

  14. She appears to have also been fooled and somehow not done it the correct way even with her knowledge.

    Weight loss (or gain) is simple. Eat less (more) calories than you burn. If you don’t know what you are eating, then count calories. Only way you are gonna know what’s going on. You know Weight Watcher’s. Know why it’s so successful, because all it is is counting calories, simplified with smaller numbers.

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