Defence Minister Anand dodges questions over Canada’s AUKUS status

Defence Minister Anita Anand dodged questions on if Canada had asked to join the AUKUS security pact between Australia, U.K. and U.S.

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  1. I feel Canada 🇨🇦 would benefit from distancing itself from 🇺🇸.

    All the NATO countries would.

    1. I also suggest distancing from NATO.. especially when European Union is trying to bring back Soviet Union that came out of Ukraine in 1920’s by the bolshevik xionists…

  2. That’s what you get for having a lawyer as a defense minister instead of somebody who has proper background to be a defense minister.

    1. They had to get rid of those ones because of the sex scandals and lack of any response to the sex scandals… lol

  3. Canada is never going to be part of aukus. The purpose of Aukus was to remove canada and newzealand from being part of security discussions around the Indo-pacific region.

  4. I believe she is doing her best as a Defense Minister but her refusal to even try to answer questions and instead spew lines from the Ministry’s annual report is highly disrespectful to Canadians. I’m sure she thinks she is being cute but it is tiring and disrespectful.

    1. She is woefully incompetent at her job and I’m saying this as a currently serving member of the armed forces.

    2. @Politically Incorrect With a PM and associate PM (Jagmeet Singh) openly skeptical of the value of living up to NATO commitments what Defense Minister could do their job properly?

  5. 0:26 “Defense Research and Development Canada” : some guy in a room folding paper airplanes.

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