Delta CEO: Requiring a negative Covid-19 test is a horrible idea 1

Delta CEO: Requiring a negative Covid-19 test is a horrible idea


Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian says a proposed rule that would require all domestic flyers to test negative for Covid-19 before boarding a plane is a bad idea because it will not keep domestic flyers more safe and would set back the transportation and hospitality sector for at least another year.
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    1. @John Crichton
      Freedom is dangerous, but safety is slavery. The government can’t protect you from anything other than foreign invaders. They can convince you they are protecting you by forcing you to obey. (If you are that weak minded). Yes, you should take precautions. No, you shouldn’t let them tell you that you aren’t allowed to work and feed your family. This is the first time in history that we have forced healthy people to act as though they too are sick.

    2. Because they want proof of vaccine, not just a negative test. They are going to go out of business soon unless they keep giving them bailouts. And if that happens, the oligarchs will finally be exposed & in jail. Checkmate.

    1. Anyway… We’re not talking about a fox. A more accurate representation would be to compare it to a bank putting a bunch of laser trip wires and security for the employee fridge rather than putting it on the safe that actually needs it… I’m sorry, but wearing a mask on the flight is no different than wearing a mask anywhere in public. And by the way… Coronavirus is over. Only the politicians seem to disagree with that statement

  1. So you’re saying that instances of spreading are limited on an airplane however what you’re not addressing is that although they may not contract the virus on your plane you’re quite willing to deliver people who are infected to another area of the country where they can infect some more? All I see in this video is someone who is concerned about their pockets and their bottom line and not the health and safety of the public so I’m glad to have seen this I can now make a better decision as to which airline I use for travel. One that cares about me more than my money.

    To all the idiots looking to comment on my post to make sure that you spread misinformation about the coronavirus and or masking and safety guidelines beware that you’re just giving me the opportunity to report you for spreading misinformation and you’ll end up losing your access to YouTube so maybe think twice before you comment crap have a lovely day!!!

    1. @Jay M You are talking about points of entry, you are not talking about the ones crossing not thru border checkpoints. No they are not checked bc they are illegal. Dude think.
      Do you think every South American or Mexican is crossing in just the border points of entry legally? Come on man use your brain.

    2. @Travis Watts you didn’t specify how they were coming, in that case correct they aren’t tested but once caught they are so no they won’t be releasing anyone infected into neighborhoods. It’s obvious you are a pathetic right winger who is basing their statements from xenophobia and not actual facts.

    3. @Jay M okay show me where it says they are getting tested when border patrol happen to catch the illegals. That is not what is happening. Also, what about all the ones that don’t get caught thousands among thousands.
      They were being sent back under trump due to no catch and release. Now, under biden executive order there is catch snd release into the US.
      I don’t think you understand how it is at the border. Do you even at least live in a border state?

    1. He voiced his concern on adding over one million tests per day will due to the system and to the people that really need one

    2. No, he just understands his customers. I will not board a flight or do anything recreational that requires a negative test or a vaccine.

  2. ramp up the testing, USA. How is it possible that you still travel between states without any restrictions? No wonder your numbers are so high!

  3. Ayo if you covid poz stay df at home that simple, usa always doing something backwards. Got a dummy on tv advocating to deliver covid by plane to other parts of the country

    1. You’re right. We should just inconvenience everyone and make them drive the covid to other states? Oh wait liberals think we should lock everyone in their homes for the next five years.

    1. His look brings to mind the guy who was president of the chamber of commerce (and the primary antagonist) in the movie Pleasantville.

  4. History has shown that you can count on pretty much anything coming out of any Chief Excrement Officer’s mouth to be selfish, delusional bs aimed to secure their position and nothing else.

    1. Airlines are “safe” coming from a airline CEOs mouth feels about as genuine as “smoking is safe” coming from a Tabacco CEOs mouth.

    2. This CEO looks like he thinks banning smoking on planes was a bad idea: he looks like a character from “Madmen.”

    3. True, but but keep in mind they’re talking with a person with a business mentality. They’re only thinking about the bottom line. We should take what he says with a dash of salt

    1. I guess you didn’t notice that deaths from all other causes has plummeted by the same amount as the cv19 increase. And that the cdc total deaths for 2020 was exactly where it normally would have been without cv19.

    1. Selective hearing. Didn’t hear the part about his concern for the people that need to be tested and the backlogging it would do to the system if over 1 million tests per day were added

  5. Translation: We’re not doing that because it would be useless and stupid. We’re still in a world where the most effective treatment for Covid is to get it, go home, get better, and go live life like a normal person. You’ve got about a 99% chance of being just fine.

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