Demand for answers as Ottawa's LRT system still shut down after 4 weeks 1

Demand for answers as Ottawa’s LRT system still shut down after 4 weeks


Rallies call for more accountability, as Ottawa Council considers a judicial inquiry into the endless LRT problems.

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  1. How about investigating Watson and city council for having delusions of grandeur? I already knew the LRT was going to fail even before construction began. Watson and city council were already to confident in themselves.

  2. So you posted a clip of some lady claiming the buses driving past her house causes cracks in her wall you realize what that does to YOUR credibility ?

    1. @Fred Sky The walls and ceilings are more than likely made out of plaster, not drywall. Plaster is very expensive.

  3. Jim Watson must be held accountable for this he gave the construction company unprecedented leeway even waving them through when they failed multiple prerequisites for the contract including the banking they couldn’t afford the job yet Jim had them granted special privileges hmmm seems like he really went outta of his way to make sure this company got the 4.2 billion he has to be held accountable he needs to answer for his actions not hide behind covid the last 2 years hoping will forget

  4. Bring back our buses they took off and re-routed to all LRT. Takes longer to get to work, appointments, shopping, etc., etc……..

    1. Oh! You should ask for the $20 million they would have spent on the inquiry. Maybe be kind and give them a 50% discount.

  5. The busses at rush hour are crammed. The LRT was executed so poorly and now the tax payers are suffering because of city halls ineptitude. They should have contracted a German or Swiss Company to design and provide guidance, building a new train system.

  6. CN/CP/VIA can get tracks back in operation after a derailment in a matter of days. What is the problem here?

  7. I wonder why a developed country like Canada is so poor in maintaining or constructing public transportation projects. Everything here takes forever to complete a project. In Asia, they can finish major projects so fast and high quality.

  8. When you buy a lemonade, you get just that lemonade. How can it even derail at such snail base
    Interestingly, Watson is not here for photo op.

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