1. lol. They know what they are doing…pushing doubt long enough to voting time periods….They Don’t rush…it’s only been 3+ years of bullying and hate pushing trying to get something on him. now just a childish game close to election is the last shot against Trump and his tax reform, boarder/Us Security, old trade deal actions, old regulations, jobs/economy/stock market, military support/might and focus, media accountability issues, pushing back against countries that have taken money/military for years, standing tall while constantly being attacked/bullied by the opposite side etc.. Hmm. Unless there is a Smoking Gun….What will stand out more this year?

    1. @Kip McEwen …to many of us, he’s no traitor, not at all. Thanks to his courage we all got to see to what extent trump is willing to go to possibly get his re-election safe, the one and only reason for withholding the aid to the Ukraine, till of course trump got knowlegde of the whistleblower’s action and immediately knew he was screwed and released the money (in damage control)

    2. Anouk129 , you do realize the rule was changed specifically for this WB report. 1st hand knowledge is the standard. You also know there’s discovery casting shade on everything involved with that. I even bet you know the WB LAW protects from harm, not identity, The WB fell flat. There’s an interesting story, there.

    3. @Nj Osborne Oh hi stupid, your little Tinfoil hat Russia conspiracy is deader than your last brain cell. Dumbass.

    4. @Kip McEwen Hey stupid, the whistleblower statutes don’t apply to the goddamned president you nitwit.

    1. @Inde nmc Trigger me? Against a dumbass who is helping to reelect my pony?? Are you one of those who claim they’re winning while gurgling in their own blood??? Are you actually that stupid? Oh wait, you’re a TDS carrier!!😂😂😂

    1. @Ice 247 Hi stupid, my screen name is a tribute to Obuttfuck’s place of birth, not surprised you’re too stupid to figure that out.

    2. @Anouk129 That is correct, and you Anouk are nothing but a dead langoustine in the shape of Donald Trump’s ballsack. LOL

    3. @Ice 247 is that all you are? Fake troll, name callings, insults , still the President, heh. Can’t use your brain.? Can’t reason your points.? That’s what dumb ash do. No education that’s why can’t reason? Yeasss. Next impeachment will be because he farts too loud.

    1. He can’t do that because he can lies about everything without consequences, put him on oath
      Then he can be pressured to tell what he know, if he lies about something.
      It’s can hurt him if some proof shows he hasn’t told the truth.

    1. Layton oh, ok. You know everything. That’s why people love you 🤦‍♂️ do you throw the grenade before you pull the pin?

    2. @GoKart Mozart –>> Math is my favorite subject! Let’s see. How many ‘ Walk-away’ from Republican campaigns are there? Oh zero!! There is many walk away from Dems campaigns. The Independent party is bigger than an any party respectfully. So explain to me how the math of all this is on your side. Please, before midnight! I got a feeling that Google won’t be on your side on this issue. I will wait until midnight. After that I will accept no reply as a defeat!!

    1. Which he deserves more than any. So many more Articles could be added!.He has harmed America and the Presidency.

    1. @miragexl007 the woman can hold her ground. I liked how she wasn’t scared even to look at the camera

    2. She’s pathetic, and can barely speak in complete sentences. She’ll send the documents to the Senate when AOC and her Muslim comrades tell her to…lol😢

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