Democratic Lawmaker Reacts To America First Caucus Recruiting On ‘Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions’ 1

Democratic Lawmaker Reacts To America First Caucus Recruiting On ‘Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions’


Some House Republicans are reportedly creating an “America First Caucus” based on “Anglo-Saxon political traditions. Rep. Brad Schneider, D-Ill., reacts to the political play, saying, “I don’t think the Republican caucus should keep them in their caucus… I don’t think the American people should accept that position.” Aired on 04/16/2021.
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Democratic Lawmaker Reacts To America First Caucus Recruiting On ‘Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions’


    1. No one is happier about this than Queen Patrisse Cullors. Now more guilt-riddled, ignorant white liberals will send her more of the money they receive from their parents. She’s shopping for exclusive property in the Bahamas.

  1. Social Conservatives by their definition adhear to “traditional beliefs and values”, which leaves them stuck defending the historical racism, misogyny and elitism that the rest of the world has decided is no longer acceptable in modern society. The Good News: Science is real and they’re doomed to failure. The Bad News: They know this and are going to try and hold on to whatever tenious iota of power they can on the way out.

    1. Excellent summary. That’s pretty much where we’re at. They need to go the way of the dinosaurs.

    2. Their policies and core values are antisocial to everyone but the 1%, the rich. And the con-servatives are no different in any country that gives them any power…although your GQP take the cake on right wing insanity. Ours here in Canada would probably look like the left to some of your population, but they’re still the filthy right to me.
      I’m not into voting against myself, it’s amazing how many are though. I’m hoping on our younger generations, that they will not go along with this garbage.

    3. Always remember that our founding fathers were courageous and innovative thinkers and doers. We do tribute to them by maintaining that tradition.

  2. Last time we saw the America First Causus they were marching through the streets of Charlottesville, screaming: “Jews will not replace us.”

    1. @Dennis Mahaney

      Based on your statements I think human procreation and gender are the least of your worries, Quasimodo.

    2. @Dennis Mahaney “ulage”. I couldn’t find the word in any English dictionary. Can you check the Russian dictionary for me, Vlad.

    3. @Dennis Mahaney are you trying to be funny. Because you could do with some training. You don’t laugh at your own jokes, and you certainly don’t start your joke by laughing and then trying to make a point. And that’s such a lame and childish retort

    4. @Dennis Mahaney I must have missed a few posts..of my own typing.. Who is talking about Russia besides you?

    1. trump wasn’t the cause, he was a giant cancerous tumor in what the republican party and amerikkkan conservatives have become.

    1. Russia is a very white country. The government is terrified of elections. Their immigration rate is practically nonexistent. Republicans should be very happy there, at least until the Opposition takes over.

    2. China would be more fitting. They should be running any “immigrant” nation within days. Hurray, the White Saviors have arrived!! They might have to explain it to the non-white population but that won’t the them long. Future Kings and Queens of the poor masses! They could do so much good , bring Christianity to them: Let’s call it: The Amerca First International Crusade!!

  3. “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” has got to be the most sanitized euphemism for white supremacy I’ve ever seen

    1. @Glen W
      After the horrible things the white majority in this country has done to Black people, Native Americans, Asians, and Hispanics (really any group that isn’t white) throughout our history, it really is terribly insulting and inappropriate to create basically a “white people’s caucus”. If this is where the GOP is today, they should all just wear Klan robes and hoods into the House and Senate and be done with it.

    2. @Glen W There is no law against whites forming whites-only political advocacy groups. I just listed a bunch of those for you, all protected by the First Amendment.

    3. @Greg Bors yep. Any political organization that is honestly and ethically advocating for the welfare of its constituency should not be vilified on the basis of ethnic heritage. That is my only point.

    4. @Sam Huff Do you not see the inherent in the idea that people of SOME ethnic heritage should be able to create political advocacy groups, but other ethnic groups should not? How is that possibly consistent with our constitution or the ideals of equality?

    5. @Glen W …and any group who says their “culture” is innately superior to that of other ethnic groups, and should be the dominant force in American politics, should be vilified, right?

  4. Did I hear all of that correctly? Are those congressional folks actually calling for a “return to an anglo-saxon european political tradition”? What the heck is that – other than “white supremacy and christians only”?! What? Seriously, WTF??!

    1. @Nicolas Mendoula Kind of, but not vikings – anglo-saxons. Vikings were from further north. Both groups raided and pillaged. It’s complicated. We white, northern european folk have never really been nice to anyone, not even each other. Sometimes I think we’re missing a ‘happy’ gene.

    2. @Gregory Malchuk Magna Carta wasn’t the first charter of rights. The very first came from the middle East. There were democratic or semi- democratic forms of decision making in various parts of the world way before Magna Carta.

    3. @Gregory Malchuk nope. The fact that the US constitution failed to eradicate slavery at the outset and failed to protect native American rights and titles itself is the biggest proof that the US constitution, and by inference, it’s parent, the Magna Carta were flawed. The very surreptitious attempts at reintroducing Jim Crow laws again point to their inherent flaw: they don’t protect rights. Just privileges

    4. @Deepak D’Souza
      It’s almost like founders deliberately inserted poison pills that would force the issue of slavery…

  5. Oh wow! I’m more white then she or he is and I’m f*cking offended! I can not believe this is what’s going on right now, just wow!

    1. What would you say to somebody that knew this is who they have always been? Their racism and bigotry isn’t new. There is no NEW Jim Crow. This is the same old same old for Christian conservatism. They are simply in a panic now so who they are is bubbling to the surface. Anybody that did not see this coming from the right for decades has not been paying attention to them, or American history.

    2. Do you know what the Magna Carta is and where it originated? Don’t you enjoy the free speech, free assembly, free press, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and due process that consitutionally limited government makes possible?

    3. Gregory Malchuk, before the Magna Carta, there was the Greek and Roman Senate’s. All included Royalty. The American Constitution, was the first without royalty. It was the first that gave self governance to the people. It was the first with elected leaders. The Magna Carta was a step, the Constitution was a leap, and it continued to increase the franchise, to include former slaves, blacks, women, all citizens, even lowering the age of enfranchisement. The Declaration of Independence states our principles, “All men are created equal” renounced the the divine right of kings. Something the Magna Carta never dared even consider, because the people who revolted were royalty too.

  6. So I guess Louisiana would have to secede or get kicked out because they follow French legal tradition?

  7. She’s only trying to manipulate people out of their money cuz they’re so stupid good will always outdo evil I’ll say that again good will always outdo evil

  8. I mean… correct me if I’m wrong… but didn’t the USA object so strongly to “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” that they had a whole war of independence to free themselves from exactly that?
    Or did I miss something?

    1. Glad you brought that up, I was just about to point that out. Looks like the Robber Barons have figured out time travel and are preparing to announce the arrival of their new king ……. The one the first !!! WTF ???

  9. Looking forward to someone telling them that by definition “Anglo-Saxon” means their ancestors aren’t actually from this country either

    1. I stopped listening at the words “Anglo Saxon & Politics”. Do those idiots even know what Anglo Saxons are, let alone were ???

    2. @geofo60 Geof Harris Unlikely. Something tells me neither of them took any European History courses.

  10. They should call it the Q QUACKS. They are embarrassing. I’m ashamed they are apart of our Government.

    1. Yeah, ya gotta love gerrymandering. Draw a district around where a bunch of racists live, and they’ll elect racist representatives

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