Democratic Leaders Say They Weren’t Briefed Before Strike | Deadline | MSNBC

Democrats in Congress make clear they were kept in the dark about the deadly military operation that killed Iran’s General Soleimani. Aired on 01/03/20.
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Democratic Leaders Say They Weren’t Briefed Before Strike | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. They simply lie, just like they lied to invade Iraq. They got no morals. they protect their money and power by starting another unnecessary war.

    2. Another good point was recently made on a news channel on TV:
      Okay, the head General was killed due to imminent attacks. What about all the ‘enemy’ cells located wherever that were going to carry out that imminent attack? Surely the General himself was not going to directly attack. In this case, cutting off the head of the snake does not keep the snake from continued biting others.

      What exactly is Trump doing to stop all those imminent cells from carrying out their orders?

    3. @meti solo Consider also, Trump has lied over 15,000 times since becoming America’s President, by those who keep track of such things. Even if Trump was sworn under oath, could anything he says be trusted as being really true?

    1. . ok. so when r u signing up? cuz u can keep that party. this aint trolling. this IS the real thing. who here among us is willing 2 go 2 iraq ( and really iran)? LIKE SOON?

      should we have been there in the 1st place? WMDs please? hey, werent we trying 2 get out of the mideast a month ago? what happened w/ that?

      …..o yeh just that little problem with leaving the kurds behind 2 get swallowed by Turkey… turn our back on a known ally AND THEN start a war with a known adversary…great long-term strategy there.

      and syria,iraq,iran, and turkey are all next 2 each other. 3 of those countries have chemical weapons. AND 2 of them have nukes. WHAT COULD GO WRONG? by the way, did i forget 2 mention that all 4 of those nations hate ISRAEL? especially iran AND syria. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

      but, yknow , ISRAEL has nukes too. LOTS OF NUKES ACTUALLY. well, that makes me feel soooo much better. i just know cooler heads will ALWAYS prevail in the MIDDLE EAST. unless, of course, they dont. oopsie.

    1. “Hes protecting our country, what Obama never could” Yeah this is the thinking of a 3rd grader who doesnt understand consequence

    1. @enRuTuu 60 do we get credit for each of the thousands of lies the fake news told concerning the Russian collision delusion or does it all count as one big one?

  1. It’s spooky that Trump can create a real world crisis to deflect from his personal crisis. And that that might just be the whole point.

    1. @Tim Ohail dont have a problem with that a good amount of them will believe trump will resurrect them from there death… scary how an imbisal is so many peoples JESUS CHRIST

  2. Trump just said in a speech ,that America has the BEST intelligence services in the world,and yet for months he has been berating them as not to be trusted

    1. He will say one thing on one stage and on whole different thing on another, because he knows his followers on watching the channels that he actually slipped and says a true fact. But they know they can hear him lie all day on Fox news and Breitbart .

  3. Question: What about the other individuals who were killed (murdered?) in the attack? Supposedly more than just those two individuals were assassinated.

  4. Of course not. Trump never asks for permission on anything. He has to be sneaky because he knows the he won’t like the answer.

  5. Why Iran hate the US, and why the US is the aggressor in the conflict

    -Overthrew Mossadegh in 1953
    -Supported Saddam Hussein in the first Iraq-Iran war
    -Shot down Iranian Airliner Flight 655
    -Crippled their economy with sanctions
    -Provokes them by surronding them with dozens of military bases
    And now, assassinates a top General.

    Get bent Trumpers, You are just the other side of the coin, just as evil, and just a immoral.

    1. @David I think you’d be that person. Your POTUS just assassinated a General for supporting anti-american militias. Ever heard of the bay of Pigs? Iran-Contra, or the countless other criminal and terrorist orgs. things YOUR CIA has funded? Including cocain smugling? YOU are biased, I am a realist. Pick up a book some time, and not one with pictures

    2. @David : I’m curious, do you know the difference between fact and opinion ? It would appear not because everything Ral wrote is correct. And it goes much deeper than that. In addition to staging a coup to overthrow the legitimate government, the CIA trained the SAVAK, the Iranian secret police under the shah. They were considered one of the most vicious secret police ever and brutally oppressed the people for almost 25 years. And yes, it was all about oil. Iran was going to nationalize the oil industry and US and British oil companies couldn’t have that.The reason the Bush Jr administration was so sure Iraq had WMD’s was because those very same people working under Reagan and Bush Sr, gave them to Hussain during the proxy war with Iran. Then there’s the sanctions and everything else we’ve done to destroy Iran and it’s economy. And that just scratches the surface of why Iran doesn’t trust the US. Do a little research.

    3. @Rudy Penza Operation Ajax and Operation Countenance. I agree with your wider more thorough views from you both.

  6. My thing is the more I hear that the man is supposed to consult Congress because they are the one’s to make this decision and he overlooks and in a tyrannical manner decides on his own is troubling. The more nothing is done about stuff fuels him to do more stuff. They do what they do try to say over and over this person has American blood on his hands justifies this dictatorial behavior. It’s like I am going to have my my car put in the job because I think I am going to have a wreck. Makes zero sense at all. It is up to the American people to get our country back on track before our families are murdered as well. Any American killed from this point on is considered murder to me. And all because a man wants to be president again. Really sad.


  7. Isn’t it weird, that Trump said, Obama would start a war with Iran or Syria to get re-elected, especially when Obama’s numbers were high, but now he’s the one starting a war, to get re- elected, NOT ON MY WATCH, EX MILITARY AND PROUD AMERICAN.

    1. Thank you, gerri. It is good to see that some in the military (or former military) actually have Trump’s number. I worry that too many don’t. I’m not much, but I will cover your back any day.

  8. I bet there someone whisper in his ears. If you do this, your going to look great on TV. His that stupid to say yes.

  9. Its sad to think that our world could be plunged into WW111 because a draft dodger thought it would save him from impeachment/defeat at the next election….how many will die !

  10. How can Trump do anything now that is bipartisan, he is a raving lunatic!
    Talk about making a distraction from impeachment, something….🦨💩

    1. Ironically, this is exactly what he accused Obama of doing at one time. For everything Trump does there is evidence out there that he once dragged Obama for it.

  11. Well, he told you he can do anything he wants to.
    ” I could shoot somebody on (the tarmac at Baghdad Airport) and I wouldn’t lose any supporters”.
    I suppose now we’ll see if he lied.

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