Democrats Suicidal Over Donald Trump Winning Election! 11/8/16

Democrats Suicidal Over Donald Trump Winning Election! 11/8/16 1


  1. for some reason, I always feel dumber after watching CNN. These people are
    so in the dark, they might as well be completely blind.

    1. CNN, Fox, NBC, it’s all the same pandering drivel. News stations have a
      bias that they maintain to keep viewers and journalists feel the need to
      push their own personal agenda. It’s a problem with modern journalism.

  2. 11-9 Issue warrants for Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Televise Captures
    and Arrests. Illegals, call Mayflower Movers

    1. they should all reap that bitter harvest…the message should be loud and
      clear…do not betray the American people.

    2. They deserve the death penalty for what they have done, and deport all
      blacks back to Africa!

  3. ‘A white lash’ Listen, you racist bigot – people of every colour voted for
    Donald Trump.

    1. I am not a racist, I believe that there is ONE race, the human race & we
      need to unite, concentrate on similarities, and stop playing into the
      divide and conquer mentality that has been forced on us by the government.
      Love & peace!

  4. wow! even in defeat they still keep playing racial politics, DRAIN THE

    1. +Nancy Korb “Nancy”? A bunch of criminal fascist hugs, have just seized
      power, in this country with the help of morons like him, and you’r worried
      about being nice? These people will rob you, rape you, poison and abuse
      you, and leave you for dead in a heart beat. The only thing they know is
      money, power, and more money, mine, your’s, everybody’s! They’ll get it
      too, “all of it”! You need to grow up ,and smell the coffee before these
      people have us all in chains, peasant wage slaves, and feudal l serfs. What
      just happened in American politics, is the worst possible scenario that
      could possibly befall the American system, and the global civilization. The
      disaster has only just begun, and will spiral out of control like a wild
      fire within weeks of his inauguration. The US democratic system has just
      been dealt the heaviest, most dangerous blow in the history of our nation
      since the civil war. This is not a bright scenario, it is an unmitigated
      tragedy of cosmic proportions that will bring suffering and hardship to
      millions of innocent people, and could hasten the extinction of human
      civilization. This is no time to be nice.

    2. +Peter Mullen Statism is arguably the worst thing that happened to the
      Human race, and you support the NWO?
      I think you need to read or re-read 1984 by George Orwell.

    3. You, Peter are such an idiot. We just got our country back…and I am
      thrilled to DEATH!

  5. so you telling me it was a “White Lash” bra all the black people in
    Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi voted for trump lol, we are not idiots we
    saw Hillary is Fake.

    1. They don’t know they’re doing that. They have been victimized, and the
      government hasn’t helped them to get past it. Part of the cure is actually
      having to live life and fend for yourself. Make your mistakes, and then
      cleaning them up yourself, so you can proud of you.

    2. We were told that not many American Blacks voted at all. Perhaps they were
      wrong. We’re are just wanting so badly for everyone to act like they are

    3. jsking11 amen. Trump will help the government housing and the men women and
      children living in them. He will give incentives for education childcare
      and help stop all of the 15-20 year old girls from feeling like they need
      to have 5-8 children just to have enough gov assistance to survive. He will
      stop the exploitation of these young women!

    4. Amen bro. Disney, the media outlet that has a studio in Georgia state, also
      forced the state to agree with their “political correctness” or they would
      not film in Georgia and help out with economy of the state. Who are they to
      say how a peaceful state is to live?

  6. Am I the only one who tuned in CNN last night for the entertainment of
    seeing these racist liberal bastards squirm? I was great btw. The Trump
    Train has Arrived you whiny little bitches!

    1. thank you it has nothing to do with race the free ride is over wake up
      start pointing that finger at yourselves all this crying because you don’t
      want to stop blaming everyone for your own downfall leave the country try

    2. the try was a typo leave our country than we will not listen to your blame
      game anymore you guys are making everyone who is a grown self sufficient
      hard working person look bad and even they are saying g quit acting like

  7. To put it bluntly. You traitors have been lying to the American people for
    years and Trump pointed out the obvious.

    1. harass a minority…see what happens……we will defend them…….harass
      a muslim woman or man…….watch what happens………we are there. not
      joking. we caring americans will defend against this hate. we are watching
      we are waiting.

  8. Oh the whining
    But when the BLM thugs was running around burning stuff down it was all
    “white tears” and taunting. And now you wanna cry?

    1. Stop it. The election is over, the threats and the marches have to be over.
      We are ONE nation, not two or three. We need to heal and that means you too.

    2. Stop, brother. Let it go. Let the nation heal. If we can’t then we will
      take other routes. Be calm.

    3. +Donovan aaron. Wow, you really think highly of yourself, don’t you.
      Judgmental as all get out. I know you’ll supply me with a scathing retort,
      because you are that kind. You won’t be able to help yourself.

    1. Don’t worry – I went and never come back. And I am no shitty Democrat
      Hillary Voter, just a White Catholic Male Central European. We had that
      Situation allready in 1933! Heil Trump! But I understand fully your Anger
      at the Establishment! Hope your new President isn’t that of an Idiot!

    2. Dear Liberals. Please don’t come to Australia. We don’t want your filthy
      asses here.

      Yours sincerely.

  9. Why is it that HRC supporters (and, that includes the media) forget that we
    live here too? That we are a majority and that we’re tired of being touted
    as horrible people, etc.? I mean they act shocked and make up all kinds of
    crap to make us feel bad? I feel GREAT. It’s like CHRISTMAS! I guess after
    Obama, there was an unwritten rule that another straight, white man would
    NEVER take the oval office again. HELLO TRUMP!

    1. They had to see what it would be like to have a black president. Now they
      know. I can’t believe 8 years wasn’t enough.

    2. +george fish You’re lying. I didn’t say that. I said heard not read. What
      do you have against reading anyway? Plus, you can read something written by
      Drudge or you can read a transcript from a trial. Two different things. On
      another note. What does suking cok have to do with reading? Wouldn’t the
      book get in the way. Whatever, I’ll leave that part to you.
      Thanks for the insight into the mind of a Trump fan. I appreciate it.

    3. +T BXTWO
      it’s amazing the impact of Trump on the uncivil in our society. he’s given
      voice to the bigots of all stripes now that they think they are free to
      insult everyone. well, it seems that even the uneducated must have their
      day to remind the rational people why these reprobates should never

  10. This isn’t about race. It’s about Americans getting screwed by the elite.
    Wake up man.

    1. Please, some people really get offended by that language. We would
      appreciated it if you stop. Certainly doesn’t sound like someone educated.

    1. ??? racism is racism , did you ever notice when it’s racism against whites
      , they call it reverse racism ? what ? that’s what needs to happen ,
      reverse racism .

  11. We are tired of democrats playing the race card, the woman card, etc…
    only to have it forgotten once they enter into office….. All of you
    should of watched “HILLARY’S AMERICA” and yes, it scared the crap out of us
    how she would control govt. police, churches, as well as basic human
    rights….. I voted for Trump and I am a minority…….

    1. You have the ability to see things as they really are and be open
      minded.Trump’s no angel but ,the best choice for all.

    2. The truth is, Hillary never used such hateful tactics to gain voters like
      Trump did. That’s why people fear Trump because they feel he is so
      obviously full of hate and racism. That’s not what I believe, I’ll accept
      Trump but that’s what people think about him because of the things he said.
      It’s understandable, but all the VIOLENT protests need to stop. Some people
      just want their voices heard, they don’t want their rights taken from them
      (gay marriage and women’s rights to name a few) and hope Trump doesn’t take
      what they’ve worked so hard to get. Other people just want violence, and
      they are the one’s that need to be stopped. To be clear, they are not just
      Clinton supporters, they are anyone who opposes Trump. This is no time to
      label anyone or start fighting and insulting others because they are
      different or believe in different things, it’s extremely important that we
      stick together and try understand each other.

    3. I wouldn’t say it’s the majority. Roughly about half of America, excluding
      the people who didn’t vote, of course.

  12. I wonder how suicidal they would be if they knew she was involved in
    international child enslavement and child sex ring?!

    1. +408Magenta No more bombs. Don’t you get it? That’s our point: we have been
      fighting wars for the globalists and bankers for 50 years, and now it’s
      going to STOP! Jesus you people are dense.

    2. POTUS cannot forgive her for that. I’m so worried about the children. They
      have to find them.

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