Dems Ramp Up Call For Impeachment Witnesses Following ‘Explosive’ Emails – Day That Was | MSNBC

Newly released emails regarding Ukraine defense aid held by the White House show that a request to withhold funds came less than two hours after President Donald Trump's July phone call with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

The emails, obtained by the Center for Public Integrity through a Freedom of Information Act request and court order, reveal the timeline to freeze defense aid to Ukraine. Sen. Chuck Schumer called the emails "explosive" and renewed his calls for witnesses in the impeachment trial, citing the emails as cause. Aired on 12/24/19.
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Dems Ramp Up Call For Impeachment Witnesses Following 'Explosive' Emails – Day That Was | MSNBC


  1. So much for the ‘Alternative Facts’ crowd screaming that there wasn’t any evidence for impeachment…?

    1. @Chico Dalianis Chica the Dems have the OPTION of taking it to the courts, but they didn’t want to wait, well they are WAITING now for some reason. I’m thinking it’s because it is like all the other things that they have been trying to get Trump on.

    2. @pcwcol you have about two weeks to laugh it up, then you will start CRYING. We know most everything now. The Grand Jury is already hearing testimony the FBI is out of the loop due to security concerns with them, so the Feds are using federal Marshall service for the arrests.

    3. @Jan D Joe Biden is the only one caught up in that investigation remember the video evidence of him ACTUALLY saying if you don’t fire the PROSECUTOR (investigating Hunter) you won’t get the billion dollars. Yes that is a CRIME. Ukrainians have testified that they and DNC conspired to rig the 2016 election for HiLIARy. Also that they would launder the AID money we give them every year back to some Democrats.

  2. They say justice is blind. I think Trump and the GOP gouged her eyes our in this case. Mr transparency!?! Yeah right.

    1. @Tony Williams Pay attention no Republicans and more Democrats against impeachment bipartisan and more coming and the one who dont it’s a guarantee for Congress and Senate to be Conservativism another thing Catholic Nancy Pelosi and the marxist dictators on the left know

    2. @KZ in January Rudy will arrested and Lev parnas will testify.
      He has video and audio.
      He got a lot of information and he wanna testify against Rudy and trump

    3. @Tony Williams we can disagree that what’s great about our Republic and the power to vote for who serves our democracy and I’m out have a Merry Christmas eve and we will have to wait and see how it all plays out by our constitution our law and freedom

    4. @bert larsen What facts are you basing your statement on? I keep hearing 45’s base tell people to read, do your research. Don’t just take some one at face value. In other words stop being sheep. So again I ask you where are your facts to backup which is stating.

  3. I have mostly voted for republicans but now I will never again vote at any level for a person with an “R” next to their name. Republicans have become a risk to this country. We need to keep them out until a new breed of patriots are born.

    1. Right Carter Page sure lets let the demos do that to one of you 🤗 no biggy come on Nancy needs more of our money Elizabeth? How many MILLIONS you want to give to that skank? Bernie? A satan worshipper RIGHT he throws up satanic hand signs to the people. Wow such amazing people to vote for

    2. Average Joe I totally agree with you and I think every republican Rep should never be voted for anymore. They are all useless now because they sold their souls to trump

    3. @SHELDON MADDEN its not fake. Trump has been a con man for decades. I know your side doesnt want to listen to the facts so we will have to agree to disagree. 2020 will be an election for the ages. I hope if Trump wins he will listen to his better angels.

    4. @Scott Pratico Well maybe there’s a little hope, you seem to get more unsure with each reply. It means you are using your head now and not emotion as much. I will look forward to hearing from you in a few weeks as more evidence emerges and you see that I’m RIGHT.

  4. It’s hilarious that they accuse the Democrats of sitting on the impeachment while they sat on Obama’s Supreme Court appointment for a year.

    1. @bert larsen Only when you have Senate major leader said he going to acquit the president without looking at the evidence.

    2. @Logan McLean You do realize the Russian government _is_ trying to destabilize the U.S. and cause chaos here, and even your precious Republican congressmen acknowledge this as *FACT* now, right?. Unfortunately they’ve been largely successful. They wanna’ weaken the U.S., because they wanna’ be the world power. WAKE UP! Putin doesn’t have favor for Trump because he cares about the U.S., lol… He wants the person leading the U.S. to be someone he sees as beneficial to _Him_ and the Russian government, not because he cares about what’s best for the U.S.! Meanwhile I’ve seen several republican voters show praise toward Vladimir Putin.. Such patriots they are, having praise for someone who’s trying to destabilize and weaken the Nation they supposedly love?. Yeah.. ok! Putin probably sits back and laughs at the stupidity.

    3. E. E.
      Republicans praise him as a joke. It’s a crazy conspiracy theory. Voting democrat is probably beneficial to China.

    1. @robert hicks Evidence like “Hey Russia if your listening?” He said this on national news and you still have the pomposity to say that there is no evidence. Either you are a Russian plant or have not been watching any of the impeachment hearings.

    2. And once again, the liberals prove they have no sense of humor. EVERYONE else in the world heard the joke, but the butt of that joke can never get it.

    3. Tell me the truth. DO you think that when Nancy Pelosi promised Hillary they would impeach him the day she made the call to concede the election, that this has anything to do with Ukraine? Pelosi was at what was suppose to be her victory party and witnesses heard her tell Hillary they would not let him complete his first term.

    4. @robert hicks So you still don’t get it? Well let me help. First you take a dope who’s probably taking dope and tell everything’s fine than you tell the dope he just fell for it and say robert hicks fell for the tricks again. Let me ask do you speak any Russian commie? They said you braying jackasses would try to infest our elections again and just like Robert Mueller said “Widespread”..

    1. Jay e seems all branches are F@cked FBI , Pentagon(See Pentagon papers) , FAKE NEWS …btw your version has been posioned by FAKE NEWS kool-aid …eg a judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (Spy court) accused the bureau(FBI) of providing false information and withholding materials that would have undercut its four surveillance applications….COmey and others 1-5 fed time

    2. Crystal Giddens no because it’s only a fact finding mission in the house ie whether there were crimes may have been committed. That part of the process is similar to a grand jury indictment or probable cause hearing of a criminal proceeding depending on which one your state uses. The only thing required in those proceedings is evidence to say this person who was under investigation should be subject to charges, which the house felt it had whatever it’s potency given the high crimes and misdemeanors standard.

      It’s up to the senate to try the facts of the case in which the house used to indict the person; to subject a person to sanctions under the facts the house used to indict. Essentially, the senate acts as the judiciary when it tries the person for its crimes. “Acting” as a court means it is not acting as a de facto court with all its powers under article III of the constitution ie to put a person in jail. The senate essentially will “make the charges stick” or say “no this does not fit the high crimes and misdemeanors standard by way of meeting the definition of almost any crime or misdemeanor under US law. This also means traditionally protected or afforded rights may not apply to the indicted person.

      Hence, the process is quasi judicial in nature and none of it was required in the house, only the senate can ask for or suppress testimony etc in accordance with its rules that were probably set centuries ago.

    1. @surely you joke, mein failüre Mulvaney was correct in inferring that all foreign aid comes with strings. The real extortion that occurred in Ukraine happened under the Obama admin. One example: Ukrainian prosecutors are investigating the illegal diversion of 4.4 million dollars by AntAC. AntAC was created by the Obama admin and has ties to George Soros and former ambassador Yavonovich. The impeachment scam is an attempt to cover all the money laundering involving Ukraine and foreign aid that occurred during the Obama years.

    2. @Tom McDermott I’ve always wondered what they say over on Q-Anonsense. Thanks for reposting it.

    1. @NJ Pro Signs What about the defrauding of the FISA court, FBI lawyer KLEINSMITH changed a document from The CIA stating Carter Page worked for them to say he DID NOT. BIDENS Quid pro Quo told Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating Hunters illegal activity or you won’t get the $$. I could go on and on. The median household income under Bush increased $975 under Obama it went up $400 so far under Trump with the tax cuts it is about $7,000 tell me a professional business man like you can’t understand that?

    2. @Lavern Revels – you mean impeached or removed? Impeachment just means accused. Can you cite the law/ constitution article/ judgement?

    1. @bert larsen Joe and Hunter Biden are not fact witnesses in this trail. They would be in a completely different trial if it existed, but it doesn’t, sorry. Whatever the Biden’s may have done has absolutely no bearing on what Trump and the White House are covering up. So you have nothing, nada, nichts!

    2. @D J no they would be brought in as just for as Trump wanted to stop corumption in Ukraine and by what Biden told millions of Americans how he got rid of a prosecutor from another country that’s famous for corruption

    1. @Cesar Cesar Chavez “most Americans are immigrants” what a blind and stupid statement. 1st off immigration is when you leave your COUNTRY AND MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. The colonizers weren’t immigrants, they were settlers/colonizers not immigrants. Anybody who is born in America is an american. Just like if my child was born in Germany would be German with american ancestry.

    2. @Cesar Cesar Chavez 2nd he said illegal immigrants. Immigrants and illegal immigrants aren’t the same. As to what laws do they get away with? The fact that they don’t pay SS tax, they live off the backs of hard workers and don’t pay for their crimes. The fact that millions of illegal immigrants cost america billions in taxpayer dollars annually for there schooling, healthcare, and food all of which falls under as a commodity that not only do we pay for ourselves but also for them!

  5. Impeached Trump is a traitor and a lying sack of sht. He tried to tamper with our elections by extorting the Ukraine for dirt on a political opponent

  6. I dont even know why you need a trial. Trump already admitted guilt on TV. Mulvaney admitted it on TV. Juliani admitted it on TV. I swear its like I stepped into some weird world where confessions dont seem to matter.

    1. @Laurence Leiter It’s worst because the constitution is full of blanks in how impeachment truly works. Basically it works however the Supreme Court and Congress wants it to work.

    2. @LeonGun8 You are close. Impeachment itself works how the house says it works. The trial works however the Senate says it works. Chef Justice Robert’s can be overruled by a simple majority in the Senate. I agree with you on the fact that the consitution doesnt give enough guidance.

    3. @megadeathx That’s not what ‘stare decisis’ means, it means “let the decision stand”. It refers to the idea in law that this kind of thing (whatever it is that is under consideration) has already been decided in previous instances, so no need to go over it all again, just follow the precedent that has already been set. The premise here is that judges and courts don’t usually like to overturn previous decisions without a really, really good cause to do so.

  7. Accusations by this President of so many righteous Americans reflect his Actions not Republicans . Evading his own prosecution for …four more years to extend past statues might have worked .

  8. This farse has gone on far too long. What are these morons using this for. Theres always something else going on when they do something like this to take the eyes of the nation off of something else more important. So whats going on?

  9. As if the criminal Republican Party cares about the United States, the US Constitution or any US citizen.

    They don’t folks…sorry.

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